Posted by: DD | March 6, 2007

no. 395 – Fun Monday #7

Two days in a row now I’ve been home with X. He had some high fevers over the weekend and his right eye began to look suspicious. You’re probably wondering what kind of germ stew we are cooking up around here with Mr. DD’s recent bout with the ‘flu, my stye, and now this. Someday I may have to confess that we are not only trying to have another baby, but we are actually trying to create a new life form, which is unfortunately manifesting itself as viral infections and taking their ire out on our poor hapless eyeballs.

Min over at Mama Drama, reminded me of my willingness to participate in their "Fun Monday". I say "reminded" but it was more of a thump upside my blond skull, which I think was subtle punishment for making fun of the Oscar winners. The task was to "write the worst opening sentence that you can come up with and accompany this atrocity with a photo of your setting, a character or a bit of action that relates to the opening line or (for those who do not have a camera) a written description of same."

Oh, Min, darling. Do you know how easy this was for me? I not only can write the worst opening sentences, but closing sentences and sandwich them around bodies of the same.

I finished the task yesterday, as one would assume since it is called "Fun Monday" but was unable to load the picture I wanted. And now that I’m home with X, who acts as if the fever, runny nose and cough that threatens to turn into dry heaves, are the best excuses to sit and watch classic Tom & Jerry cartoons while snacking on dry Froot Loops, I can finish in the time he is zoning on a sugar high and cartoon violence is imprinting itself on his maleable brain.

With uncertain trepidation his cognitive thoughts led him to a less than ambiguous deduction, and that was Fruity Cheerios had only one common commonality with Froot Loops: they were both of a round circular shape and of multicolored, rainbow hues.


It was enough to know for now.



  1. Ha! Love it. The picture is priceless.

  2. That’s fab, love the picture!

  3. what a cute picture to go with ‘that’ sentence.

  4. He is definitely pondering something big….

    His pupils look suspiciously dilated. What ARE you doing over there in Nebraska????

  5. Uh, yeah. The pupils. That’s how my camera takes care of “red-eye”. You should have seen the before picture. He looked like a child possessed with his eyes rolling up into his head.

  6. Ah, philosophic reflections on breakfast cereal – no better way to get at the mysteries of the universe than to contemplate the infinite roundness of the cheerio and the froot loop.

  7. DD–you’ve had me laughing all morning with your “common commonality”! The picture of X contemplating the fractals of cereals is great. I think I know where he gets that smugness from!

  8. They’re not the SAME???!!! Oh, no, I’ve been lying to my kid for like 6 months! (Snort.)

    Thanks for the morning giggle, DD.

  9. Nicely done!

  10. HA! What a great pic!

    Mag (food-snob that she is) can tell the difference between “real” fruity pebbles and the cheap-o store brand.

    btw – do you ever watch the sit-com “Rules of Engagement”?? It was on last night & the one woman (Megyn Price) reminds me of you for some reason.

  11. I didn’t even know there are multi-colored Cheerios. I am quite sure that Fruit Loops would taste better and X is of impeccible taste.

  12. The picture works beautifully with the breakfast cereal comparison. Too funny.

  13. Too funny! That is the perfect caption for that pic.

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