Posted by: DD | April 26, 2007

no. 427 – Sing It With Me

I’m nearly 40 years old (39 years and 10 months – more or less).

So why-oh-WHY do I still have to sing the alphabet to myself as a way to recall the order of a certain range of letters, I-J-K-L??

I watched LOST for the first time this season. I feel like the one who is lost! What the hell happened? Why is this guy still topping the scales at over 300lbs for the third season in a row being stranded on a (mostly) deserted island. Is he eating The Others?

Holy crap! He’s from Nebraska.



  1. Finally you are watching the best who on TV. I jsut told a friend to watch it for the firs time and I had to recap her on the first three seasons this morning via email. Not easy, you know if you watch this show.

    I love Lost!

  2. I think when summertime comes I am going to just rent the first three seasons of Lost and catch up. I hear about it so much and don’t know what anyone is talking about.

  3. I have never watched Lost. Apparently I am missing the boat on this one, as everyone I know does watch it.

  4. I still surreptitiously hold my hands into L’s to see which one is left. I don’t know why it doesn’t stick after this long.

    I tried to watch Lost the first season and couldn’t get into it. Meh.

  5. I have to sing the song, too. Funny how I can start in the exact spot but still need to sing the song. I was forever singing that song when I worked at the local library sorting and shelving books.

  6. Hey man, don’t be dissin’ on Hugo. Hugo is the man!

  7. If you are watching it now and starting to get into it a bit, you really should rent the first two seasons and start from the beginning. Who wants to watch commercials anyway?

    Meira is totally right. Hugo is the man. Love (LOVE) him. And in season two, they do *kinda* try to explain why he’s still heavy. What with the hatch pantry and all.

    I’m a little ashamed that I just commented on this blog that I’ve been lovingly reading forever, because of a TV show. I blame the wine.

  8. I do the same thing, and I am also notorious for counting on my fingers when trying to add.

  9. I have not watched Lost… I only just got tuned to Grey’s anatomy so no comment there. However in regards to the I-J-K-L… I still have to use my pretend pen to figure out my right and left. For some reason that has never come easily for me.

  10. I don’t watch “Lost” regularly, though I remember thinking when I saw one of the episodes in the first season, “The producers are going to have to make that actor go on a diet if we are to appropriately suspend our disbelief. Either that, or write something about a coconut addiction into the storyline.”

  11. Lost is still on?

    I still have too many Dr. Who episodes to watch

  12. OK, I’m not reading the comments because I TIVO’d the last 33 minutes of Lost and I haven’t watched them yet.

    I still have to do the alphabet thing too. Darn pesky middle letters.

  13. I have to sing it sometimes too. I can’t believe there are people who know what NUMBER each letter of the alphabet is….

    I can’t figure out military time.

  14. Oh I can relate – I have been alphabatizing the name tags for an organization wide conference all week – all 4,000 effen name tags. It has been a pain and I have determined that we get those letters screwed up becasue I never learned what the actual letters, but rather sang ellem-enow-pea.

  15. Oh I do the same thing. I am a 2nd grade teacher and I still have to say the abc’s. HA!

  16. This season of Lost hasn’t landed on ‘regular’ tv over here yet. I miss it. I suppose we’ll rent it eventually.

    As for closing in on 40, you’re depressing the crap out of me because I’m right behind you (well, come November).

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