Posted by: DD | April 18, 2007

no. 422 – Dare to Compare

I believe I’ve purged myself of some rather bitter feelings I’ve been harboring for some time. Thank you all for being supportive even if after you clicked away, you thought to yourself "selfish bitch!"

Not surprisingly, I’ve been at a loss for words. How do I follow that post without diminishing its value, especially to myself? Luckily, I remembered that with my self-diagnosed manic-depressive-ness, nothing is sacred.

I thought about doing a Wordless Wednesday entry, since it’s been quite some time, but I knew I couldn’t post the following pictures without putting in my two cents. So I have provided a little comparison photo-montage for you.

Tp41807 First, let’s start with the El Baño Bandit who has struck yet again. I am beyond perplexed.

I would not hesitate to say that this must be the same person. Notice how the paper seems to be both casually, yet purposefully, draped over the hand rail? The similarities are too many to be ignored.

Then we have the remaining physical reminder of one of my moments of gracelessness last week. The slacks were promptly deposited into the trash barrel. However, the fall not only scraped off the epidermis of my right knee, but my left has a very ugly bruise, not unlike the bruising that occurs 12 hours post FSH injection in fact.

I nixed the weekend calisthenics that most Catholics perform at Mass and either sat or stood. Which leads me to ask, why do the people kneeling in the pew behind you (if you are sitting) feel it’s necessary to not give you any personal space so that you feel them literally breathing down your neck? Back off, Mouth Breather. I’ve also had to be creative in my aerobic class when it came to those painful donkey kicks we all know and love.

Owie So here’s a shot of the wound as it appears today. The nickel is for scale. I wish you could see how the hair is coming up through the scab. Fascinating.

The comparison will be Mr. DD’s knee from his adventure with the untied shoe.

Ok, so there’s no "real" comparison as his is just gory. Mine effen hurts (especially in the area that appears pink in the picture) and the itching has begun.

Tune in tomorrow for another yo-yo post.



  1. Da-yam, girl! That looks exceedingly painful. And for the record, I don’t think you’re a selfish bitch. Your pain is your own. Anyone who expects you to be all happy-happy-joy-joy when you hear about someone else’s pregnancy is the selfish bitch.

  2. Oh my goodness. That looks really painful. And you are NOT a selfish bitch. Hang in there.

  3. Are you using some neosporin-like substance on it? It helps with the itching. But I say neosporin-like, as I’m one of the (believe it or not) many people who is allergic to the neosporin BRAND. I used it when I had a biopsy on leg tissue, and ended up with a huge red skin infection from it. Good times, man.

  4. Holy crap! What are your sidewalks *made* of?? That looks like you landed on a stone or some re-bar or something….

    Yep. Neosporin and a big ol’ Disney Princess Band-Aid (Belle or Ariel for you?? Maggie has already claimed all the Cinderella & Snow Whites ((and the seventy dorks! She cracks me up!)) as her own.)

    Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Thank you for not catching the hair coming up through the scab. 😉 One thing that works really well for the pain and this really makes me feel old, but Aspercream. Seriously, it is the only thing that keeps me moving the first couple weeks of softball and it really does help relieve the pain from boo-boos like that as well. 😉

  6. OUCH! That must’ve hurt like an MF!

    As for el bandito del bano…it’s all about the torque, baby!

  7. OH, that’s looks PAINFUL! I am always tripping and falling. My knees are permanately scarred, just so you don’t think you’re the only adult who does these things!

  8. Ya know, I just glad you’re keeping yourself busy. Simple minds, simple pleasures.

  9. The TP thing is just weird!

    I’m so sorry about the knee and emotional pain.

  10. That brings to mind the time I tried to slide while wearing shorts during a softball game (on hardened clay??). I erased the skin on my left leg from mid-thigh to mid-calf

  11. *shudder*

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