Posted by: DD | March 15, 2007

no. 403 – Oh, Shut Up

"stupid things fertiles say"

Google’s search shows my old blog is second only to Finding the Next: written and tended by the amazing Julianna. I feel as if I’m amongst Royalty.

I was looking at my stats on my old blog, which I rarely do because, good lord! no one goes there anymore. Except… not only did someone stop by today, but they left a comment! But it wasn’t the person who was doing the above google search. Oh, no. It was someone from Denver, CO who actually came by via the google search, "where did the term knocked up" because I had magnanimously provided some info regarding that on one of my last posts.

How honored I am to find that s/he actually perused some of my prior posts including the one regarding fertiles and some of the things they say! However, I am less than pleased with their attempt to be facetious, especially in response to that particular post, which must have been written when I was in a rather good mood as evidenced by my last sentence, and I quote, "Iā€™m glad she said something because if she goes away with just a little more understanding then I know that something good will come of it."

Also, everyone played very nicely in the comments even though we all have the fantasy of giving someone a good palm slap to the foreheads of the people who go about spewing Stupid. In fact, if my Denver visitor had followed my link to this blog, he would have found my prior post a most excellent example of how none of us are perfect, not even ………….infertiles *gasp!*

Instead, they left this comment:

"Wow…it must be tough having so many smart people on this blog that never say anything stupid. I am impressed so many of you have made it this far without allowing a moronic statement to depart from your elite lips."

Yes. Yes, it is tough having so many smart people surround me on a daily basis. It’s too bad you went and fucked up my perfect record. Let us all take this opportunity to apply balm to our elite lips, and give a nice big, fat raspberry to the KUtKD visitor in Denver.




  1. I never understand why people take the time to say mean things. I mean, close the browser if you don’t like the blog, right? Geez.

  2. Ha, they were f’in with the wrong f’in person, if I’m not stupid in saying so, of course.

  3. I promise it was not me. You want me to find them and beat them up tho?

  4. A big fat THHPPPPT! to the putz from Denver.

  5. Hey – someone got to my blog too my searching for “stupid things fertiles say”. I guess if they went to your blog and mine if not more they really must have wanted an answer.

  6. HA HA HA HA! (Wiping joyful tears from eyes).

    Seeing as I’m surrounded by “such” folks all around me, on a daily basis, I can only laugh, very hard and very joyfully!

    Thanks silly man and lovely DD for making me laugh, it’s been a long, long time šŸ™‚

  7. And yet, all the really smart people never identify themselves. Fuck you, anonymous.

  8. Oh criminy. But I also just have to laugh at the irony of this. Chiding you for being patient, tolerant and yet hurt by insensitivity while being incredibly stupid and insensitive at the same time. Plus, s/he is a stinky writer. It’s not even an interesting mean comment.

  9. I’m gonna use a term I read on one of the first few posts of yours that had me tearfully laughing…
    “Inept F*cktard!”

  10. Am I too late for the ass-whupping? I’d like to flip this cretin off, too. Unless this individual has walked in our shoes s/he hasn’t earned the right to pass judgement…

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