Posted by: DD | April 2, 2007

no. 413 – Do’s & Don’ts: Tube Tops


Don’t wear a tube top when the temperatures are below 80 degrees F. I say, it’s a bit nipply in here.

Don’t wear a tube top, especially one of jersey-knit material, without proper foundation clothing. -p-Ting! p-Ting!

Don’t wear a tube top to Mass, unless you are using it as a layer under a cardigan or shrug. So where does one hold a Rave early Sunday morn?

Don’t wear a tube top if you are further along than 8 months pregnant. Turkey’s done…all three of them!

(I should mention that it was one siting that inspired all of these Don’ts.)



Is there ever a "DO" when it comes to tube tops?




In my web-search for some great visuals, I found this website that actually highlighted a crochet tube top. I won’t link directly to that entry because I think the whole site – including the comments – bears equal attention. Oh, the giggling I did.



  1. Oh, I want the thong panties.

    Back in the day when tube tops were popular the first time around, one friend of mine told me “I could never wear a tube top. I fear that if I took a deep breath it would end up around my ankles.”

    Whe is it that the most outlandish articles of clothing regain their popularity? More than once I’ve said, “Oh no, I wore that the first time around. Nobody needs to see that again.”

  2. It’s a bit nipply in here….so say my nips.

  3. OMG, can I have the thong?

  4. Is the website work friendly? I’m dying to click, I want a laugh!!

    Hahaha, I can only imagine what or who you saw. Tube tops, haven’t seen one of them in….hmmm…years?

    I do see a lot of tight, ankle hugging, acid washed jeans.

  5. Ok, so it wasn’t a tube top – but at the airport this morning, I saw a woman who was QUITE pregnant, walking around in a very thin and slightly too small t-shirt. With no bra. Yeah, you didn’t even have to use your imagination.

  6. I was laughing hysterically at the “couch dress”. WTF??? Do people *really* make these things? Thanks for a good chuckle!

  7. i don’t know…
    I gotta say:
    DO wear tube tops–especially when it is cooler than 70 degrees outside
    DO wear tube tops without proper foundation material.

    I believe this article of clothing is highly underrated (Until my girl.imp is older then I will probably want it banned…)

  8. I’m floored at this…I thought stuff like this was last seen in the ’70s or ’80s. Is this a joke?

  9. I am so scared.

  10. the crochet tube top was bad.. but the crochet pasties-and-thong matching ensemble… i’m speechless.

  11. I wonder how many years it took to crochet those pasties? I’m with Rachel, that’s what I’m making next!
    Great post…what a funny site you’ve found!

  12. Yeah, I don’t think there is a DO with tube tops. DON’T wear a tube top if you are over the age of 11!

  13. What a scary site.

    I’ve seen crochet’ed bathing bikinis before, in real life, and that was always scary enough… but tube tops? Thong panties?


  14. Something makes me want to make the Pan mask. Just because I can. Is that wrong? LOL!

  15. My grandma did. She shouldn’t have. I love her to death anyway. She’s probably wearing a tube top in heaven right now. Howdy, Grandma! I’m sure that top looks smokin’ on your new body! 🙂

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