Posted by: DD | February 27, 2007

no. 390 – For the Selective-Illiterate

2007_snowmob Here I am, at the top of the snowmobile trail at Ptarm1gan from this past weekend. The suit was a rental as the snow pants I borrowed from my sister were too small. Note to self: try on all borrowed clothing before packing it.

Yes, I know I look utterly ridiculous.

Cmountain Here’s a shot of Mr. DD and I vegetating in the condo. I picked this one because I thought it was flattering. I think it’s because I’m relaxed. My ego is in dire need of stroking, okay? Don’t judge me.

Coll_of_spec Schmutzie created some badges for us opthalmologically challenged individuals. I’ll be adding the badge soon to my sidebar, but until then, you can go through her pictures and see if you can recognize me and you might find yourselves some new reads in the process.

(Is there anything this woman can’t do? Can you milk a cow, Schmutzie? Shuck some corn, maybe? No? Aha-haha, I can! I bet you are so jealous.)

Speaking of buttons and badges, here’s another:

Greys2b1_1 Mel at Stirrup Queens thought my attempt at humor regarding the 2nd installment of the Drowning Fiasco over at Grey’s Anatomy was enough to be called "most creative", an honor I proudly share with Millie.

I must say, Mel, that I usually find your observations very astute, but Most Creative? For this?

"Why would they even pretend that they were going to kill off Grey? Am I missing the point that it’s called Grey’s Anatomy, not Grey’s Funeral?

Actually, Callie will die AND be pregnant with Dr. McShower’s (or whatever his name is) baby. He [George] will transplant her uterus into Izzie’s for her to carry to term – since they are best friends and all."

Lastly, I forgot to mention that I thwarted my husband’s poorly hatched scheme to kill me during our vacation. HATCH being the key word here.

During one of our breaks, I was standing behind our SUV, which had the hatch up to access the snacks we brought along. Mr. DD came along and shut the hatch…while I was standing under it! Missed my head by mere inches and instead brought it down smartly on top of my shoulder.

I ended up with a nasty abrasion on the shoulder, avoiding major injury. Mr. DD barely avoided a size 7.5 shoe up his ass. I tried to use the incident as an excuse to make a Guilt-Purchase, but I couldn’t find a purse that I liked, and no one wanted to drive to Vail. I’ll have to find something soon….before the scab disappears.



  1. I LOVE the rental ski suit. You look aged two with the floppy clothes. Tres cute.

  2. Damn. Is there a badge for girl who got lasik?

  3. Guilt purchase = I am NOT a purse girl, so maybe this is something all women are supposed to know about, but they have some SERIOUSLY adorable purses that I found in an airport I was passing through, and have regretted not buying ever since.

  4. The picture of you and Mr. DD? Absolutely adorable. The smile reaches all the way up to your eyes. Very, very nice.

  5. Listen, if I want to give that most creative, I can give that most creative. What are you going to do? Now that your shoulder is all messed up? What? Beat me up? You and what army?

    Oh…not so tough now, are you?

    Well (said in a small voice) I thought it was creative.

  6. You look a bit like the kid in “A Christmas Story” in that snowsuit. Smokin’ HOTT, but still. The pic with Mr DD? How f’ing cute are you two??

    I have 2 (count ’em…2) purses. One sort of a cordovan brownish color and 1 basic black. I only carry them to have someplace to stash my coupons & other “girly” stuff.

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