Posted by: DD | April 9, 2007

no. 418 – Skimming Pool

Skimmer My son is taking swimming lessons at the Y. Tadpole 1…for the third time.

We were told today that he will pass (finally), but they haven’t been able to have their last class to hand out the certificates.

There were only 6 – 40 minute classes scheduled.

Today was the 7th trip to his class.

I’ll wait while you do he math.

Are you with me?

What’s up, you ask?

Because one of the children in his class has a very sensitive gag reflex. When he jumps in the pool, he sometimes inhales a little water and starts coughing.

Cue afore mentioned sensitive gag reflex.

The first time this happened, I made sure to impart to my son that if he ever feels sick to get. out. of. the. pool. If he can’t make it to the bathroom, find the nearest towel, shoes, hat, whatever.

I should have reviewed this bit of wisdom with the SGR-er and his mother.

By the way, we will now have our 8th trip on Wednesday.

I’m bringing some of these with me to the next class. Do you think it’d be OK to staple them to the gagger’s floaties?



  1. I think you are out of luck my dear…this will happen in every swim class until they are all about 6-7. Maybe not, but well, I think so…

  2. Congrats on the passing. I kinda gave up on J passing until I gave him a few years off. Boy would not put his head under, then I got the advice for goggles, the magical treat.

    Last spring we got called my J’s swim teacher to not come to lessons in half an hour, the pool was being puke fumigated.

    I am sure your pool staff is about sick of the gag boy. It never occurred to me that our incident was other than an illness and I cursed whomever that mom was letting her sick kid near the pool. Live and learn. Just imagine how much gag boy’s mom has cleaned up.

    Stapling to floaties, tho. You realize that would put holes in them and they would not work. heh

  3. I love how they call them “Sick Bags”. Are the bags ill? Should they be quarantined? You know, maybe it’s not safe to be around the bags while they’re sick bags…they could be contagious. Also, does this company have “Sick OLD Bags”, for those of us who shouldn’t have IVF covered under our insurance?

  4. Sounds like that pukey swimmer is going to have a short swimming career! What bad luck. My oldest has been in swimming lessons & while we once had a poo incident (with the same result) we’ve never had a puke incident.

  5. Gross. Something to look forward to for my kid’s swim class coming up soon?!

  6. I can remember passing the swim exams! I cannot wait until my imps do the same!


  7. ewww. While none of the kids in Mag’s classes have ever puked in the pool, there was one incident where someone on the free-swim-area get sick in the pool.

  8. um….ewwwwwwwwww.
    maybe SGR-er should take the class on his own so as not to interrupt the rest of the kiddos…

  9. My husband takes our toddler swimming weekly… and every once in a while you see a ‘poo incident’ from a wee one…

    And he wonders why I don’t take him swimming myself in the children’s pools if I can avoid it. I’m sure I’ll have to start going soon though now that we have two of them… sigh.

  10. Ewwwwwww, just ewwwwwwwww! Something similar (but a tad bit nastier) happened when I was working for Girl Scouts a few summers back when we were at a local swimming pool. Seems someone didn’t actually put their baby in Little Swimmers (or something similar) and they ended up closing the pool for the afternoon when some “floaties” escaped. Talk about a bummer! I think I’d have to say something to the swim instructor. Maybe the other little boy should have to wait at the side of the pool until the rest are done or something… :/

  11. Class Snacks!! Yippeee!

  12. Oh. my. THAT is ummmm… yah…. I have no words for that situation. But now I know what to watch for, as Sophia starts her Y swim lessons at the end of this month.

  13. Oh. my. THAT is ummmm… yah…. I have no words for that situation. But now I know what to watch for, as Sophia starts her Y swim lessons at the end of this month.

  14. […] Seriously?! What the hell is the Y doing to these kids that they are always puking in the pool? […]

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