Posted by: DD | May 14, 2007

no. 442 – IUI 101: Chapters 5 – 11

Today is CD11. In the past two dIUI cycles, I would have not only triggered by now, but had the procedure done by this day. I’m not sure why, but my E2 levels always jumped to a surge early on stims.

Yesterday’s appointment introduced a new element and I am pleasantly surprised for a couple of reasons.

I told Mr. DD that I was quite sure that we would trigger (induce ovulation with hCG) and have the IUI tomorrow morning. This was problematic in that our son is graduating from preschool. Now I see you rolling your eyes, "graduating from preschool?! – whatever!" and I actually feel the same. However, X’s teacher has really built up the program to her class so X is very excited about us being there so he can show us what they have been working on. It’s Tuesday morning and there’s no way we would be back from The Metro in time for his program.

Mr. DD and I figured we had only two options: go ahead with the IUI with only the donor option (remember? we were going to wash Mr. DD’s sperm to see how it looked? If I didn’t mention that before, well…oops.) so Mr. DD could be at the program, but I wouldn’t; or push back the IUI one day. I told Mr. DD that I didn’t think Dr. Blinksalot would be too hip on delaying the IUI so be prepared for disappointing news.

Not only was Dr. Blinksalot receptive to delaying the IUI, she would prefer it. I have a 19mm, 18mm, 15mm, 13mm and a 12mm follicle on the left ovary and the right has a couple 13mm. She would like to see the 13 and 15 catch up a little with their overachieving  cohorts. Last night we added ganirelix to the drug cocktail. Ganirelix (antagon) prohibits ovulation and is mostly used in the short IVF protocol.  That should buy us another 24 hours of follicular growth w/o losing the two big ones.

Now we will be able to wash Mr. DD and see X graduate from preschool! Wow. Are the hairs standing up on the back of your neck like they are mine?

The joke would certainly be on me if this actually worked and I wasn’t able to go on our beach vacation next month, now wouldn’t it.

Let’s not get too excited. I’m not. In fact, last night I told Mr. DD that if (when) this IUI doesn’t work, I’m ready to move onto the donor egg option. There is just 150iU of FSH left in the house. I don’t want to bring in more to tempt me to try "JUST ONE MORE TIME." How many times do I have to say that before I actually mean it?



  1. I’m certainly feeling optimistic for you! And, graduating from preschool is a big damn deal when it’s your kid. I get teary eyed just thinking about it.

  2. I am trying not to get excited, as requested, but I can’t help myself. It sounds like everything is going SO well. All crossables are crossed…

  3. Sounds like everything is right on track. But I’m not too excited. I promise.

  4. Maggie’s daycare has a big production too.
    They have 2 centers so Thursday, Maggie’s center has their “ceremony” and Friday is the others . I have to use 2 half-days because they close after the ceremonies.

    I’ve asked the director why they don’t do these in the evening or even later in the day…. she says that most parent’s won’t come back to the school at 6 pm…..If it were MY kid graduating, I’d be there….

    On the “other” thing, yeah, you know…I’m pulling for you…..

  5. It sounds to me like the “fates” are with you in this cycle. 😉 Because I know these things, HA! No really, I am crossing everything for you that it works. You know, misery loves company, so get thee knocked up already!

  6. It sounds like everything is working out perfectly for you this cycle so far. That is awesome! I won’t get too excited though…

  7. That’s great that you won’t have to miss X’s graduation.

    I’ll stay cautiously optimistic for you this cycle.

  8. I am not getting excited, (I am) but I am glad to hear you have options.

  9. Wishing you the best on this IUI. I’m here to be optimistic for you even if you can’t be.

    Also preschool graduation sounds like a rite of passage to me. X must be excited.

  10. I’m crossing my fingers that you get to do another preschool graduation some day. 🙂 In the meantime, enjoy this one!

  11. I love graduation ceremonies!

    Wish you the best for this cycle.

  12. Congrat’s on X’s graduation (mine is eager for his “culmination”, as well). And the way this IUI is falling into place is nigh on eerie. Fingers-crossed and all that!

  13. Different is good. Just like with Arby’s. So glad you get to go to the graduation and sounds like things are moving right along cycle wise.

    I’m always interested in helping a sister out, so if you’d like to feed that addiction….(not that you’ll need to after this).

  14. Awww. Preschool graduation sounds sweet. Really glad you’re going to get to see it!

  15. Excellent! I hope that all goes well on all fronts. Wash, ovum, graduation, etc.

  16. You say it as many times as it takes. And realize you may never really mean it.. Anyway, good luck with all! Will be thinking of you.

  17. I don’t know…. Would it be so much at the forefront of your mind, complete with planning ‘what ifs’ if you were convinced of this cycle’s doom?

    I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed you don’t get to see that beach.

  18. Did you ever think you’d be so excited about your husband “making a deposit” and your son graduating from pre-school on the same day? LOL!

    Even though you say not to get too excited, you know we can’t help ourselves, right?

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