Posted by: DD | March 13, 2007

no. 401 – Simple Minds – Simple Pleasures

I have made the most marvelous discovery this past week.

The Walgreen’s photo kiosk.

I have a digital camera that comes with its own printing dock, but I can’t do a lot of editing there. We have an older printer that I could print from, but the ink is pretty blotchy. Someone suggested I just take the memory card out of the camera and after I do any editing right there on the little touch-sensitive screen (note to self: keep an alcohol pad or two in purse) print what I want at Walgreens.

Very cool (so advanced, it’s easy!).

When I was telling someone about how happy I was with the results, they told me that I can send any pictures I have on our computer to their website and they can create prints from that as well!

Now, I love my digital, but some days I just want to sit down with an album and show X all the pictures we have taken and I enjoy the tactile experience of the heavy albums.

The last time I was in picking up some pictures, I noticed that they also will convert prints into a disc.

I pondered the possibilities!

My mom has tons and tons of pictures of us kids, but sharing a photo that has all eight of us in it isn’t easy. Sure, she could scan it and get some prints made, but with her children being scattered not only across the country, but one overseas as well, I suggested I get them scanned and create some discs that each of us can have as our very own.

Since I didn’t know anyone who had tried this, I took some prints that my mom had from my wedding that she and one of my sisters had shot candidly and headed down to my local Walgreens. The clerk wanted to know if it’d be OK to pick them up the next day since they were "kinda busy". The next day?! If I wanted to try an on-line site, it could take a couple of weeks!

I happily left my pictures in the sweaty palms of a minimum wage employee.

Today I picked up my prints and disc.

I couldn’t be happier. Really. I did notice that one picture didn’t make it to the disc out of 35. No biggie. After I popped the disc in, I had the opportunity to edit them right there on the disc. I cropped out excess background and enhanced the finish of many. I tried to fix the red-eye in some, but that particular option doesn’t work well.

Overall, I’m really pleased with how they turned out and when I asked how long it might take if there were two hundred or more prints, he seemed apologetic when he asked that we give them a day or two.

I think I found a rainy day project for this Spring/Summer when I can’t be outside designing and nurturing our new garden that involves a computer but not blogging. My husband will be thrilled as well.

Somekids (Who is that skinny bitch? Like anyone’s going to notice the stupid flowers. Get over yourself, already.

And who slipped the flower girl XTC?)



  1. Good lord. I’ve seen you as a brunette, a red-head and a blonde – any other colours lurking around (perhaps a Halloween with green hair or something?)
    Sorry to say that Walgreen’s isn’t something that exists around here but I also need to convince my parents to put the old photos onto disk. I only have one sibling but there’s no way I will end up with any photos if I don’t do something now.

  2. I love Walgreens. We uploaded our photos to them and picked them up in usually an hour! The rock!

  3. I love that pic…I was thinking the same about the flower girl!
    You look all “ladeeedaaa, I’m not going to be nervous…”

  4. If you really want to have fun…try and create your own photo books. But be warned…it is addictive.

  5. I think the flower girl needs an exorcism!

  6. Imagine my disappointment when I clicked on the picture and it didn’t fill my computer screen. Darn. I wanted to be up close and personal.

  7. Awww…love the pic. You look so beautiful. That’s my one regret about my wedding day.

  8. You do have to wonder how people did anything before digital. As much as I love our 36mm camera, it takes FOREVER to see if you got a decent shot of anything.

    I love your wedding picture! Thanks for sharing it.

  9. Va va va voom!

    One slice of DD, please.

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