Posted by: DD | March 21, 2007

no. 407 – Hiccup. Ow. Hiccup. Ow.

Last night’s excercise class kicked. my. ass.

Just how out of shape must I be that when I hiccup, it hurts?

Don’t even ask me about the 911 call I placed after I sneezed…



  1. Congratulations on getting out there and doing it! Once the muscles get used to what you are asking of them you will feel SO much better. I go through that every fall when my aerobics class starts up after a summer of drinking and playing softball. 😉 Keep it up and I so hope that they don’t cancel the class on you.

  2. I’m actually taking three different aerobic classes: one is an hour long with weights, stretching and cardio; the one that may be cancelled is geared towards the golfer (upper body strength); and the third I haven’t taken yet, but is a pilates class.


  3. That sounds like a serious butt-whooping, in fact, can you file charges of assault?


  4. Yikes. You’re making me tired just thinking about that.

    BUT…The Today Show yesterday (The Yeserday Show?) had a bit about how 1 hour of aerobic exercise 5 times a week actually helps rebuild/build brain tissue and can prevent alzheimers, and help you conquer breast cancer. Jeez. Cuz I wasn’t feeling bad enough about not exercising…

  5. “I don’t envy you one bit,” she said as her thighs chaffed together.

  6. I feel you on the exercise thing… OMG the first 5 minutes I spent back on my treadmill was a lesson in pain… I still have the bruises on my back where my ass cheeks slapped it!!!

    Hang in there, it gets easier…

    WooHoo I can comment again!!! LOL
    Oh the simple things that make me happy!! LOL

  7. What? Someone TKO’d YOU?

  8. Sorry but I laughed out loud when I read that. And you know I really wanna ask about that 911 call. 😉 I don’t think I’ll be laughing too hard after tomorrow. My trainer has warned me I’m doing bleachers. I think I feel the flu coming on… cough.. cough…

  9. At least you were exercised and toned! That had to impress the 911 guys 😉

  10. And that, my friend, is why I don’t exercise anymore 🙂

  11. have you had that sneeze where 4 or more of your vertabrae pop in/out of alignment?

    talk about a different feeling!

  12. Oh joy. Something for me to look forward to. I’ve gotten so sick of looking at my fat, flabby self that I have decided to start exercising & eating better. Now, to find the TIME!!!

  13. Hey,
    Did those exercise classes do you in? Don’t you know you need to post everyday so I can keep tabs on you? 😉 Hope you aren’t in too much pain. Have a great weekend.

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