Posted by: DD | June 1, 2007

no. 455 – Nuts. I Hate Nuts.

It’s been an interesting week, to say the least. I don’t know a good place to start so let’s just get to the crux of why most of you are here.

Yes, I am technically pregnant.


For those of us keeping score (like me), this is Round No. 5.

The HPTs were positive starting on day 11. My first beta was 50 on day 13. My second beta was 100, which was Thursday.  Betas are blood tests to measure the pregnancy hormone, hCG, in the blood. The second betas are usually done 48 hours later to check to see if the levels have doubled. A doubling beta is a good sign – relatively speaking (relative to those who aren’t at risk because of Early Pregnancy Loss. You know? Like yours truly?).

Early this week I had a visit to the urgent care clinic, and then another visit to the emergency room, coincidently enough, right after my beta draw yesterday. Both trips were prompted by the same kind of anomaly: hives. It’s a long story, but know that as of today I am 100% hive-free.

I am now on the following drug regimen:

  • prenatal vitamins
  • folic acid
  • baby aspirin
  • pepcid
  • vistaril
  • betamethasone

The first three are pregnancy related; the last three are for the hives.

Missing from my daily drug cocktail is the PIO. My progesterone level was 98 yesterday. Yes, that is high in case you were wondering. Problematic? That’s unknown but it may be the cause of the hives. It may not. In any case I don’t have to do the PIO for the next few days, but will have another blood draw on Tuesday to check the progesterone again. There won’t be another beta, which makes me almost believe the staff at the clinic when they said my numbers looked solid.

When I got an email from a fellow blogger who knew that my beta was positive, that said, " I won’t say the "C" word yet but just know that I’m happy for you, " it took me several minutes to realize she did NOT mean the C-word that ends with U-N-T. So please follow her lead. You can call me that C-word, but you can’t say the C-word.

So…that’s it in a nutshell. Written by a nut-case.

(Side note to the fellow coworker: no one in real life knows. NO ONE. And I would appreciate it if it would stay that way until I’m ready to tell. It shouldn’t come from you.)



  1. It took way too many brain cells to figure that one out, but I know now what c word I cannot say.

    I fully admit that I am ignorant of most of the in/fertility lingo, but I can’t remember your past betas being that good. When will you be seeing your OB/GYN? Please tape your husband’s reaction. I want to see him hear how many little DDs are on the way. 🙂

  2. It has been a crazy week, huh? Sometimes there are good things hiding in all that craziness (yet another c-word.)

    I sure hope the weekend is a little less crazy, but keep the good coming…

    I’m glad to hear that the hives are gone!

  3. I’l be having two Stoli martinis tonight in your honor… ya know, because doubling is good. 🙂

  4. I understand you not wanting to get carried away but I just want to say that this is a fantastic start!!! Will keep hoping for you and will be checking in for regular updates as usual.

    Well done!

  5. Here’s a non C from me too, cunt if you prefer 🙂 Praying hard for this to be right, praying very hard for you 🙂

    Glad this means your not going anywhere for now.

    XXXXXXX Artblog

  6. I will double up on my alcohol tonight too, like irshlas. Maybe I will triple up on itm to be sure! : )

  7. Blonde? Check. C word that is a hush? I think I got it. 😉
    Here’s praying for you, hun.

  8. Since I’m driving to the beach tonight, I won’t raise my glass until I get there & the lil’ ones are tucked in. Around 9:30 – 10:00 pm tonight (what’s that on your side of the world? 6:30 – 7:00?) If you get a slight taste of gin & tonic with a freshly sliced lime… that’s me.

  9. Those numbers sound great to me. I’m glad you got the hives situation figured out. Hoping and hoping and hoping for you, DD!

  10. I really wanted to type something like, “Hey you c***!” Since you told us to but was afraid it wouldn’t come off funny. In any case, NBHHY. Hanging in there with you!

  11. Most of my emails to you start with “Hey cunt”, so that ship has sailed many, many times.

    I don’t drink, being so Christlike and all, but I’ll toast you with my nightly Camomile and Spiced Apple tea, dear.

  12. I’ll stay away from the “c” words, but how about an old-fashioned “oh, goody!”?

    Those are lovely numbers all around. Keeping fingers crossed for you, my dear.

  13. I’m new here, but thought I’d say congratulations and good luck.

  14. How about, “Well, hell! That doesn’t suck!!!”

    Seriously. Excellent.

  15. Hopefully you can add some big brother books to X’s reading list very soon!

  16. I am so not saying it.

  17. Sending you much love and light, my dear. The numbers are encouraging…be positive! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers!!

  18. I’m not saying C. I’ll maybe think it very quietly so as to not anger the pregnancy gods.

    But wholey majoley that is a fantastic progesterone level. And a very nice beta.

  19. Wait…so just to keep you all bubble-wrapped and safe-like, does that mean I get to take your beach vacation for you? 🙂 (I’m just tryin’ to help here…)

  20. Oh, keeping my fingers crossed here! It took someone saying the C-word here for me to get what you were saying.

  21. I’m a big believer in not saying the C word until you say you’re ready for it.

    Can I tell you a knock knock joke instead, and that I’ll be thinking of you?

  22. I had some serious hives with my PIO when it was in sesame oil. I had to have it made with olive oil. Could that be it? I’m only talking about progesterone here. Not anything else.

  23. Hives sound like a total nightmare. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  24. Are you kidding me? I have to say that word. I can’t ignore that every woman needs Chocolate! It is like oxygen.

    May you get lots and lots of Chocolate!

  25. I’ve got a different C-word for ya…


    I’m grabbin’ my rosary in your honor tonight.

  26. Nice. I’ll just say I’m not saying it, k? Although it is hard to not say it. Real hard.

    Thinking many positive thoughts for you hon.

  27. I’m very glad to hear that the hives are gone. And I’m adding my good thoughts to the pile!

  28. Holding your hope! I want this for you!

  29. Awesome! Sending my good thoughts your way, beaming them in your direction. Steady stream of positive vibes… thank you, universe.

  30. I won’t say it. But I’m thinking it.

  31. C word?

    Chocolate. Lots of chocolate.


  32. My “c” words?

    C-rossing my fingers for you!!!!
    attempting to Conjure a Certainty that this time we’ll be able to say NBHHY for at least 37 weeks . . .

  33. c-word? But the only “c” word I know is -unt? Sadly.

    Keeping my fingers crossed…and trying to think of ANY OTHER c-word

  34. Hooray for the second Beta! This is great news.

  35. I think the high progesterone is a really good sign. As is the doubling! Thinking the c-word.

  36. I think the high progesterone is a really good sign. As is the doubling! Thinking the c-word.

  37. Well! How about that?!

    Thinking of you.

  38. Damnit…now everytime I read “c-word” I can’t help thinking of the really nasty cuss word that wouldn’t ever come out of a true lady’s mouth (yeah, right!).

    And the old saying from college, “We’re a fraternity, not a frat. You wouldn’t call your country a [c-word] would you??”

    Sending more prayers for you. Hope you’re having a restful weekend!

  39. While I will call you a Nut I won’t call you a c well you know… As for the other C word I won’t utter. Instead I will say I hope that things continue to progress as they should. I’m sending up some prayers, positive vibes, whatever else you want to send up I’m sending.

    Again I am very jealous of that progesterone level… however I am not jealous of those hives as ow… Hang in there and have a great weekend!

  40. Bwahahahaha. My powers have been restored and my sekrit plan to keep you blogging have worked. Finally I’m using my powers for good.

    Doubling betas with progesterone levels approaching perfection are very good things. Thinking many more good things for you.

  41. So I can’t say cancer but I can say colon, right? Because I’m cofused by all of this.

  42. Ooh, I’m a bit late to the party aren’t I? My c word for you is – ummmm – coconut? Ok, not cool at all, but I’m happy for you… xxx

  43. So you’re a cunt then ,huh?

    DD- my thoughts are always with you. Even when i can’t get to a computer to check up on you (AKA stalk you…) Do I scare you yet? Hehe…

    Listen, don’t hate me when you come check in on my page…my bitterness isn’t gone, it’s just a little…altered now.

    Well, I’ll be obbsessively checking in on you now…so ignore the hourly hits on your page from me…LOL!!!

  44. So VERY happy for you!

  45. For the life of me I CANNNOT think of another C word that’s unmentionable. Just C*nt.

    So hopefully I won’t… erm… say it.

    OH! Wait, it just hit me. Gotcha.

    Won’t say that. Just best wishes. Fingers crossed over here.

  46. keeping everything crossed for you.

  47. Since I can’t say the “c” word you referenced without a shocked giggle (yes, I’m a bit of prude that way although I seem to have no trouble dropping the f-word casually, go figure) I’ll just keep quiet on that one and any other “c” words I *might* be thinking of:) Take care, Leslie

  48. I won’t say it. But you can’t stop me from thinking it. Or saying it later…right?

    And unless you’re that creepy father from Footloose, you can’t stop me from dancing.

  49. I feel like the moron who doesn’t get the joke (c word..) but gives an obligatory chuckle regardless. Perhaps after a cup of coffee it will pop into my head. Man, I am slow sometimes…..

    I really hope you can control the release of YOUR news.

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