Posted by: DD | February 13, 2007

no. 384 – My Funky Little Valentine

I am in a






Reeeaally? you say.

Just thought I’d get that out there. You know. In case anyone was wondering.

Jess from O Mama Mia sent me these buttons a week ago and they have been languishing for the spotlight. She’s a woman after my own heart. How appropriate with today being Valentine’s Day. (whoopee)

Guess which one is my favorite?

Which one is yours?


Lockload Crabby Shrink


Dd_sealAlso, Lala sent this to me (I’m embarrassed to admit…last year)(when I was dooced) and I have never figured out how to put pictures on TypePad’s sidebar.

Meg from (journey to the centre) and I have been emailing back and forth about javascripts and somesuch, foreign-to-my-brain, tekkie jargon, but I feel like a real jack-monkey for not being able to figure it all out by myself. Plus, Meg is busy gestating or some such thing and I feel if I keep bugging her, it’s going to put her into early labor. Or just make her hate  me.

I’m just not up to thinking right now. Work is a brain-drain and life is just generally about living right now.

Funny how that is.

And you guys were just way too damn nice on my Opinions Are Like Assholes. I must bring out the best of you. Sadly, I don’t have anyone to award my troll pin (above) to. *sob*



  1. Being a crabby bitch really IS part of my charm (at least that’s what my husband of 16 years keeps talling me – jeez, has it really been 16 years?).

    Here’s hoping your “funk” gets funk-adelic real soon.

  2. Oh, poo poo, DD – email me! I am procrastinating boring high school marking… Really, it is a five minute job once you get that url to me. No trouble at all. I PROMISE!! xx


    1. Save the image you want onto your own computer by right clicking it and scrolling down to “save image as…” on the website. Put it wherever you like.

    2. Go to your typepad dashboard. Click on the tab that says “Control Panel”.

    3. Click on the tab that says “Files”

    4. Upload a new file by browsing (this is in a box on the top left hand side of the page.)

    5. Wait for it to finish.

    6. The image should now be listed where it says “Current Folder.”

    7. Click on the fle name of the image (eg.fatmeg.jpg) to open the url that contains the file. Your image will appear.

    8. Copy and paste the url of the image and email it to me, with the url of the post at Stirrup Queens you want to link to.

    I will help you from there. xx

  3. I will sell my grandma for that “Even my shrink says it’s all your fucking fault” pin.

    It’s cool, she’s kind of a bitch anyway.

  4. Esplain the “busted” one…

  5. Love the pins… especially the shrink one!

    Take care… big hug

  6. Being a Crabby Bitch. Definately.

  7. I like the charming bitch and the troll pins best.

  8. I’m partial to the shrink pin.

  9. Hope you’re feeling decidedly less funky soon. I’m sure the weather isn’t helping either. Hang in there.

  10. A funk? Still? Say it isn’t so, darling!
    When do you get to go to CO & get lost in the snow & mass quantities of drinks?

  11. DD got the funk…gotta have that funk (ba-dow). Sorry, I just really like that song. I don’t mean to make light of your funk. I realize why you’re in it, and those reasons suck. You’ve been in my prayers.

    I like the one about the shrink.

  12. Funky right here with ya’ totally here…I’m hoping spring will help, or at least make life a little more bearable.

  13. Crabby Bitch. I want it for my denim jacket.

    Your signs post was so haunting and familiar.


  14. I love the Crabby Bitch. If you could change it to Bitter Bitch then I’d fight ya for it.

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