Posted by: DD | May 8, 2007

no. 438 – Two

In 2005, May 8th was Mother’s Day here in the US.

It was Vivienne’s due date.


Image from, "Missing You" by Raven La Fontaine



  1. So Not Effen Fair. Thinking of you…

  2. Truely sorry for the loss of you precious little girl.

  3. What a sad day. Thinking of you.

  4. I’m so sorry you don’t have another calling you “Mom.” She was a precious gift.

  5. Oh DD. I’m so sorry. It is not fair at all. I am too thinking of you. Hugs.

  6. I’m so sorry. You’re in my thoughts.

  7. Sending you the biggest of virtual internet hugs, my friend.

  8. I thought of you this morning when I changed the calendar here at work….

    Hugs to you DD.

  9. That is a really beautiful statue, I think it captures the sadness so well.

    I wish we could all have gotten to know Vivienne.


  10. I’m so sorry that you never got to meet your Vivienne.

  11. Aaahhhh this is your anniversary of sadness.

    I know how it feels, I am sorry.

  12. Hugs.

  13. Hugs and love to you!

  14. I’m so sorry, DD. I’ll be thinking of you too today.


  16. Nothing witty to say. Just hoping you get through the day the best you can. We’re always listening..

  17. I am so sorry.

  18. So Sorry. Thinking of you.

  19. Know I’m thinking of all of you… Sending my thoughts and lots of hugs.. and just thinking of you.

  20. I’m sorry, DD.

  21. I’m so sorry DD. This didn’t pop up in my Bloglines until today, but I’m thinking of you even if I am a day off.

  22. Dear DD, I’m so sorry. Please know that I’m thinking of you and Vivienne.

  23. I’m so sorry.

    Sending good thoughts your way…

  24. Me too! A belated virtual hug to you 😦 XXX

  25. I’m so sorry for your loss. Thinking of you.

  26. Hugs and warm wishes today.

  27. I’m so sorry, DD.

  28. I’m sorry DD, this is very sad, I hope you had a peaceful day yesterday and today.


  29. I’m so very very sorry and thanks for sharing such an important day with us. Warm hugs.

  30. So sorry.

  31. So sorry. You lost Vivienne shortly before my first miscarriage. I remember finding your sad blog at the time.

  32. So very sorry.

  33. I’m sorry for your loss, DD, for all your losses. Thinking of you and remembering vivienne.

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