Posted by: DD | May 1, 2007

no. 430 – You Load 16 Tons and What Do You Get?

An aching back and weeping blisters on top of the day older and deeper in debt crap.

Greenacres My husband was certainly right. 4 tons of river rock was a good start. I’ll be ordering 10 more today. Thank god he bought that stupid tractor. We’re like a modern day Oliver and Lisa Douglas,  without the wealth or pig. Did anyone else wonder why the heck those two lived in a shanty when they could have just built new and hired farm hands? Oh, I guess good ratings that does not make.

As we creep ever closer to our next dIUI (CD28 today), the landscaping and X’s schedule is keeping me not only distracted from the siren song of ART, but from doing the laundry and keeping the house in order. As long as the weather permits, my dimpled butt will be outside promoting green where currently there is nothing but sand, yucca, and buffalo grass.

I have pictures! Whooopeeee!

Lsstage1 This is how things looked this past Saturday. We bought some brick edgers and I arranged them in a serpentine manner on the front of the house.

My sister came up from the Capitol to help me on Sunday dig the trench for the bricks to sit in and lay down weed barrier. It reached 90 F that day. I acquired my first sunburn of 2007. My sister, the brilliant one in our family and at 50+ years of age can kick my ass at anything physical, wore sunscreen. When offered, I declined with one of those "pffft" noises and a dismissive wave of my hand.

Funny. That night, Mr. DD changed out our soft cotton sheets for burlap.

Lsstage2 Here’s what we got done so far.

I thought the tires were a nice touch. I figure if some people can use wagon wheels as landscaping elements, then I can use old rubber tires.

Actually, we used them here to keep the weed barrier from blowing away even though we used staples. The wind is merciless on our hill. Mr. DD is using the tires for his own project: a retaining wall by his shop. I’ve been quite impressed with his resourcefulness. You have to see it to appreciate it.

Lsstage3 And finally, after Mr. DD and I moved a few tons of rock and several medium sized boulders, we have this. OK, not impressive and certainly nothing to call HGTV about, but we’re making progress. The rocks are not white quartz, but because of the dust and clay film on them, and the morning’s sunlight, they look a little bleached.

If you want more exciting pictures [insert sarcasm], these and others are here on my flickr account. I’ll be updating as we progress. Some day I hope to have a yard and garden that would make Pamplemousse proud.



  1. I worked on a road crew one summer in college. We shoveled about 15 tons of gravel each day, each person. I had killer arms and a lovely farmer’s tan that summer (I hated that job). Glad you have a little tractor so you don’t have to do it all by hand!

  2. I love the wide sky that pops into the picture whenever you take one of your home.

  3. Do you feel like you’re working on a chain gang?

    Hey, in the long run it’s labor reduction. Whaa?? You don’t have to mow river stone!

  4. It looks fantastic so far!! Hey, I’m a landscape architect and I can tell ya you are doing a really good job so far. Now if only I had the motivation to do my own yard…Yeah, right now it’s just grass with some stupid cedars…ooooo, original (say in Homer voice with a touch of sarcasm). I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  5. It’s a great start, and I think it will look fantastic when it’s done. And boy will your arms and back be in kick-ass shape!

  6. For a second I thought you were serious about keeping the tires.

    I was really about to question your mental health.

  7. You guys did a lot of work!

  8. Excellent yard, very nice! And yes, very good on the distraction front as well, IMO

  9. I’m jealous. Matthew is allergic to the very idea of a project like this, but even though you are thoroughly describing the hard work, it is going to be SO worth it!!!

  10. Well, you’ve certainly got a big garden project on your hands, but you gotta love the heavy equipment to make the job about 1347 times easier. My honey has a little Bobcat that he pulled out earlier this week to pound five steel posts into the ground to act as support for the wrap-around deck stairs I have yet to build. Waaaaay better than digging five holes (of at least five feet deep each), then pouring concrete and having to backfill the lot.

    And I think your place will look lovely. The soft line of the edging will be calming once you’ve got a bit of green in there.

  11. Nothing like physical labor to take our minds off of other topics. In the not too distant past I did a ton of gardening, dirt hauling and various other landscaping as a way to escape from my head. Thanks for reminding me to get a few new projects lined up!

  12. You’ll be so proud when you’re done!

  13. Your home is beautiful. And it will be “worth it” when it’s all done…

  14. It is going to look awesome when it’s all done!

  15. It’s looking really good. But hearing about all of that work makes me tired. I think I need a nap 🙂

  16. Holy Crap! That’s gonna take a LOT of rocks… There goes *that* manicure.

  17. Man alive! Do you live on the set from Dallas?

  18. 4 tons of rocks? To start with? And 20 trees waiting for holes?
    Good grief, you and yours are most definitely in for a work out!

  19. It’s rather nice actually 🙂 Gives me some ideas for my new, to be, garden 🙂

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