Posted by: DD | May 18, 2007

no. 446 – Prostrate Specific Antigen & other PSAs.

A tick was found on the back of my son’s ear last night. I made him get out of bed so Mr. DD could pull it off and destroy it. It gave me quite the huzz and I swear I could hear the rrrripppp as he pulled it out. The site bled a little, too. When I told X that ticks eat blood, he asked, "Until I’m dead?"

Not surprisingly, he was in our bed early morn from nightmares.


I’m not so sure about reader. google. It seems really slow on the update with some posts (like one to two full days compared to bloglines). I like how it flows from one post to another, but for me, since I have my bloglines sorted by category (which you can do with GR, too), it’s not uncommon to get kamikaze-ed by a pregnancy post directly after an announcement of an impending miscarriage post.


I know of a lovely lady who has a cache of stims and related assortment of supplies she would like to get rid of at a significant discount (65% give or take). It includes the FSH and the pen, trigger and PIO with the earliest expiration Aug 08. Retail at the pharmacy would probably set you back a couple grand or more so if you think you’ll be cycling before next summer and want put the savings towards an outrageously priced stroller, which will most assuredly not only get puked – as well as pooped in and on – send me an email for details at ddknocked at yahoo dot com (email link is on the right, top sidebar).

I need someone to let me know before the end of my 2WW (June 3) so I’m not tempted to get them for myself.


Lastly, but certainly not leastly:

Schmutzie from Milkmoney or Not received her diagnosis that started with an abnormal pap: cervical cancer.

I am completely blown away. Schmutzie is a writer, a photographer, and a poet; therefore when the rare post that pops up about vaginas, I’m taken aback and reminded that she is young woman and wife.

She has created a Cockroll as a symbol of the strength needed to take this journey. If you’re not quite what to say in her comments section, send her your cock.


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