Posted by: DD | January 29, 2007

no. 371 – Staying Human

We need to do that more often. It’s easy to forget that besides many of our blogs being documentation of our families and relationships, that really for the most part, we are just a group of people doing normal every-day things: laundry, cooking, cleaning, and of course, having sex. Who knew?

Mr. DD’s illness has been officially diagnosed as bronchitis. He’s still very pathetic and I can’t help but roll my eyes every time he moans or whines. Yes, I know he’s uncomfortable, but hayzeus man, suck it up a little.

X also stayed home from school with a fever. He has not caught on yet to the concept of becoming a lifeless noodle and continued to bounce off the wall pretty much all day. He would slow down when the fever would go back up or when he was overtaken by a coughing fit, but for the rest of the day? He was "normal".

Saturday we did go to the auto show in The Metro. I’ve got an unnatural love for this. OK, so I only have one kid, but a girl can dream, can’t she? Ironically, for the money I could have one of these instead. Of course, this was Mr. DD’s wet dream.

We keep buying the weekly lottery ticket and updating our wish lists.

In related news, we received our first "valid" offer on the house. We countered, they countered, we countered, and then they said we should think about it for a few days. I told the realtor to tell the couple we will think about it, but as a side note I also mentioned that there was no way we could go any lower. The upside to trying to sell this house is that we will only ever have to do it once.

Today, X was able to make me laugh and cry within five minutes. With him being sick, I told him that he cannot have any chocolate chip cookies that we made this weekend. He then told me that he’s "only half-sick. This side is sick, this side isn’t." Interesting theory, but no dice, I laughingly countered.

Then a commercial came on TV that involved a family. X noted, "That Mommy has two kids. Some Mommy’s have two kids, right?" "Yes." I answered. "But you only have one kid, right? Just me." "Yes." I answered and ducked into the laundry room before he could see me wipe at my eyes.



  1. Remember a year ago when my van got hit by the tree while I was driving? It was a Sienna – I got it when I was still married, pre-IVF pull out, and I actually thought I’d have more children. Misguided soul. Yeah, I got LOTS of comments about driving a van and ONLY having ONE kid. I loved that van and very much miss how well it drove.

    I remember when my son had the realization that we were a one kid family. Of course, I get to blame his pulling out dad – heh. Great mom I am.

  2. It’s amazing how such innocent words can truly cut to the core. Big virtual hug!!!

    I love his “half-sick” theory though. Too cute 😀

  3. Kids are so observant and perceptive. I’m not sure I would’ve made it into the laundry room before breaking down completely.

  4. Aw, DD, that last paragraph… sigh.

    I had to chuckle at how differently Mr. DD and X are handling their illnesses. Kids are so hardy!

  5. That had to hurt. For you and for you thinking about him. I’m sorry.

    I’ll continue to think good thought for you. (And the selling of the freaking house!)

  6. Kids always cut to the chase don’t they? Everyone should be so honest.

    As a side note, I think his 1/2 sick theory is genius and I would have had to give him at least 1/2 of a cookie 🙂

  7. Just for the record, the Sienna is fabulous–kids or no kids. And nobody with a van has just one kid, wait a year or two. When X is a little older that van will be OVERLOADED with friends. You’ll have more kids than you want!!

  8. Oh that X! Only 1/2 sick.

    Mag’s told me this morning that she has to lay in my bed to watch Curious George in the morning and that makes her head not hurt.

  9. “Half sick” Yes, I know that theory well. Too smart, these kids.

  10. Sick men is proof positive of why women get to deal with CB. They just. could. not. hang.

    Starlet is the same way when she’s sick. It takes a really nasty one to wipe her energy level out. And even then, I swear she has the crap bottled up hidden somewhere, unwilling to share.

  11. I’ve been wanting the Toyota Sienna ever since we bought our stupid Kia minivan. Never underestimate the power of storage. *sigh*

    And that truck would be my hubby’s wet dream too.

  12. I hope that the house sells quickly. We were too afraid to get into negotiation, but we were satisfied with the first offer. I hope all goes well and that you get what you want on the house.

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