Posted by: DD | March 15, 2007

no. 404 – In Your Opinion…(*Edited to elicit more indignation)

We have not booked our flights yet for our trip to SC. Which online sites do you have the best luck with when purchasing etickets?

I have been using Bloglines for a long time now, which many of you use as well. However, I’ve been noticing more and more using Google Read. What can you tell me about Google Read as far as advantages and disadvantages to Bloglines? Are any of you using another type of notification system that you are happy with?

Would an employee be overreacting if their performance report was faxed, without permission, to a counselor with the employer’s Eee A P.rogram? Should that employee agree to letting the counselor report back to the supervisor detailed progress reports?

Once I hit publish, I hope to sleep better tonight.

* Edited: The employee actually found out that their performance report was faxed when the confirmation page that the fax machine spits out was placed in their mailbox by another (unknown) employee in the department. The confirmation page was a snap shot of the first page of the review in all it’s detailed glory. The lesson here? Always, ALWAYS, use a cover page. Yes, this "oversight" was brought to the attention of the supervisor by the afore mentioned employee.



  1. Are. you. effing. kidding. me? That has GOT to be a violation of HIPPA. That employee should NOT agree to the counselor sending back “progress” reports. WTF? The Eee.AAA.Pee. should know better.

  2. umm, yes. That doesn’t sound kosher at all.

  3. I’m thinking I’d ask for clarification to the employer and remind them that counseling is PRIVATE whether it be a part of an eeeeee….aaaaaa….. ppppp program or not… I’m thinking no personally… and I’d be upset – so no said employee would not be overreacting.

    As for the blog reader – I use blogarithm no clue about google… may have to check it out though if it gets a glowing recommendation.

  4. I’ve always had good look with Travelocity, but once you find a good price on their site, check the actual airline’s site before booking. I’ve had several flights that were cheaper on the regular site than on Travelocity, but using Travelocity first saved me the time of going to each airline individually.

    I’m interested to hear reviews about Google Reader, since I’m another Bloglines user.

    I agree, sending on your performance review without your express permission sounds entirely wrong.

  5. Expedia.

    No idea about Google reader…off to check it out (having issues with bloglines these days).

    No you’re not overreacting and no the program should not be sending progress reports to anyone unless YOU tell them to.

    Anymore questions? :o)

    I hope you slept well. {{{hugs}}}

  6. Depending on what the company/human resources policy is would determine if the employer can do that and if the counselor can report back the gory details. You should be able to get a copy of what the policy is. I would just be pissed that at your review it was suggested that you see the counselor and then the employer goes ahead and send the counselor information about you. Here our ee aa pp program is voluntary for the employee. I chose to see a private shrink for my issues since the “counselors” that we have here are just other employees and considering I have worked here and in pretty much every area of the state I know all of the employee counselors so not going to share my dirty laundry with them.
    Good luck.

  7. Holy Fuck… they did WHAT? That has to be grounds for a lawsuit (in my world, the only reaction is overreaction). What are you going to do?

    I always use expedia for booking tickets.

  8. I use expedia as well.

    Would you care to join me in looking for another job? I know nothing of the legality and it depends on what your handbook says, but clearly they are taking this too far. There must be some confidentiality.

  9. I use expedia–never had a problem, have to say.
    BLoglines for me (I’d be curious about Google too. Maybe I’ll try it).

    Other thing–totally unethical. Totally.

  10. No clue on any of it except that employer and EeeAPee are VERY VERY wrong on both accounts. Employer should not know which employees are using EeeAPee and EeeAPee should not report back to employer on aspecific employee’s progress. That’s like your therapist sending a report card home. WTF?

  11. That review thing just gets shittier and shittier. I usually end up booking through Expedia if I am flying something other than United. For United flights, my husband books them through their site to use his frequent flyer miles. I have also had success with, but obviously not for flights.

  12. ack, that’s horrible!

    I use for travel – they don’t get Southwest, but I don’t think any of the sites do. It’s a meta search engine, that searches all of the other travel sites and finds the best deals. I also like the flexible date option on Orbitz, useful when you’re going for 4 days and it doesn’t matter which 4.

  13. When I first started using Blog tracking thingies, I used both Bloglines and Google Reader. After a few days I just stayed with Reader. I can’t say there was anything specific because I didn’t use Bloglines that long, but I just liked the interface of Google Reader better and I could never figure out a way to go to the actual post to comment in Bloglines while in GR I just click on the post and it links me. So, now it’s the only one I use.

  14. Is the employer hopped up on crack? In addition to breaking every frickin’ provision of HIPPA, they can’t even do it quietly enough so they don’t get frickin’ caught? They should get sued for rank stupidity.

  15. I’m offended on your behalf with respect to faxing your performance report to ANYONE. Good lord…

  16. That situation at work is wrong on SO many levels. ‘Nuff said.

    I use Google Reader and like it, but I’ve never used anything else. I like it because it interfaces with my blog email account, and my Blogger account, one login needed.

    I use travelocity or expedia to find the fare/times, then go to the airline sites directly to book.

  17. I switched from bloglines to google reader about a month ago. I find it way more user friendly, easy to manipulate categories and move around subscriptions. Adding blogs to your reader is also neat because you can just type in the blog title and google will go out and search for the feeder. It’s also nice to click between email and the reader and any other google “things” you use.

    I’ve always found that using a travel agency is cheaper. I check all the online companies to see rates but also check with a travel agency and the travel agency has always been cheaper, oddly enough.

  18. I use Expedia or Cheaptickets, but yes always check the actual airline’s site too. Southwest often has special offers on their site. HTH

  19. Definitely sounds like the employee’s right to privacy was violated. I’d be ticked off…

  20. holy crap. That was wrong, wrong, wrong.

    Go to the director.

  21. I normally fly southwest (every friggin week) so for that, I just go to their website. For non-southwest travel, I go to expedia, which usually has even better rates than our corporate travel site. (and trust me, I’ve spent HOURS looking up every possible configuration for flights to try and get the cheapest.) Check southwest tho – they tend to be a pretty good bet.

    As far as EAP – I am shocked. EAP is supposed to be for the employee to go in and talk about what’s up – not for the employer to tell them what needs to be discussed. I’m pretty shocked by that. And leaving a confirmation page with that type of info available is DEFINITELY a violation of the employee’s privacy. Wowsa.

  22. Firstly, the law is HIPAA not HIPPA. Secondly, the law only covers your personal health or financial information (SSN/bank accounts etc.) What has occurred is technically not a HIPAA violation at this point, it is just in bad form. (I recently got very angry with my own college when a professor’s non-satisfactory review ended up in the student paper. I talked it over with my boss (head of HR) and since the prof’s boss shared the info, there wasn’t much to do about it. It is just bad policy, but not technically a violation of anything.) Now, the counselor that you may see cannot share your personal health information (including mental health) with your employer unless you agree. You have the right to specify what you will and will not allow them to talk to your employer about, you do not have to give them carte blanche to speak of everything you say. You also have the right at any time to revoke the agreement.

  23. Also, unrelated, someone I know uses She likes it. I’ve used it a couple of times and it seems good.

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