Posted by: DD | January 26, 2007

no. 369 – A More Modern but Less Artistic Michealangelo

Centrifuge Sometimes a mental picture is worth just as much as a photograph, if not in cold, hard cash, then at least in giggles.

Mr. DD text-ed this message to me in regards to IUI procedures and clinics:

"Don’t they have a back room with an old carnival ride? One that can be used as a human centrifuge to help the process along?"

Make sure to ask your clinic if anyone in R&D is working on this. I think he actually may be on to something.

I told him he needs to get a blog. I even offered up mine.

There is no better time to laugh then when you think you may never laugh again.



  1. So true.

    That is a fascinating idea though.
    The fertilitron
    The Sperminator
    The pregnitron

    Ok, I have to stop now.

  2. I like Sperm-O-Whirl.

  3. LMAO – that might just work!

  4. He’s a funny guy. 😉

    Not all that much stranger then when you do it the old fashion way and stand on your head or put a pillow under you ass. Eh? It could be used for modern and old fashion fertilization. I know I could use some help getting the swimmers up were they belong. Hey, isn’t that a song? ;0

    This is stand on my head week at our house, in case you wanted to know. 😉 Cause I KNOW you were dieing to ask. 😉

  5. The Sperma-a-Whirl, hmm? IIRC, the contraption on which that is based is guaranteed to induce vomiting. But is that a bug or a feature?

  6. I cannot get the picture out of my head now that the REs are swirling around on a merry-go-round while holding petri dishes of sperm, hoping that they’re enjoying the ride.

  7. I always can get a great giggle when I come to see you.
    God bless modern technology… texting, that is. 😉

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