Posted by: DD | May 21, 2007

no. 448 – Fair Warning

The tests have been positive.

Whoa! Whoa!

Before you get yourselves and your panties in a twist and either conveniently forget it’s been less than a week since the IUI and start making congratulatory remarks; or worse yet, unsubscribe from reading here, keep in mind that I’m just checking to see how well those dollar tests work on measuring the hCG in my system from the trigger.

The trigger shot that induces ovulation will stay in the system for approximately 10 days, which I very rudely remembered happening with Wolf.

The lines are faint, but there for now.

I’ve been thinking about what will happen if this cycle goes tits up. Of course the first thing we will do is get our name on the donor egg list, but between now and then? I don’t know. I’m considering taking a sabbatical from blogging, which would include reading and writing. I won’t feel like waxing philosophically about toilet paper habits of co-workers or sharing X blurbs or complaining about how my husband has done jack-shit about getting some things organized for my birthday (which will mean certain death and any and all the suggestions my family had about his carcass will be revisited).

Just thought you should know so you can find some other two-bit blog to occupy your time with over the summer.

Tonight is my third PIO injection. I really, really hate them. No. You don’t understand. I fucking loathe PIO injections with every ounce of my red, swollen and itchy-assed body.



  1. I shall silently follow along and keep hoping.

  2. But I LIKE it when you wax philosophically about toilet paper habits of co-workers…..

  3. Quietly crossing parts and hating PIO for ya…

  4. Quietly crossing parts and hating PIO for ya…

  5. Quietly crossing parts and hating PIO for ya…

  6. Rest assured I will keep my twitchy finger from the “unsubscribe” button for now, dear DD. I am so full of hope for you. And I sympathize with the shot-hating.

  7. Not unsubscribing…ever, but silently following along and hoping.

  8. My fingers are crossed for you…
    and if the ‘hope’ turns into a real positive, I hope you’ll have a lovely time off-line enjoying every minute of it.

  9. You’ve given me a selfish reason to hope for two lines. That multiplies the good karma, I think.

  10. Sending kind thoughts to your scratchy red bum. You need to do what you need to do, DD. If you stop blogging for a bit, I’ll still keep clicking over to see when you start updating again. But I hope this cycle doesn’t go tits up.

  11. I will miss you over the summer, but I’ve done the same thing. The only blog I’m keeping up is my book/reading blog.

    My fingers and toes are crossed!

  12. If you leave, how will I ever get directions to your party, that you are going to end up planning for yourself, like I had to?

    Don’t leave me!!!!!!

  13. fingers crossed here also. and although i understand the need to be blogfree for a while, i hope you stick around.

  14. Here’s hoping its more than just the trigger shot. But I promise not to jump up & down until you say its okay.

  15. Well, I hope you don’t stop completely. If you do, I hope we can email you if we happen to get big news or hear any big news in the blogworld?

    And would you understand if I said that sometimes the HCG trigger shot clears faster, so I might be a touch hopeful for you? (Mine cleared in 4 days flat once)

  16. Hoping (and praying) for a positive.

    I’d miss you!

  17. All fingers and toes crossed. But can you at least tell us if you think the lines are getting a bit darker instead of lighter?

  18. We would all understand a sabbatical. But not for good, no way. I can’t make it through the day without checking in on you.

    I’m quietly hopingwishingpraying for you.

  19. I’m hoping so much for you, DD.

  20. Hoping the double lines stick around for you, DD.

  21. But we’ll miiiiiiiiiissss you!

    I know, I know, it’s not all about us, and everyone deserves a vacation, even from blogging.

    I hope you keep seeing double . . . in a good way.

  22. I will be thinking of you my dear. Tons of hugs and kisses and well wishes for you on your time away.

  23. Everyone else has covered the we’ll miss you if you go and good luck parts of my comment, but what I’m wondering is if your doctor insists on PIO as opposed to other methods of progesterone delivery. Some people ::raising hand:: are allergic to the O component. In fact, eventually my eyes swelled shut, so I couldn’t see the phone to call the clinic.

  24. Oooh, I’ll be here hoping they keep getting darker and darker! Keep us posted!

  25. Are you a masochist with the early testing, or just a POAS addict? 😉 I hope that those lines darken up in a week or so, for all kinds of reasons!

  26. Okey doke. Warning accepted…will await your next post for certain.

  27. Ditto to what Mel said and everyone else. We don’t want tits up.

    PIO, whatnot! They sound awful, sorry for you :(.


  28. Tits up, huh? Sorry, that’s not a phrase I identify with…my tits haven’t pointed up for quite some time. At least, not without lots of help. 😉

    Well, this is weird. We share a birthday, I decide to take a break, you’re heavily considering it too. Are we bloggy doppelgangers?

    Well, I hope this is the one that sticks. And if you decide to take a break, don’t forget my e-mail.

  29. DD you can’t leave. You are one of my favorite blogs and I won’t allow you any time off, for any reason. There, now go write something.

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