Posted by: DD | April 12, 2007

no. 419 – Shallow

I had a completely different post in my head last night (they always come to me at bed-time or the middle of the night in such clarity but by morning? *poof*). However, on my walk to work, trying to recall some of the details from my sleep-deprived brain, I tripped and fell on the concrete steps.

While carrying my still un-sipped-at mocha.

And wearing my white coat.

And my nicer, black slacks because I have a meeting today.

Besides the burning scrape on my knee, I am fine. My coat and slacks are not. I’m not even going to go home to get a different pair of slacks on. They don’t like the hole in my knee? Fuck’em.

Here’s the post you get instead.

If you thought I should have replied to one of your emails, I probably did but Yahoo has been a giving me this Error # 5 bullshit. A couple of you have noted receipt of 2-3 duplicates. As for you others who didn’t get anything at all? Sorry.

Also, I have yet again, hurt some feelings out there. I may have petite feet, but a size 7 jammed in someone’s mouth is never pretty. Sorry.

Most of you have figured out this last point, and that is this here insignificant blog is not a place to come for deep thinking. If you had that impression, or if that is what you are holding out for, again – sorry. If you see the little badge for "Thinking Blog" here, it’s because I’ve stolen it and pasted it out of spite. You should then report me to the Blog Badge Police.

Maybe I’ll feel better tomorrow and post something less meaningless.



  1. Hurt feelings? People are too damned sensitive.

  2. Unfortunately, Karen, I am too damned INsensitive.

  3. I LOVE the taste of shallowness in the morning! And that added spritz of insensitivity is simply divine! Seriously, whatever you said, they should just get over it already. Life is too short (insert additional cliches here) and it couldn’t have been that bad.

    And if you tear a hole in the other knee, your colleagues will want to know where you shop, since it’s OBVIOUSLY a new fashion trend.

  4. I don’t realy want to think any more than I do!

    I come here for X’s booklist.

    That’s my kind of deep, give me a purple crayon already.

    Sorry about the bad trip this morning. Ouch.

  5. Ouch on the knee…. and if only you were insensitive then those that apparently are over sensitive would realize that you too have feelings… I hope you’re walking like the walking wounded – maybe they’ll send you home early with workman’s comp? Hang in there DD…

  6. I’m so sorry, DD. It sounds like a truly sucky day.

    And about that other thing, I’ve never seen you be insensitive… So I’m sure that if it happened, people know it’s a fluke.

    Treat yourself to something nice today. You deserve it.

  7. Treat yourself today, it sounds like it’s necessary. I would kiss your booboo, if I was closer.

  8. Could it have been as bad as Imus’ gaff?
    Oh people, suck it up already!
    People can’t take a joke, then yeah. Fuck ’em.

  9. I’m always out of the loop.

    But I’m sorry you fell nevertheless. I always trip and fall. I’m so damn clumsy.

  10. Sounds like a crap ass day! Sorry DD. Can’t imagine how you hurt feelings…tell them to suck it up.

  11. I’m out of the loop too, but I can honestly say that you have been very sensitive to me, even when I WAS being oversensitive myself.

    We all have foot-in-mouth moments, it’s just the way it is out in blogland, especially the life and death moments we IF & pregnancy/adoption bloggers have.

    Sorry about your clothes! 🙂

  12. Sounds like you had a craptastic day. I hope today is better.

    Hurt feelings? Some people are too sensitive to worry about.

  13. *I* think yer cool. Really, I do – and that hole in your knee shows off just the right amount of flesh.

    So sad to have lost caffeine, though…

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