Posted by: DD | March 5, 2007

no. 394 – A First

I shut a few doors this weekend.

I opened a few others.

I want to share one that I opened.

When we moved into our house that is now for sale 10 years ago, I was full of all kinds of big ideas about how to decorate it; the landscaping; the plans for potential remodels. I bought new decorations for each season and holiday. My mother was HUGE into decorating for the holidays and had bins and barrels full of window films, figurines, wreaths, lights, etc. I didn’t notice them much as a  child, but now when I walk into her house, I’m amazed that she still takes the time.

It can make me sad as well. There’s no one home most of the time. My father wouldn’t notice even if she stapled everything to his ass. Of the 6 children, I come home the most often (OK, second most often behind my brother who is also marvelously oblivious), and that’s rarely more than once a month. It’s quite possible at times that one or two decorational shifts take place between the times I get home. Even though no one outside of herself sees the work she does, she continues to do it. She still climbs up a ladder to hang lights on the house, or even in the tractor bucket to work her magic on the enourmouse blue spruces I remember mowing around as a teen-ager thinking they will never be taller than me.

So, along with the themes of the holidays, there’s also the traditions I initially would get so excited about, one of them being building a snowman. At the other house, I did just that the first winter we lived there, 1997.

It was the only time I did since. Lack of appropriate snow followed by a pregnancy followed by a busy toddler kept me away from that simple pleasure. I enjoyed having that snowman, even if for a couple of days, greet our neighbors as they drove to and from work past our house. I would feel sorry for my snowman, who after enduring several hours of 40+ degrees would either lose his head or keel over sideways.

Today I did it. I built the first snowman of the year. The first snowman for our new house.

I picked a spot down on the lane so he could discreetly greet the drivers who passed by on the street, but in such a location that anyone who pulled into our lane couldn’t miss him. X watched with interest for a while, but became engrossed in throwing snowballs into the mud and playing with his truck. Mr. DD took off on an errand. The first section went well. I stopped when I couldn’t roll the ball one inch more. I started on the torso and realized that I was going to have to make some serious sacrifices in order to get the second snow ball on top of the first.

After whittling away the sides, I somehow managed to scoot and lug that damn thing (which had to weigh close to 75lbs) up on the first ball of snow. I wondered briefly if I were to pass out from either a heart or asthma attack, how long I would lay in the snow before my husband came along or until X thinking it was a game, would bury me in the snow.

The third ball, the head finally came together in a strange ablong nature and up it went upon the other two. X suddenly became interested again and began to tell me that I needed coal for eyes and a carrot for a nose. We had neither, but I found a couple pieces of broken asphalt (which was used on our lane) for the eyes and I wandered up to the house for a scarf, branches and a mystery object for the nose. I came back with a scrap of fabric that became the snowman’s "cape" and the brances. The object for the nose? Well, because it came off an old play-doh table, X was indignant and explained he already put the nose on the snowman. It turned out to be a piece of ice, no bigger than a quarter, stuck under the snowman’s left eye. A wart, really.

I picked some wild sunflowers, dried with their heads still intact and added hair. The "nose" was made a little bigger with a snowball and we were done.

By then, X was getting wet and cold and not terribly in the mood for the requisite picture. I begged him and he finally succumbed. Within a couple of hours, our snowman had started to lean dangerously backwards and when I pointed it out from the front door to X, he got rather upset. So I headed out and gave the old boy a heave and dislodged both his head and torso, but was able to salvage the overall appearance.

Here’s what he looked like upon completion. 20070304_first_snowman_1 20070304_first_snowman_2

Did you ever imagine that telling you the story of our first snowman as Mommy and son would take such a long post?



  1. Looks like a fun day’s work to me. (LOVE the hair.) He’ll remember this day forever. Guaranteed.

  2. Funny how he wasn’t too interested in building it, but it being in peril brought out his ire.

    Love your creative decorating.

    I kinda admire your mom, but then I think she’s crazy. My Xmas tree is still up.

  3. Dear DD, that sounds great. I’m sure it will stick in your memory.

    And your mother sounds amazing. That’s a talent I’ve never had.

  4. That’s a nice memory you just made.
    (love the hair, too!)

  5. I love the wildflower hair! What a wonderful tradition, I hope it continues 🙂

  6. Love the “hair”!

  7. What a nice snowman!
    We have not had enough snow for a snowman this year, although the kids are dying to make one!

  8. Great wart, I mean nose. Your property looks fabulous – I would love to move outta the big city and not have to look at my neighbors full garbage can that they can never seem to close so the squirels drag it everywhere….

  9. Yeah, X looks like he’s ready for a cuppa cocoa!

    We haven’t had enough snow for a decent snowman either.

    Don’t you just LOVE how blue the sky is?

  10. Great hair. Looks like a punk snow dude. Awesome!

  11. Great photo! I love the sunflower hair!

  12. Hey, you still have snow?

    We just have cold now.

    Nice Pix!

  13. I can’t even imagine having that much snow.

    PS. X is so dang cute!

  14. I have never, ever seen a snowman with hair, I LOVE it!
    My snowmans used to be about a foot high when I was a kid, hopefully when (i mean IF) we get snow here, I can make a big one like that with my boy.
    X is cute, he looks pissed to be taking the pic, though.

  15. That is one perfectly AWESOME snowman. (You could make it a woman with two little peppermint candies…) Heh.

  16. Aaahhh….the joys of building snowman and making snow angels……I remember those fondly. How wonderful that you can pass this tradition on to your own X. One day, hopefully he’ll pass the tradition on to his own X’s.

  17. Great snowman! I am anxious for K to be old enough to do this stuff.

  18. Love the snowman, wart and all. I especially think the hair adds a certain flair of creativity.

    Speaking as an “older” mom…I bet your mom still decorates because it gives her wonderful memories of all the years the 6 of you were running around. It is probably bittersweet for her 😉

  19. Hurray! I absolutely love it! I wish that we had enough snow to make a snowman here in Virginia!

  20. I love the hair, and I think that upturned snowball nose just makes it perfect!

  21. Oh only you could somehow work a wart into a snowman story, girl! LMAO! And sunflower hair? Crafty mama!

  22. Very cool snowman; I especially love the hair.

  23. What a beautiful blue sky and sunny day. It sounds like you had a blast.

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