Posted by: DD | March 26, 2007

no. 409 – CSI: Nebraska

I was heading home Wednesday evening after my son’s swim lesson when I received a phone call from my husband. He had gone home after work to take a shower before he went back into town for a haircut. As he was standing in the bedroom, looking out the window to the south, he noticed several pieces of paper blowing around. Thinking that our trash barrel had tipped over, he looked out to the north to see even more paper.

Still thinking it was trash, especially since I had just pitched out some old Pregnancy and Child magazines, he waited until he was getting ready to go to see what had happened. He drove his truck down to his shop (again north) and that’s when he noticed all the trash and papers were not coming from the burn barrel, but from closer to his shop door. He saw a large tan rectangular object lying in front of the door and it wasn’t until he was right next to it with the truck that he realized what it was.

A personal safe. Approximately 2×2 in size tipped at a weird angle as it was propped up by its open door.

As he was telling me this, I was just coming up to our lane. He said that he had called the Sheriff and that I wasn’t supposed to touch anything, nor go close to it since they will need to take pictures, dust for prints, and document tire treads.

Since he had just called the Sheriff before calling me, they hadn’t arrived yet. As I drove up to the house, I saw the safe and papers blowing everywhere (it was really windy that day). X didn’t notice anything so I hustled him inside and settled him in with supper and waited for the Sheriff to show.

About 20 minutes later he did and took a statement from me. I found it particularly funny that when I corrected him about just me and my husband living there, that I had a son, a flicker of suspicion crossed his face when he asked me how old he was. When I told him that he was 5, he laughed since the tone in my answer made it quite clear I knew what he was thinking.

He said that a couple more deputies were going to show up to collect additional evidence so while we were waiting we each grabbed garbage bags to collect the papers that had blown out of the safe. I found several life insurance policies and property deeds, all with the same names on them, going as far back as the 1940’s. He found car titles amongst the papers and by the safe was a collection of old pennies.

We speculated that based on the papers and the names on them, that the safe had been stolen from either an elderly or deceased couple’s home. The thieves vandalized it and stole whatever was of value from inside and then dumped in on our property.

What concerns me (and concerned the Sheriff) is that instead of going out in the middle of a field somewhere that the persons (we all assume it was more than one person since it took both deputies to lift the safe into a vehicle) came onto our property, during the day, to rid themselves of the safe. One could also assume that it was someone who knew us, knew our schedules, and knew the property. He asked what our impressions were of the construction crews who had been part of building the house, and we said that we had found everyone to be professional and trustworthy and would be greatly surprised if it was someone we knew.


When I went back into the house, I took this picture from one of the windows. The shop is just to the left of this shot. I tried to take another picture from the kitchen window, which would have included the Sheriff and deputies, but the flash went off. I felt like a moron when all three of them turned towards the flash and I had to force myself to not duck down out of sight.

I don’t think we will probably ever hear back from the Sheriff either with news of the family who had the safe stolen, or if anyone was arrested. I have the couple’s names imprinted into my memory.

Mr. DD and I bounced around the possibility of installing security devices when we were building, but really thought that we could do without. It’s too late to do anything about what had happened on Wednesday, but we are again doing the research for cameras and examining different points of the house that have the best vantage points. Amazingly enough, it was one of those days that we had actually had all the doors locked on the house since usually I forget to lock the front door or Mr. DD has the garage door unlocked for his Dad.

It certainly could have been worse. We want to make sure that it won’t be if there is a next time. We may get a dog, but no matter how smart or protective a dog may be, they just will never be able to testify in court.

Many of you had your interest piqued when I said CSI: Nebraska. As you can attest from above, the only people who may find this spin-off exciting are nursing home residents and anyone in North Dakota (no offense, Erin). I guess this should be a warning that if you are still holding out for the juicy sexploitation story, that just because I said "sex" doesn’t necessarily make it exciting.



  1. We had our house broken into in broad daylight by someone we knew – a teenaged son of some friends of ours. What got him caught, other than the fact that it was broad daylight in a neighborhood of old retired people and he was parked in our driveway? Our dogs were pitching a fit, something they never did, and it alerted a neighbor. Still, the little shit stole a gun – and some personal items that belonged to me.

  2. The fact that they had time to open/blow open? the safe in broad daylight is concerning.

    geez louiz, that would make for an interesting day

  3. So scary. One of my biggest fears that I have had as far back as I remember is of robbers breaking in my house whether I am home or not.

  4. Dear DD, how awful! I hate the idea of those poor people’s safe being stolen, and I hate the idea of your property being vulnerable. People are such shits, aren’t they?

    The nerve, to imply that X was involved! Honestly, sheriff, just look into those beautiful, innocent peepers and try that again!

  5. Well it sure is disturbing (am I right in reading that it’s not your safe/papers??) Are there any clues in the papers flying around? Such as maybe the DNA results to answer the question who is Anna Nicole’s baby’s father?

    Anyway, it sure is more exciting than anything that has happened at my house lately, but I’ll take boring over an episode of CSI PA anyday!

  6. Man, I am rivited, no matter where it occurred.

  7. Holy cannoli! That’s incredible.

    Also, thanks so much for your well wishes in the comments of my blog. I am so grateful for support like yours.

  8. You get to have all the excitement. 😦 Not fair. 😉

    Glad that nothing happened to your place, just the dumping of a safe, still weird.

    Take care.

  9. We don’t actually expect our dogs to protect us – just to warn us in case anybody ever thinks of trying anything. Then again, our big dog is scary looking enough to make somebody think twice.

    Did you google the couple’s name, or check it on that big annoying newspaper in da big city? Just wondering if you found anything. My grandmother RELIGIOUSLY reads “The Record”, so she always knows if someone she knows has been arrested, divorced, or had property stolen! (Yes, she’s a busybody, gladys cravitz type)

    Also- for your garage/workshop – can your hubby install one of those coded garage door openers? We have those on all the houses in our family, and we all know the code, so we can all get into each other’s palces if needed. No passing/losing keys.

  10. How weird. I wonder if anything at all was taken?

  11. GWAA!!!!! That is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard. Aren’t there wooded areas in Nebraska? Not that I would have ever done such a thing, I would go into a deserted woods to dump the products of my theft. Even if I knew of a “safe” time to dump something on someone’s property, I wouldn’t do it. Wouldn’t it make sense to ensure that as much time as possible took place between theft and the detective work?

  12. I’d go for cameras, but that’s just me….

  13. That is such a crazy story. I’m sorry, DD. Creepiness sort of leaves a film over your day. Hope you’re able to brush it aside.

  14. Cameras at every vantage point, damn straight. And a dog to put the fear of G*d into anyone stupid enough to try this again. Glad to hear that nothing was taken from your place and you weren’t home when it went down. Scary.

  15. It’s true — your Midwestern cousins to the North would indeed find this sight very exciting.

    I say you should get yerself a Big Ass Dog.

  16. That is creepy… as for the Big Ass Dog – it doesn’t help since most dogs have to either be kenneled, crated, chained, housed etc. So the motivation to get away is not nearly as strong when a burglar or bad person is on your property when they know they won’t get chased. Now ours since they run loose – they provide the scare factor – however it’s the dachshund bark more than the big dogs that sounds intimidating.

    I’d go for cameras personally and start locking my doors. I hate the loss of that ability to go wherever and not worry… I think that would bother me the most.

  17. For the first time ever, we have a security system and we aren’t paying to have it monitored. It feels really weird right now, but I think as we settle in here and see the lay of the land we’ll be able to better decide if we need it. So far this seems like the safest, quietest place we’ve ever lived. I guess that’s the trade off for moving to the suburbs hey?


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