Posted by: DD | February 3, 2007

no. 376 – “My Perfect Day”

My employer has implemented this new incentive program for their employees.

You know, so they’ll do their jobs.

We were each handed a form to complete, which includes a request to describe your perfect day.

You and I are going to have a little fun with this. You each get a chance to create My Perfect Day.

I will start with ONE (1) detail of the day.

In comments, I’m asking you build onto that by adding ONE (1) additional detail per comment (yes, you can comment more than once, but it might be more fun to wait and see how My Perfect Day builds).

For example: The Perfect Ice Cream Sundae

First Comment – two scoops of vanilla ice cream

Second Comment – gobs of hot fudge

Third Comment – 1 can of whipped cream

Fourth Comment – replace can of whipped cream with 1 tub of heavy whipped cream

Fifth Comment – a hot, naked guy spooning out the ice cream

You get the drift, right?

So, let us begin… My Perfect Day

Detail #1: an empty stretch of white-sand beach

Remember the stipulation is to provide only one new detail per comment. OK, it’s now your turn.



  1. A warm summer day

  2. Frosty margarita in my hand…

  3. Hot cabana boy keeping those margaritas refilled…

  4. and he can hold his waiter’s towel up with no hands while…

  5. rubbing in the tanning lotion so smoothly.

  6. A string bikini on a perfect 10 body because this is a perfect day and no matter what your bod might be irl, today it’s nothing but sleek and sexy and toned and gorgeous!

  7. Warm smell of colitas rising up in the air

  8. The smell and sound of the ocean in the background.

  9. The mesmerizing sensual impressions carrying you off blissfully to a brief but lovely nap.

  10. A fabulous book – not too light, not too heavy, well written, a real page turner.

  11. And a breeze. Not too strong – just strong enough to keep you from being too hot, soft enough to not turn the pages of your book.

  12. .. no sound but the crashing of perfect sparkling-blue waves on the sand.

  13. Crabcakes.

  14. at a restaraunt that has fabulous pasta, great vino, and a wonderful atmosphere…

  15. My date, who only has eyes for me, hanging on my every word.

  16. the TV making background noise at the Tikki bar just announced your winning lottery number . . .

  17. allowing you to buy this tropical paradise and never return to…

  18. this stupid job.

    Suddenly, you notice someone walking toward you on the beach. It’s…

  19. …chipping ice off your windshield when it’s cold as freakin hell, since you’ll be moving to this, your own private island, and it’s Mai Tai Orgy Monday…

  20. Damn! Someone posted right before me, so now mine makes no sense…but maybe that’s the fun of it!

  21. Bond. James Bond.

  22. who walks on by (after shamelessly flirting) to find Pussy Galore because Bond isn’t nearly Rockin’ enough for our girl DD when suddenly…

  23. there is a tap on your shoulder. You turn around and are confronted with…

  24. Brad Pitt, who has just taken erotic massage lessons, and wants to know if he can practice on you…

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