Posted by: DD | February 27, 2007

no. 391 – Here Pursey, Pursey, Pursey

Let’s talk about the purse thing, OK?

I’ve always had 3-5 purses that I would rotate through depending on the season or occasion. I understand that’s really a paltry amount compared to most women. I’ve just never really got into purses. If I could, I would carry everything in a wallet, but I just don’t need the additional emphasis on my ass, thank you.

I say "had" 3-5 purses. I now own only one. I sold all my other purses last fall at my garage sale with the intent of bringing in some fresh faces to my closet. Sadly, I neither had the time, inspiration, nor money to willingly throw at a new purse (or two).

Here’s my pathetic excuse of a handbag. Purse

I bet your jealous now, aren’t you.

I have the water bottle there to give you a sense of scale. The size is just right for me. The handles aren’t too long, but fit over my shoulder when I wear a winter coat.

But isn’t it god-awful?! I got it from GAP a few years ago as a spring-time purse.

I really want something new. Something fashionable and eye-catching. I’m not a fan of the studs and chains currently viewed as trendy, but am willing to consider just about anything as long as it fits into my very short criteria list, which basically means it must be of the approximate size above and that it must have handles big enough to allow me to shoulder it.

So that’s your mission, ladies (I say ladies, because I’m fairly positive that there’s no men reading my blog), steer me in the right direction by either pointing me to some great websites (Tracy, thanks for the link) or letting me know what your favorite purse brands are (tee-hee. I almost wrote "puss" instead of "purse").



  1. Depending on how much money you want to spend, I always say go for Coach. Yes, I’m a Coach whore, but honestly, you can even go to a Coach outlet or ebay and find a really great new classic bag and it’ll last you forever.

  2. I would like to stay within the lower to mid 3-digits in expense.

    Good question.

  3. I do not know how you have survived this long with only ONE purse.

    No advice on where to get one, or what to buy – I always buy the cheapest, smallest thing I can find (you could probably fit three of my purses in that one of yours, maybe even four). I figure the less I spend, the more purses I can buy, and as for quality – bah! I never use ’em long enough to worry about that. Because of that, I usually end up in the kids’ section or one of those God-awful teen accessory stores looking for mine.. although I’ve gotten some pretty nifty not-purses, like the little leather sunglass case with wrist strap that fits a credit card and a lipstick nicely, probably smaller than you want, huh?

  4. My best friend make the most fabulous purses. She can make anything your little heart desires and they are fabulous quality. Her website is

  5. Yeah…Lower to mid 2 digits here. I buy my purses at Target. Lame, but very very cute usually!

  6. That purse just screams WINTER IN NEBRASKA!

    Are you really a snow bird at heart?

    Of late, I buy purses at Ross/Marshall’s with decent results. Even at those places, I probably buy better than my cheap self would usually be inclined.

    On the flip side, I do not know how you could ever get rid of a purse. I probably have every one for the last 20 years. Will pull one out and remark, “Well, it doesn’t look that bad.”

  7. Lately I am a fan of the designer knock-offs. My fake Coach purse cost $85 and I bought it off of some lady who sells them from her house or at a party at your house. This weekend I got a fake Gucci purse at the swap meet for $15. My mom wants to go to downtown LA and stock up. In Nebraska, I have no idea where you would go to get fakes.

    If you can’t find a purse you like in your area, I would try eBay. I bought a cute tote for $8 last summer when I was trying to be a tote person.

  8. How much of a dent are you lookin’ to put into your bank account? If we’re talking about a Tunguska Meteorite-type crater, then check out If not, Tarjay has some really cute handbags this Spring – that’s where I indulge my whore-like ways.

  9. I don’t carry one any more. It just collected junk…the bigger the purse, the more junk. Now I just have pockets…of course my body shape is a little like a rock climbing wall (buldges from my pockets!) Can’t you just carry a grocery bag?

  10. I like kate Spade purses because I can just wipe off or clean the junk or spills my kids get on my purse.

    I have a couple of coach purses but if you have an outlet near you it is worth it. They have good prices.

    Banana Republic always has cute purses I heart also.

    Good luck!

  11. Oh man, I feel you on this. I have two purses that I switch between and both are completely unstylish. I don’t have the first idea about what constitutes a good handbag so I’ll be interested to see what your readers say about this.

  12. Dooney and Burke. Expensive, but many, many styles from which to choose.

    I love purses and if I want some cash left over to put in the purse after I buy it, I go to Ross. They have great deals on brand names.

  13. Oh, that comment about the Coach outlet reminded me about Fossil. If you have a Fossil outlet near you, they also have some really cute bags that are not expensive.

  14. I’m a coach well whore – I love my coach purse and well… to be honest I got it on ebay for $25 or so… so my vote – do some searches on ebay and see what you find – check the ratings of the buyer and go from there. I haven’t had any bad luck. I plan on updating my purses shortly as well I need a new one… Lola got a hold of my coach and used a little flippy flap as a chew toy… I’ve managed to hide it but still – need a new one.

  15. Check out this site if you’re into more personalized, handmade items.
    I have a tote and diaper travel case from here and they are great.
    Her name is Karen.

  16. I will be checking the replies since I need one as well. I just don’t like many of the styles that are out there now. I need to hang a purse on my shoulder. Period. I guess that makes me old or something. I can’t handle these tiny handled handbags.

    I often forgo a purse and put my stuff in my hubby’s pockets (his ass can afford the padding) but he draws the line at tampons so I have to carry a purse sometime! And of course, I don’t always have my personal pack mule along.

    My last couple of bags I managed to find at TJ Maxx.

  17. I have four purses. I’d also prefer wallets, but I always have so much *stuff* so here’s where I found my faves:
    1. a Mary-Kay type of purse party where I found a Kate Spade mockup, $25 – which is, like, $4 USD. Sadly, Canuckian parties only.
    2. Every time I’ve been to Manhattan, there’s always some guy near Times Square yelling “purses $15” near a large table piled high with ’em. I bought two for $25 USD. Totally happy with them, and yes, according to CNN, this means I may be supporting “terrorism”
    3. London Drugs. Do you have one there? A drugstore that sells everything. It’s got great seaming, holds everything (hides everything), and many comment on how lovely it is. I am not afraid to abuse it since it was only $35.
    4. You could always try for a one-of-a-kind gem.

    Happy hunting!

  18. Yeah, I’d probably lose all cred if I admitted the most expensive purse I’ve ever bought was like – $50 from Shopko. And the only reason I spent that much was because I needed a nice white purse for my wedding.

    I love LOOKING at purses…I just don’t have the balls to spend that much on a Coach or Dooney & Burke. Or even the Brighton ones. But they’re so cute with the hearts…

    I did have a Kate Spade knockoff for awhile that I loved. It was a gift from my SIL, so I know it didn’t cost more than $20.

  19. Design Mom has a cool post up (fairly recent) on her blog recommending some cool purses.

    (There’s a link on my blog if you can’t find her.)

  20. Flea market, sister. I got a fab Coach fake for $20. Looks almost identical to the $200 version it’s supposed to be.

  21. Good luck on your purse search!

  22. I know there is a website where you can “rent” designer purses for a month or so. It’s a little $$ but there are several different plans. This way, you can try out the purse for a while and see if you like it. Sorry I can’t remember the website name though.

  23. I can always find cute purses at Target or Wal-Mart. The funny thing is that I always get compliments on them. I like to buy cheaper purses so I can rotate through them without [much] guilt.

  24. ummmm, why would you not expect men to read your blog?

    being new here, pardon me if my sit down and insert my foot into my mouth straightaway. Saves time.

  25. Mine is this organizer from Fossil:

    And all I ever have is one bag, so it’s always a neutral leather.

    This one has a strap long enough to go across my body so that I don’t drop it everytime I have to scoop up a delinquent toddler. It’s also got lots of compartments so that I can keep things organized. I really don’t like having everything in a jumble at the bottom of my bag. It’s also not very big (8″ high x 6.5″ wide) which suits me perfectly as I don’t like to haul lots of junk around all the time.

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