Posted by: DD | April 24, 2007

no. 426 – (knock-knock) “Ousekeeeping!”

Instead of vacuuming or folding laundry, I am pissing away my time with some blog housekeeping.

First off, I am relieved to announce that the twats that stole the safe and left it on our property were apprehended in Oklahoma. The deputy showed up this past weekend to let us know that after the couple, male/female and meth-heads, stole the credit cards and cash from the safe, they headed off to WalMart to buy some necessities (cold medicine? methane? battery acid? who the fuck knows) and in a moment of shiny brilliance used the stolen cards. Smile for the camera, you dumbshits.

I’ve changed my categories, once again. Up next is A.R.T. cycle # 9. Let the good times roll!

Beagle had a dickens of a time posting a comment to my last post, but she gave me this little gem for the next time someone thinks they are putting me in my place when I announce, "I only have one kid."

"We got it right the first time."

It’s got to happen sooner or later, right? I have that class Mon-Thurs.

Anyone else having problems with comments? Email me.

Sooooo-ooo-o, did you notice that pretty new badge I have (I ask sheepishly, scuffing my toe in the dirt)? Some Goody-Two-Shoe Slut nominated me for Best Parenting Blog.

Now before you get all envious or guffaw at the sheer improbability of it all, she nominated only a couple hundred other bloggers for the same award. It’s all a ploy, of course. She nominates all these men and women, who in turn reciprocate and vote for her, thereby increasing her rank on the poll. She’s a pretty smart cookie (and gut-splitting funny). However, I don’t want to be the one to inform her that the prize is not going to be a Park Ranger’s Uniform, which is an unfounded rumor and probably started by her husband.

I don’t expect you to go over and vote for me, but I guess if you happen to be there and you happen to have an account and you happen to be voting for some of your other favorites who actually deserve the honor, you might as well…(Type in "TKO" without the periods in the search box to find me. That way you don’t have to go through 980 pages of nominations.)

Thinkingbloggerpf8 Speaking of humbling experiences (really? when?), both Heather and Pamela Jeanne nominated me for the Thinking Blogger’s Award. While the award is the product of a meme, instead of "tagging" five more blogs, I just want to say that all the blogs I read make me think or else I wouldn’t read them. Many of you know I’m there by my comments. I’m not trying to say that having me comment is of more importance than a TBA, but, well . . . you know? Remember, it is a meme. Maybe I can create a badge for the IBWOIVFIC (eye-bu-whu-eye-vee-fic), which would represent those Infertile Bitches With Out IVF Insurance Coverage? I shall give it some pondering. Thank you Heather and Pamela Jeanne. I may sound flip, but really I am quite flattered.

Damn. There was something else I wanted to mention, but it’s completely slipped my mind.

Oh! Just remembered. My scab fell off. Ok, it didn’t fall off. I picked it off on Saturday. The edges kept snagging on my pants.



  1. You make me think – about scabs. Now I feel ill.

  2. I want that badge – IBWOIVFIC ; cause after all that memeing business, I finally figured out how to put photos and badges and drawings and stuff on my blog!

    Now, I want to add a bunch!

  3. I have problems posting comments in Typepad all the time. For some reason, it sends me to spam if I put my blogger name in there, so I use Steph instead. They must not like attorneys!

    I will totally go vote for you. I voted for everyone I know.

  4. I can’t believe you’re coming down on me… like I’m ever going to beat DOOCE or whatever. Girrrrllll, you and I need to get in the ring.

    (Spread the love, friend.)

  5. Oh I am so an IBWOIVFIC! Can I have a badge? Can I? Can I?

    And I voted for you. So there.

  6. I always have a tough time commenting here for some reason, I tried three times to comment yesterday.

    Lets try it again.

    Congrats on the nominations and the as for the scab: gross.

  7. Aw, you’re sweet. Thanks for the pimping.

  8. I voted for you! And the scab…yuck…

  9. OMG, Beagle is my hero of the day. That is a FANTASTIC response! Let us know if you use it and what the reactions are.

  10. p.s. NOW you tell me the prize is NOT a park ranger uniform. Do you know how long it took to nominate 128 bloggers? GAH!

  11. i’m going to vote for you!

  12. Glad safe twats were caught (they’re brilliant!). But even better–yay for the award nomination. You do have an excellent parenting blog.

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