Posted by: DD | May 28, 2007

no. 452 – No News…

It’s only Monday, and a holiday at that, and my week is already tuning itself up into a fevered pitch. Why does everything have to happen at once?

Anyway, this is a short note to let you know I’m not going to be around my computer much for the next several days except to possibly cuss at it and throw out the occasional finger here and there. There’s Good Computer Time and Bad Computer Time.

This appears to be the week for Bad CT.

I’ll try to update later this week, but it will probably be June before I log into typepad again.



  1. Well darnit – hang in there… sorry the CT will be limited. Thinking of you!

  2. I’ll miss you!

  3. Don’t stay away too long!

  4. Booo Hiss!

  5. Crap poop crap – I was hoping for some “good” news.

    Hang in there….

  6. I too was hoping for good news. Hope the break from the computer is good for you, DD!

  7. At least June isn’t all that far away.

  8. Just bc you’ll be out of sight (or website, rather) doesn’t mean you’ll be out of mind.

  9. Shit shit shit.

    We’ll miss you, girl.

  10. try.try.try to keep us posted.

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