Posted by: DD | April 8, 2007

no. 416 – Birthday Boy


(Someone please explain to me again the appeal of the 70’s and 80’s)



Happy Birthday to the Sane One in our family!




  1. Happy Birthday Mr DD.

    Please tell me that hair is Photoshopped…

  2. Happy Birthday Mr DD! That’s some serious rock star hair ya had.

  3. Happy birthday Mr DD! Rockin’ the business in the front, party in the back look. Awesome.

  4. Rock on, Mr. DD! Happy birthday and many more!

  5. Rock on, Mr. DD! Happy birthday and many more!

  6. Rock on, Mr. DD! Happy birthday and many more!

  7. Rock on, Mr. DD! Happy birthday and many more!

  8. Happy Birthday, Mr. DD!!!
    If I hadn’t seen pics before, I’d totally think that was photoshoppped. Rokkin’!

  9. Happy Birthday Mr. DD!

  10. Happy Birthday Mr. DD!

  11. I’m guessing you all are referring to pic#3? Yes, that was his hair in the late 80’s. When I met him in 91, he no longer had the mullet and it was all one length, which was very long.

    He even accused me of altering the picture to make it bigger…

  12. Wow!

    X looks so much like him.

    Ex’s b’day is today, too. I got him a shaving kit, what he had requested for Xmas and I forgot.

    Hope Mr. DD had a great one. You didn’t happen to mention numbers?!

  13. Happy Birthday! LOVE the 80’s hair. Love it.

  14. No way! Tater’s birthday is today, too! And strangely enough, Mr. DD’s baby photo reminds me a little bit of some of Tater’s. Weird…

    Hope he had a great day!

  15. Wow lots of april birthdays! Happy birthday Mr. DD!

  16. I love the hair. There is nothing like the 80’s hair.

    We were having this conversation at our house recently. I was in high school in the 70’s and MFH was in high school in the 80’s. The 70’s were just a great time to be a teenager. Diving ‘the point’, great music, drugs were not a big deal at my high school or in the group I ran with, and we did not have HIV/Aids infecting the universe. Viet Nam was over and we were not actively at war. Gas was cheap. I wouldn’t go back, but I definitely enjoyed being there.

  17. You mean that hair really was real? Please, post a mullet pic too.

  18. Happy b-Day!

    my only concern is how can he be the sane one going from Heavy Metal Hair/Jack Black look to Edward G. Robinson look??

  19. DD – you didn’t even have to photoshop for that? Awesome! Happy Birthday to he – the king of style!

  20. Happy Birthday Mr. DD. He looks so serious in the hairy picture. Did all that long hair hurt him? 😉

  21. Wow. The baby pic could *be* X…..

    I think he looks his best now.

    Happy Birthday Mr. DD.

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