Posted by: DD | January 28, 2007

no. 370 – Weekend Warrior

Sickman_lg I have spent the better part of the weekend listening to the whining and moaning of one sick boy. I think it was a cross between meningitis and malaria, or at least you would think that’s what he had …along with a bout of temporary paralysis. Before you start worrying about poor little X, I should mention it was Mr. DD.

*cough, hack* "Honey, could I have some *cough* ice water, please?" *hork*

*sniff, snort* "Would you bring me another box of *sniff* tissues, please?" *snuff*

He did apparently have just enough energy to move from the bed to the recliner to watch some TV, but even that proved exhausting so he went back to bed to continue the life-draining TV watching from the comfort of his pillows.

Ugh. The man-flu sucks.

X, on the other hand, who is also suffering from a milder form of the man-flu, more commonly known as a cold, is not hampered by a stuffy nose. As long as I keep some tissues and a couple spare Triaminic cold strips (which I just love, love, love for their convenience!) in my purse, we are golden.

With all the down-time though, I’ve spent more than the usual amount of my weekend on-line. Everything and every one seems to be quiet, which I guess is par for the weekend. Why is that? What is it you all do on the weekends? In fact, that’s what I want you to do: tell me specifically in the comments what you did this weekend, even if it was just nursing a cold or solving the world’s shortage of energy by reducing your computer use. I’m an inquiring mind, and I want to know…



  1. Yesterday we started re-painting Sabrina’s room. I let hubby pick the color the first time and it made my eyes bleed. Once I have a complete after picture, I’ll post both. I also did some Target shopping – always good for the spirits if not the wallet.

    Today, I am dealing with a sick man too. Good lord you would think he was dying. His tummy hurts. One month of cramps and PMS would bring him to his knees. Tummy hurts…shut up! LOL I’m so sympathetic.

  2. Let’s see…we cleaned the house, M cleaned the carpet and started cleaning the garage. I slept late and went to Tarjay. Had a nice supper out at a Japanese place, loafed at the mall, bought some fabric. L had a friend over so he was happy. Oh and some junk tv. A nice easy breezy weekend.

  3. Let’s see…we cleaned the house, M cleaned the carpet and started cleaning the garage. I slept late and went to Tarjay. Had a nice supper out at a Japanese place, loafed at the mall, bought some fabric. L had a friend over so he was happy. Oh and some junk tv. A nice easy breezy weekend.

  4. Let’s see…we cleaned the house, M cleaned the carpet and started cleaning the garage. I slept late and went to Tarjay. Had a nice supper out at a Japanese place, loafed at the mall, bought some fabric. L had a friend over so he was happy. Oh and some junk tv. A nice easy breezy weekend.

  5. Let’s see…we cleaned the house, M cleaned the carpet and started cleaning the garage. I slept late and went to Tarjay. Had a nice supper out at a Japanese place, loafed at the mall, bought some fabric. L had a friend over so he was happy. Oh and some junk tv. A nice easy breezy weekend.

  6. Enjoying the singles life, I went out both Friday and Saturday nights, slept waaaaayyy in afterwards, doing absolutely nothing today after staying up past 5am this morning.

    I was single and useless. And a little tipsy. Quite fun.

    The kid returns tomorrow.

  7. Dude, getting up off the sofa these days is a chore for me, so weekends tend to be low key, at least for now, which sucks because really, I’m a mover. I need to be always doing something, so I’m suffering from massive cabin fever. We got out today to go furniture shopping and then got an Orange Julius. Good times. Good times.

    And boys are wussies when it comes to being sick. I think it’s part of their chromosomal make up.

  8. I read everyone else’s blogs and wonder why noone ever posts on the weekends. I also did school work. We got really bored last night so we decided to see the brand new WalMart that opened only 6 miles from our house. It’s sooo much nicer than the one 13 miles away. But since we are broke, we didn’t buy anything. Good times.

  9. I’m the one who gets the “man-flu.” My husband is the stoic in our relationship.

    This weekend…well, I blogged. I worked out a little bit (one time). I made some food for the boys; the oatmeal burnt but I froze it anyway (bad mommy). I caught up on grading papers and watched movies.

  10. I’ve noticed the same thing…drives me a bit nuts since I have some time to read blogs here and there on the weekend.
    Especially in between karate, swimming, church, piano, birthday parties, drama class, hockey…& drinking too much wine.
    Never mind all the freakin’ homework I have to do for my kids so they don’t fail Grade 1 & 5. *Sigh*

  11. Yesterday, I got wanded, panicked a bit about getting cancelled and consequently spent a bunch of time consulting Dr. Google.

    Today I edited and emailed a bunch of photos from my niece’s first birthday party, then had dinner at my MIL’s.

    Same-old same-old.

  12. If you can believe it… I wrote a blog entry– FINALLY. Just have to add another paragraph or two and fix my hideous spelling.

    Ordered takeout and watched movies, twice– pizza and Places in the Heart on fri and sushi and Amelie on Sat.

    Got my ass kicked at the gym twice.

    Helped my mom with her resume.

    Did errands. Took a walk and did various other LL-friendly things.

    Most. Boring. Wknd. Ever.

  13. I was reading blogs, and hoping that more people would post… 😉 And I was sleeping like mad. Nothing else, really.

    Man-flu is the worst. You’re a hero!

  14. I stalked some blogs, watched television, read the paper, read books, made some banana muffins, watched a very bad film, did some work. It was very relaxed and just what I needed.

  15. Saturday is the Actually’s day off, and practically the only time I really see him, so we went out for a lovely lunch and then curled up on the couch with the cats and an electric blanket to watch our accumulated Tivo.
    Sunday I shuffled around pretending to do schoolwork and posted a blog entry.

  16. It must be making the rounds… sick kids, sick man! Yuck hope next weekend is better! 🙂

  17. I had the place to myself on Saturday as the boys went shopping, Alex had to use up the giftcards he got for Christmas. So I oiled the wood floors on my hand and knees, made Shrimp Gumbo for Steve’s birthday and did 3 loads of laundry. Sunday, scrubbed the stove off, the top was pretty bad. Then more laundry, walked the dog, organized my closet so that I can actually see my sweaters and sweatshirts and not have the whole shelf full fall out on me every morning. Joys of being in a new house and trying to get organized.

  18. Saturday was Will’s 6 month-birthday,(He got another tooth).
    Basically I did 4 loads of laundry, tidied the house.

    Sunday went to Church(she BEHAVED!!!) did a little grocery shopping, then went to my Mom’s for dinner. Stuffed cabbage…BLECH!!

    I can’t do much internetting on the weekends since the PC at home is from the Flintstone era. I swear, the PCU has a wheel & gerbil. And I think the gerbil might be dying.

  19. Friday was homeschool day at Disneyland, Saturday we attended a friend’s birthday party and Sunday was T’s first violin recital. So yeah, not much internet time, my blog sorely needs an update 🙂

    I hope both X and Mr. DD feel better soon.

  20. I tried not to let the puppies take over our house… had a friend visit and well slept. Puppies take a lot out of ya ya know. Hope X and Mr. DD are feeling better!

  21. My weekend in chronological order:

    1. Got up at 5:00 a.m. on Saturday to say goodbye to my husband for 3 weeks.

    2. Went to a 3 year old birthday party.

    3. Attempted to hang out with best friend and her girls but they ended up with horrible stomach flu.

    4. Took care of husband from 1500 miles away (booking a hotel room for them because his travel partner is the husband of the above best friend and was too sick to fly.)

    5. Rebooked airline tickets.

    6. Woke up at the ungodly hour of 6:00 a.m. on Sunday to go sing on the worship team at church.

    7. Cleaned bedrooms in case any of us ended up sick.

    8. Said goodbye (via cell) once again to my husband as he FINALLY got out of the country.

    Weekends need to be longer. But, on the up side, so far no stomach flu with my boys or myself!

  22. I HATE when mine gets sick. He’s such a BABY! Leah is tougher when she’s sick than her daddy is- and she’s not even 2!!

  23. I got my eyebrows waxed, shopped for new bras but bought pajamas instead, puked a couple times, saw Catch & Release at the movies, went out to dinner twice, and read Persuasion by Jane Austen.

  24. Wow. The man-flu. Hate it. Once when Matthew had it I brought him some soup, and he complained, “Put it in a plastic bowl! This one’s too heavy!”

    Okay, this weekend, I had to work on Saturday from 6am until 3pm, then I came home to find that Matthew had invited friends over for dinner, then we cleaned the house like a couple of whirling dirvishes around the baby in the walker, and then our friends came over, and then after they left I worked on some work I had to bring home, and I slept a little around the awakenings of my little angel, and then I intermittently played with her on Sunday and worked on work and worked on blog posts, and then we went to a friend’s house for a home Irish session, and then I came home and worked on work some more.

    It’s Monday and I’m tired and I don’t feel like I had a break this weekend.

    How are you?

  25. Let’s see:
    Saturday: Went to WallyWorld to buy a car seat for the impending arrival. Bought an infant seat for the plane ride which we will promptly sell once we return home as he will outgrow it in about a week! Bought a convertible car seat that I loved which we will use until he out grows it. (No, I was NOT going to lug the heavy convertible one around the airport. In the same breath, however, I refuse to hold him for a 4 hour plane ride back to the states. Seriously people, I can barely get on one of those death-tubes. You expect me to hold a baby, too?) Spent the rest of the day sitting on the couch reading blogs, surfing the net and watching bad tv.

    Sunday: Cleaned house from top to bottom. Did about 6 loads of laundry. Watched tv until hubby was done with school work. Had one too many martinis. Had great sex. Went to sleep.

    All in all, not a bad weekend 🙂

  26. Hmmm. Did laundry, played hide-and-seek with DD, had sex for the first time in a month or so (felt like a virgin), made empanadas, slept, read, did some more laundry, cleaned a bit. And posted.

  27. Hrm…Friday night, we went out for sushi to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Yay for a date night without the kids!!!

    Saturday, we stayed home all day, watched Charlie the Unicorn on You Tube (seriously, it was an event), and then watched “Deep Blue” with the kids. (You haven’t lived until you’ve watched a killer whale flip a seal 50 feet into the air.)

    Sunday, we had lunch at the Upstream, and then went to see “Catch and Release” – which was cute, but not nearly as good as I hoped it’d be. Needed much better character and plot development. BUT…it was entertaining.

    And that’s that.

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  29. First, let me commiserate with you on the man-flu. Men are not capable of being sick and doing anything else, why is that?

    This weekend, we went to Borders for a new book for the Boo on friday night. Did you know they do not make board books about bikes? Trucks~yes, cars~yes, airplanes~yes, construction vehicles, boats, houses~yes! Bikes~ NO!

    Saturday we cleaned a little, baked a little then we got a sitter. She kept the Boo overnight so we went to Mongolian Grill and to see The Departed. It was good, but depressing and then I dreamed of being in the mob. YIKES

    Sunday since we didn’t have the Boo, we went out for breakfast (heavenly by the way!) and then ran a few errands. Yesterday’s big adventure was completely cleaning out the extra bedroom, closet included. I organized my yarn stash, neatly storing it in plastic containers in the closet. The now empty bookcase will be moved to Boo’s room

  30. This weekend, I went to shul for the first time in over 2 1/2 years. On Friday night, my husband told me that he really wanted to go and it was time to return to our synagogue and Vietnamese-food Saturday rituals. So I sucked it up and went. And I had a good time. Sort of like when Mum makes you try something that you’re certain you will hate. And it’s not that bad. In fact, I’m willing to go again next weekend. It’s a new synagogue–new to us as well as new in general.

    I also had a friend in town so we spent some time together. Ate through two loaves of chocolate cherry bread–so good.

    There is very little I enjoy less than man-flu.

  31. My Saturdays don’t vary much. This week it was hair trim for The Boy, Walmart, Costco, hockey. Sunday we spent the day in the Big City house hunting just to see which area would be the best option to reside in. Today we are playing hookey since we didn’t get any of our chores done yesterday. What fun!

    The stomach flu abounds at preschool, but so far we’ve avoided it completely. Fingers crossed.

  32. Friday (my weekend includes Friday): took the kids to the super-fun pool with kiddie slides and fountains and floaties toys, then in the afternoon, while they were napping, took a loooong hot shower. Watched the movie “Click” Friday night (laughed quite a bit, but found the movie a little “eh”) with the Hubby.

    Saturday: took the Munchkin to the play area at the mall in the morning (and planned to do a little shopping before discovering I left my wallet in the diaper bag from the day before, oops), while they were napping had, er, “adult time” with the Hubby. Watched tape of Monday’s episode of “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”.

    Sunday: church in the morning, laundry all day, during nap worked at my desk and did a little for-fun reading. Worked briefly on a quilt project, then was thoroughly disappointed by the TV lineup and went to bed early.

    Wow, don’t you want to come party with me? Yeesh.

  33. What I Did On My Weekend (ahem):
    After compiling points, I realize I had a wicked productive weekend: cooking; knitting; helped a friend paint her office; conversed via telephone with a party of people in a different city and it was like being at the party, only I was in flannel in my own home while they were 700 km away, passing from person to person; played on the Wii at my friend’s new gf’s place and met her cats; saw Stranger Than Fiction with my FIL & MIL and I really loved the movie.

    The greatest part was being pleasantly surprised by my husband on Saturday night because he was scheduled to be away until Tuesday. Sneaky Guy. And then, well, it was a really REALLY good night after that. 🙂

  34. I actually slept a LOT this weekend. My flipping conjunctivitis reared its ugly head *again* in the form of poor vision and light sensitivity, but I think all the sleeping really helped. So I can sympathise with Mr. DD – sometimes your immune system just needs you to quit moving so it can do its job!

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