Posted by: DD | April 2, 2007

no. 413 – Do’s & Don’ts: Tube Tops


Don’t wear a tube top when the temperatures are below 80 degrees F. I say, it’s a bit nipply in here.

Don’t wear a tube top, especially one of jersey-knit material, without proper foundation clothing. -p-Ting! p-Ting!

Don’t wear a tube top to Mass, unless you are using it as a layer under a cardigan or shrug. So where does one hold a Rave early Sunday morn?

Don’t wear a tube top if you are further along than 8 months pregnant. Turkey’s done…all three of them!

(I should mention that it was one siting that inspired all of these Don’ts.)



Is there ever a "DO" when it comes to tube tops?




In my web-search for some great visuals, I found this website that actually highlighted a crochet tube top. I won’t link directly to that entry because I think the whole site – including the comments – bears equal attention. Oh, the giggling I did.


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