Posted by: DD | May 11, 2007

no. 440 – Compendium

Since this would be a long post if I narrated, I’m just going to bullet an update.

  • Yesterday’s appointment was par. 4 follicles on one side; 2 on the other. The largest at 11mm and small ones at 6mm. It would be better if they were consistent in size, but whatever. Nothing to do about it but hope for evening out.
  • My lining, always dependable (knock on wood) is still wowing them at the clinic. "A beautiful baby buggy!" and I quote.
  • The repronex reactions on my thighs are slowly diminishing. It’s finally safe to scratch at them without worrying that my flesh will tear and curl up. In fact, scratching them in a circular motion is nearly orgasmic. It feels soooooo good.
  • The injections, which are now going to my arse, give my backside the appearance I am carrying a wallet that has been surgically implanted in my ass cheek. Feels like it, too, when I sleep on that side.
  • E2 levels are good (300-something) for CD6. I’m to return Sunday a.m. for another scan/lab.
  • I went to Home Depot and bought 3 forsythias. I wanted 5, but didn’t feel like spending $15 each. However, when my total came out to $24 I didn’t go back and pick up two more for fear they would realize their mistake.
  • I bought my very first MP3 player with a set of noise-canceling ear buds. I got a Sansa because iPods S-U-C-K. Just ask my husband who had his crap out after only a couple of months. He replaced it with a Zune, and loves it. The ear buds are part of an experiment to see if I can sleep with them and not hear Mr. DD snore, which will be especially important on our beach trip. I can’t just get up in the middle of the night to sleep in the spare bedroom like I do now. Every. Single. Night, I might add.
  • I then went and bought a pair of these. Sure, they’re trendy and more for the "kids" but I’m sick of flip-flops. And if you think they are ugly, that’s fine. At least it wasn’t this pair: My god, Nike. Fire whoever the designing engineer was that developed these for the general public under "casual wear". No way am I going to have someone look down at me and say, "Nice camel toes."
  • And finally, I purchased a couple of new bras. Nothing exciting. I just know that my wireLESS, shaped-cupped bras are not providing the level of gravity-defying abilities I should have. I hate underwire bras as they feel as if they are cutting into my chest wall, but I knew if I didn’t get a couple of quality bras and and soon, my investment from 7 years ago would be for naught. Now if I could just find someway to keep my nipples from sagging besides ice cubes and blowing.


  1. When we were researching IVF many years ago, my OB said, “You have a beautiful uterus! There’s plenty of room for a baby in there!” as if it were a duffel bag. Um, thanks?

  2. DD, Thanks for the plethora of images. They will stay with me a while.

  3. The way your post appears in bloglines, it looks a bit like you bought the camel-toe shoes. Glad you have taste – ballerina flats are all the thing for yummy mummies, I think.

  4. I love ballerina flats.

    As for bras I always wear underwire to keep the girls standing at attention. Try maidenform one fabulous fit. Amazing cleavage and comfy.

  5. OMG. I want those flats – even if they make my size 11s look like boats!

  6. Your “investment from seven years ago”? Girl, did you get your boobs done? If so, I’m so jealous, even if I’m scared to do it myself.

  7. Thanks for images burned into my brain now. 😉

    If you get an underwire that fits, they you don’t even know the wire is there. Seriously, VS is great and if you take care to wash them by hand or in the gentle cycle, they last forever. Or until you get too fat and it bulges over the edge under your arm. 😉

  8. Those are some CUTE shoes!

  9. I was looking for thiose in silver!

    Ended up with plain old black.

  10. Those shoes are good. I think ballet pumps are one of those trends that it’s ok to wear, even as a more mature woman. At least that’s what I’m telling myself!

  11. ice and blowing?

    Have you tried spirit gum? double-sided tape?

  12. Sounds like the cycle is progressing nicely.

    Those camel toes are seriously the most hideous shoes I have ever seen. Ever.

    On #441 I didn’t comment right away because I needed to think about it. I’ll wait until you’re ready to talk about it – in the meantime, big, huge, ginormous hug coming your way from mine.

  13. I missed #441, but whatever it is here’s an uber drunken e-hug that I hope can give you some shoulder to lean on while you think.

  14. Not sure what’s up, but sending you a hug anyway


  15. I saw you erased 441, but it appeared on Bloglines. I hope that you’re okay.

  16. Sending you a hug…. xx

  17. Hoping you’re ok.

  18. I hope you are okay. I missed the excitement. What’s up?

  19. Dunno what is up, but I’m on your side. Hang tough.

  20. Thinking of you, DD.

  21. I saw just the very beginning of your next post in Bloglines. Now I’m freaked out. I hope all is well.

  22. HAHAHAHAHAHA to the camel toe!!!

  23. I love toe socks, but those camel toe things would drive me batty! Having one toe separated, but the rest touching? How odd!

    Interesting baby buggy comment. Kinda cute!

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