Posted by: DD | January 16, 2007

no. 363 – It’s The Little Things

I was up for the day at 4:15 a.m. and the unfortunate side affect of waking up that early is an exceedingly low tolerance for just about everything but a soft bed and a plush pillow.

Lotion This includes the Dove lotion I recently bought for my office. I try to get odor-free stuff because I don’t appreciate other people bringing in their stinky stuff. However, this crap has the distinct stench of bug-spray. Every time I put it on, I swear I hear the faint, high-pitched whine of mosquitoes.

This morning, I heard a commercial for a gym in The Metro: 24 Hour Fitness. A typical commercial, "get fit, get beautiful, any time of the day, blah, blah blah!" type of thing. Except at the end there is this disclaimer (it’s also on their website so I quote): "Not all clubs open 24 hours every day." 

Maybe they should change their name to 10 to 24 Hour Fitness.

Livecar And just how exactly do they plan to pull this out of their asses? What exactly do they mean by "LIVE!"?

…Bitchy much?


12_maxs_3rd_birthday_24 Actually, after reading your comments regarding Mr. DD, I was put in a much better mood. You each have a way of making me smile, even when I don’t think I have any smiles left in me. So I will give you an "after" shot of Mr. DD. These were from X’s Birthday in 2004. 12_maxs_3rd_birthday_25

He’s still my Dude.



  1. What a difference a good haircut makes 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Yeah, bug spray with snow on the ground. Your talent would be to bitch-scare up some mosquitoes.

    Like the ‘do, but love the daddyness.

    What is the mybloglog? Did I miss something?

  3. I got bitten by a mosquito the other day–can I borrow the lotion?

    Mr DD’s haircut looks great, but he looked totally AWESOME as a dude, Dude. And since the 80’s are coming back (I saw a girl wearing leggings that matched her sweater yesterday), perhaps he should consider growing it again.

  4. You know that book, “Don’t sweat the small stuff” I want to smack that author with it.

    Mr DD is a cach for sure but in this case the small stuff (X) wins the cuteness award!

  5. Mr DD still has Dude Attitude – love the dudeness essence that just comes through in that second pic.

    The 80’s are coming back… I’ve spotted the mullets (shudder), and my hubby hasn’t cut his hair in about a year. I’m waiting for him to dig up a Metallica t-shirt and fray his jeans. He inspires me to get out the aquanet and spike these bangs o’ mine. Help me.

  6. I can answer the Cars question. We’ve met them at California Adventure. They drive and I’m pretty sure they can even talk. They are a bit smaller than a regular car. You see a pic of Lightning at

    and Mater at

  7. Hey – that is the gym I belong to! To my knowledge it is open 24 hours a day and if it wasn’t I would make them pro-rate my membership. I get a chuckle every time I decide to do sit-ups there becasue they have the full line of TKO weighted balls. I have never seen anyone actually use them, so I have no idea what they are even used for, but I think of you nonetheless.

    Someday I will show you the picture of Mark with hair. Long, ringlets of beautiful dark hair that when pulled straight were past his chin. After 10 years with me he has a definite pennisula baldness formation so we resort to “shaving” his head every Saturday.

    Ahhh….I loved that hair. One of the reasons I want to have children with him is because they may get that hair. The hair will go in the “donor must have” list.

  8. Joe was never been able to grow his hair as long as he would have liked. Now, since he is in the “Public Safety” sector, he is required to keep it cut very short. (That way the bad-guys can’t get a hand-hold in it). I sort of like it better short.

  9. 24 Hour fitness was my gym for many years…right up until I moved to Europe. I miss my cheap $12/month membership.

    Nice pics. 😉

  10. I love the pics — both your guys are adorable dudes.

    I was always jealous of my brothers’ long beautiful dude hair. Why do the dudes get the great hair??

  11. He sure does clean up nice 🙂

    I think it’s perfecty fine to be bitchy when you’re up at 4:15 in the morning. Just out of curiousity, why so early? Couldn’t sleep? I hope you didn’t have to set an alarm for that early!

  12. Ahhhhh . . . Max looks soo cute!

    Hey, Mr. DD looks awesome with the hair. Tell him that not so long ago, Brian had a MULLET. It was the first thing to go when we started dating.

  13. BTW, X is SOOOO cute! I love the pic of him laughing.

  14. Love the ‘dude’ hair! 🙂

    I am with you on the stinky lotion, I hate having to smell that at work!

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