Posted by: DD | March 20, 2007

no. 406 – The Good News & The Bad News

My son jumped off the diving board all by himself at his first swim lesson for this session. – Yeah!

This is his third class at this level and he feels like he’s with a "bunch of babies" because there are some kids from his Pre-K class in the next level up who have their class at the same time.  – Booooo!

I took my first work-out session in years in an attempt to get fit. – Yeah!

I was the only one in the class and if there isn’t going to be any more attendees, then the class will be canceled. – Boooo!

Had my annual appointment with my pulmonologist who thinks I should stop taking my daily steroid dose to see how I do without it since my asthma appears to be well under control. – Yeah!

Based on the immediate symptoms I get after drinking cabernet, I’m probably allergic to wine. – Boooo!

The pumpkin seeds I started inside last week are starting to sprout. – Yeah!

I don’t have a garden location picked out to plant the pumpkins once they’re ready to go in the ground. – Boooo!

Called the RE’s clinic and scheduled a "consult" for April 5, for BOTH of us. – Yeah!

Husband complained. He doesn’t know why he needs to "take a whole day off for that". – Booooo!



  1. Yeah! for the yeahs – and Boo! for the boos. Why, indeed, Mr. DD? Because it takes two to tango, that’s why! He complained when you left him out, and he complained when you included him. Men!

  2. Husbands! Booooo!

  3. Congrats on your progress. Good luck at the appt.

    I’ve been wondering about alcohol and alleries lately. What are your symptoms?

  4. I usually have an asthma flare up when I drink wine.

    Men! I swear!

  5. I usually have a shortness of breath after I drink wine. I don’t normally drink anything but red wine, so I’m not sure if that’s a factor. Anyway, my doc wanted to know if the symptoms come directly after drinking wine or if they come later, after lying down. If the symptoms were later, he would say it’s acid reflux. Because my symptoms are acute, he thinks I’m probably allergic to wine and tragically, I should avoid drinking it.

  6. That’s ok, as long as hard liquor is still allowed 😉 So what if you get a few raised eyebrows for having a slow screw while everyone else is drinking merlot?

  7. Boy, he sure is throwing up all the roadblocks, isn’t he? Don’t let him off the hook (I know you won’t, but I needed to say it).

  8. YEAH X!
    YEAH YOU! But no wine? Good God, put a bullet in my ear right NOW!! Maybe it’s just the tannins in Reds?? Does it happen with whites?

    Now, while you’re sitting in the consult, you can flash back to Rules of Engagement and throw some snappy one-liners.

  9. Interesting about the wine allergy…it might just be red wine, so trying white might help, but I’m also wondering if you are really just allergic to the additives & preservatives, etc. in wine. As a test, you could try organic once, red or white. (Most organic wine is horrible, but at least you would know what exactly you are allergic to.)

    So has Mr.DD said what exactly the issue is? Is he not sure about more treatment, spending money, or using donor sperm or afraid of another baby loss? Just because they are separate issues, and each one is a whole different discussion.

    Anyway, I hope he takes advantage of the opportunity to ask some questions if he’s “sacrificing” a whole day of work. This is his big chance, right?

  10. Just an FYI, the ‘visual DNA’ thing is covering the post for me. I’m using Safari . . .

  11. Men are stupid. All of them. Even the good ones.

    It’s the sulfites in the red wine that exacerbate your asthma. There are some red wines available without the sulfites. They are a bit more expensive, but totally worth it. I have to go to specialty wine stores to find them, and sometimes they are unavailable or need to be special ordered.

  12. Yeahs and boos as appropriate! Not being able to drink red wine sucks. I get migraines after drinking red wine–I should try Spanglish’s suggestion of sulfite-free red wine.

    And if Mr DD has to take a “whole day off work”, perhaps he’ll start realizing that yes, it IS that important and he needs to see it as such.

  13. Wait – do YOU have to take a whole day off work when you go for those appointments?

  14. Did you cry when he jumped off the diving board? I remember my mother breakng into tears when I did it for the first time, I couldn’t understand why…of course now that I’m a mother, I get it.

  15. If the wine is giving you problems then I say go straight to vodka. You can drink with anything and no one will know. (or the whole sulphites thing like spanglish mentionned).

    I think it’s great you have a consult for both of you. If your man is at all like mine, he’ll listen to the doctor and, you know, believe them and say something like “wow, it IS just what you said.”

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