Posted by: DD | February 15, 2007

no. 385 – Bloody Boogers

Would you believe I’m having comment withdrawals?? Cricket was right. I am a Comment Slut, and I need a fix.

So I’ve decided to continue to put off a while longer a couple of serious posts I have drafted in the recesses of my brain and let them ferment.

Instead, let’s slide into the weekend on the slippery goodness of boogers…and the lack of said slimy goodness.

I’m guessing that my post admitting to most primal activities in my office has jinxed me. I am suffering from the driest of dry, the most arid of arids (?) air at home. First Mr. DD noticed it, but he’s always bitching about some malady or another (I am so looking forward to our Golden Years – he’ll be much easier to smother with a pillow). Now this past week, in picking, I clipped a scab.


In my nose!

Double GAH!

I’m experiencing a bi-lateral dryness that is sheer torture, especially upon waking in the middle of the night to the sensation much like that of someone having stuffed cornbread up my nose. No amount of nose-blowing will clear the crust. I must spelunk it out. Carefully.

Unfortunately, no matter how gently I try remove the offending collection of stalagmites, when I finally am able to blow, it is always tinged in red. And chunky.

The problem really is the house. There is no home humidifier. It was not recommended by our contractor who told us with how air-tight the house is, any moisture could remain resulting in long term mildew problems.

We are all suffering horribly. Mr. DD actually had a nasty hemorrhage the other night. I found out the hard way when in the morning I turned on the light over the commode and thought for a split moment I had attempted to change my tampon, with one hand…while standing on my head…in my sleep.

Yes, we will probably get a couple of room humidifiers to help alleviate our misery. Of course it doesn’t help that it’s only been 11 degrees F for the past week. Below zero.

Just be glad I’m not sharing pictures again.



  1. Hrm. You could come hang out with me in California. It was 83 here today. In fact, it’s been really freaking hot all week. And much more humid than Omaha, now that I think of it. In the evening, it smells like spring. I love it. AND…I just checked Omaha weather and saw that it’s -1 there. That’s not windchill. EEKS.

  2. Try a little bit of Carmex up the nose. It works wonders. I use it on long plane rides and when we lived in Ohio. And keep your fingers out of there ;oP

  3. GAH!! THe dreaded bloody-hard-boogers!

    Yes, yes humidifiers!
    Carmex is lover-ly on the dried up nasal passages. And please make sure that your nails are properly trimmed and smooth and a little extra hand lotion to keep those fingers velvety soft for any ummmm…. explorations.

  4. Try saline spray and you do need a room humidifier. It is SO dry in my house too even with my humidifier in my room and the one on the furnace.

    The worst. F-ing forced hot air heat!!

  5. OH COME ON!!! You have to share pictures of this latest project. 😉 Humidifiers help, same problem here in the Frozen Tundra, the dry air that is not the need to spelunk.

  6. Saline spray is f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s. I highly recommend it. We buy a 3-pack at every time we go – the air is DRY here in SoCal and constant nasal moistening is the only way we stay sane.

  7. I actually got a vaporizer for Ant’s room instead of a humidifier because I like the idea of the water being boiled to remove any potential microbes that might like to grow in there. Even with that the humidity in his room is only 25%! Cold, dry air here too. Another suggestion – try drinking more water. Every previous winter I’ve gotten nasty sore throats in the cold months from the lack of humidity, but this year, trying to keep up my hydration for bf-ing has meant no sore throat. Might help with the nose too?

  8. so THAT’S why I see red when I blow my nose in the morning…
    Putting humidifier on list of things to purchase before hell (Or our house) freezes over.

  9. I’m a vaporizer/humidifier fan as well as a saline nasal spray fan… my sinuses make it such an issue that we have to do something. We initially got the humidifier for the puppies (yes seriously) and have kept it on for ourselves. So uhmm I feel your pain and thanks for not sending pictures 🙂

  10. Dude, get over it and PICK IT OUT already.

  11. Ugh. My nose feels your pain. Really. It’s from all the blowing and scnuffiling and coughing I’ve been doing at this end.

  12. You comment whore, you.
    A cool mist humidifier. Starlet has a penguin, I have a cat. Fun & soothing.

  13. I’m surprised you wouldn’t have a humidifier on your furnace, WTF is that contractor thinking? Excessively dry air is bad as well, it means the wood in your house will crack and warp. Excessive humidity is no good, but a middle ground is possible. I vote for calling in a new Furnace guy, and getting another opinion.

  14. And here I was just trying to give you a little comments loving and I had to read about boogers! Boogers!

    I am currently baking doughnuts–yes–baking doughnuts. I found the recipe on-line. It felt like a good idea for a Saturday afternoon. And I’m spreading out some comments love.

    Post one of the brewing ideas 🙂

  15. I’m sitting here rubbing my oh-so chapped lips together and nodding. I think my face is going to crack off. Seriously.

    I want a baked doughnut. Actually, I want a very very deep fried one.

  16. Hot! Fresh! Now! Yum! I think anyway. We don’t have one of those lovely doughnut places in my town. We might suck a little bit. Or a lot.

    Mundane commenting is fun!

  17. I have the exact same thing with my nose… It has become a part time job of mine.. which is pathetic to say the least! I cant seem to keep it clear but not to be rude the chunks are so big i can hardly breathe at times. i have been on nasonex for ever now and it does nothing.. i am so sick of picking my nose all the time. I have humidifiers all the time and put spray up there and still nothing???????????????

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