Posted by: DD | March 20, 2007

no. 406 – The Good News & The Bad News

My son jumped off the diving board all by himself at his first swim lesson for this session. – Yeah!

This is his third class at this level and he feels like he’s with a "bunch of babies" because there are some kids from his Pre-K class in the next level up who have their class at the same time.  – Booooo!

I took my first work-out session in years in an attempt to get fit. – Yeah!

I was the only one in the class and if there isn’t going to be any more attendees, then the class will be canceled. – Boooo!

Had my annual appointment with my pulmonologist who thinks I should stop taking my daily steroid dose to see how I do without it since my asthma appears to be well under control. – Yeah!

Based on the immediate symptoms I get after drinking cabernet, I’m probably allergic to wine. – Boooo!

The pumpkin seeds I started inside last week are starting to sprout. – Yeah!

I don’t have a garden location picked out to plant the pumpkins once they’re ready to go in the ground. – Boooo!

Called the RE’s clinic and scheduled a "consult" for April 5, for BOTH of us. – Yeah!

Husband complained. He doesn’t know why he needs to "take a whole day off for that". – Booooo!


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