Posted by: DD | May 3, 2007

no. 432 – Yeah, About that CD30?

Never mind.




  1. Damn, sorry….life sucks sometimes.

  2. Don’t worry about me. I knew my changes were basically nil, but who doesn’t hold out a little hope every cycle?

  3. I was just coming over to say how much I was hoping for you. @#$% is right!!! Dammit.

  4. Well, shit.

  5. Oh crap, that sucks. I’m sorry.

  6. Crap. Sorry, DD.

  7. Motherfucking bastard bitch. Uh, the period, not you.

  8. Gotta love that thing called hope !
    😦 😦 😦

  9. Damn.

  10. Damn.

    Drink up tonight my friends and I will be drinking in excess for you too.

  11. Aw, crap. I’m so sorry.

  12. Oh crap DD. I am so sorry.

  13. Ugh.

  14. Dammit! I’m sorry!!

  15. That’s just plain crappy. I’m sorry.

  16. Stink Stink Stink!

  17. Ouch. Sorry, hon.

  18. Crap. I’m sorry. That would make it too easy, wouldn’t it? And we can’t have that. Noooooo.

    BTW, I snorted tea up my nose when I saw that shirt at Julie’s.

  19. That blows. I’m sorry.

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