Posted by: DD | May 23, 2007

no. 449 – Clarification

I’m using the cheapo tests right now because once they go negative, I will know that if I see that second line appear again next week that I’ll be one freaked out chica. Plus you will be stuck with me freaking out. But for now, I’m just checking their sensitivity, which quite frankly isn’t shit. I don’t care if it says "Sensitive to 25iu/ml".

For the record, there was no second line this morning. By the time I dig it out of the trash tonight (don’t judge me, you’d do the same), there will probably be a what I like to refer to as the HPT Tracer Line, desperation- and crazed-induced. Who needs ‘shrooms when one is infertile and half-way in a two-week wait?

I couldn’t do the PIO shot last night. No where to put the needle that wasn’t ablaze. I have a few left-over vaginal suppositories and progesterone cream. My feet were nice and soft this morning. We won’t discuss what the other area was like that received treatment.

Now that we hopefully got that cleared up I just wanted to add that my break would follow a negative outcome on this cycle and mostly continue until we got news of a donor egg match. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to just walk away for that long, but after reading this post, it might be for the best (not an indication of Ms. Prufrocks’ writing ability – which I must say rocks it, but the topic in general).

So until then I think I’ll get me one of these:

Cozyup Cozyfetal

The link to find your own is here (anyone able to interpret this? Nina? Kath? Ankaisa?), courtesy of some crazy, magical googling powers by Jenny. She finds some seriously freaky shit out there on the web.



  1. I’d miss if you took a break, but I’d understand. My fingers and toes are crossed for you, my friend.

  2. hoping, hoping, hoping.

    I can understand your potential need for a break so well. take care.

  3. I clicked the link for those weird little, uh, things. Now I want, no, need a Hideaway Thug-life for the rough life in the streets.

  4. Dude, first off, you’d look HOT in that. Second, get yourself a sombrero and a cactus to complete the look.

    third, the next week is going to go super fast for me, so I hope hope HOPE that there’s good news awaiting.

  5. I do get it, better be honest about it then not 🙂


  6. Dear DD, just a big hug, that’s all.

    And I think I would have picked the same… uh… hideaway thingies that you did. It’s just amazing what is out there.

  7. The site says something about Willem de Kooning, the abstract expressionist painter, but I can’t see the connection between the hideaways and his work. For a moment I thought they were kind of cosy looking, but then arrived at the conclusion that they would be more than a little claustrophobic. The baby/pet one is way freaky though, I know that much. It’s for a baby OR a pet. Since they’re so similar and all…

    Sorry that you’re feeling the way you do. If you want I’ll create a room-sized hideaway for you in my shed and we can zip you in it for awhile.

  8. I’ll miss you if you go temporarily (SNIFF) but I understand.

    Hoping over here. xoxoxo

  9. Phew…feels better to be me again!

  10. I think it would get a little “stuffy” in those things. I’d rather just grab my woobie & hide in the linen closet as usual.

    Hoping that there is no need for you to take a break!

  11. I think it would get a little “stuffy” in those things. I’d rather just grab my woobie & hide in the linen closet as usual.

    Hoping that there is no need for you to take a break!

  12. I wonder if my dogs would use the hideaway. If so, perhaps I should order for the whole family? In my tartan?

    I hope you won’t be taking a break. But will totally understand if you do.

  13. I need one of those hideaway thingies for my office. I frequently have the urge to hide these days.

    I can totally understand the needed break.

    I am also oh so familiar with the tracer line. Although DH & I call it the “hypothetical line.” And for some reason women are always better at seeing it than men.

  14. I need one of those hideaway thingies – though I think the dogs would think of me as their chew toy even more if I hid in one of those or they’d come up and pee on me.

    I know what you mean about el cheapo tests – that faint hypothetical line… poor D even knows what the heck they are.

    For the record I would miss you horribly if you were to take a hiatus – however I would understand and just innundate you with email every now and again… By the way I finally went through your flickr pictures and I LOVE your house… can you come and redo mine?

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