Posted by: DD | June 12, 2007

no. 463 – The Hype of 6

I should not have read the news about the sextuplets.

I should not have googled the personal website of the young couple in Minnesota.

I should not have read the first post, nor the truncated posts that followed.

I should not have read the comments.

I should not be shaking with furious jealousy that they did this as soon as the HPT delivered it’s second line:

"During the next few days we sold my little Honda Accord and bought a small five-passenger SUV. We also got a crib, a car seat and a stroller…We were ready, or so we thought. It was a month later when we discovered that [she] was not carrying just one baby, but six."

I should not let it bother me in the least.

I should not.

But I did.

And it does.



  1. I’ve only read the story of the MN sextuplets and a brief summary of the others (in AZ?). Both drive me crazy like the sextuplets born here in Canada this past January. The naievete (buying a minivan within days of a positive HPT) I can get past, it’s the religious hypocrisy that makes me completely insane.

  2. I hadn’t heard the news, but… Well hell, what even semi-intelligent person wouldn’t be bothered? Who gets a positive pg test and, within a matter of days -days!- replaces their car and buys all the big ticket baby items? That just makes no sense!

    And let me guess: they see absolutely no reason not to go forward with the full pregnancy of six, and all will be right with the world…and with the babies…because it just has to be!

  3. Y’know, what I tell myself is that there’s no point in being jealous of stupidity. It doesn’t help, but that’s what I tell myself.

  4. Silly isn’t it, just silly! Ditto to what Niobe said, not worth it!

  5. I too am with Niobe.

  6. Fuck ’em, their lives aren’t exactly going to be a picnic for the next few years. And don’t get me started on that god fella and the people who seem to have a direct line to him.

    Don’t forget – we are cool, we are gorgeous, we are intelligent, interesting people. And they are……yes, stupid – thanks Niobe.

  7. I’m feeling pretty sad for those babies right now, because the unfortunate reality is that they are not going to live long, or live well, and then if they DO survive in a seriously disabled state, to be saddled with parents living in such a fantasy world?

    I’m just praying the media tells the truth…

  8. I was NEVER that optimistic. Even before we knew we were having problems.

    And, yeah, ditto Niobe’s comment.

  9. I’m glad to see I’m not alone, DD. I feel exactly the way you do. I guess ignorance is bliss. As the saying goes; “Where ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise.”

    I’m also commenting on the pic of your son in your next post. What a beautiful child.

  10. All I could wonder was why a 24 year old woman was taking fertility drugs. I guess maybe it never occurred to me to do that when I was that young. Of course, I wasn’t ready to be a mother at 24 either.

    I, too, feel so bad the babies will have such a rough start at life.

  11. Fuck. That’s all I have to say on the subject.

  12. You know why I’m sending you the biggest hug I can give.

  13. so glad I found some comments on this from like-minded people. The whole situation makes me rather ill, truthfully, the parents, the doctors, the whole thing. Clueless, really.

  14. Oh fuck, and they go on about god, too . . . I don’t blame anyone who doesn’t feel like they can selectively reduce (or anyone that does, for that matter) so I won’t be calling anyone stupid, but i get a little tired of . . .hell, I don’t know. I just found myself curious about it all right up until they began with the “and God would sustain us as He has . . ..” blah blah blah. Whatever. I’m glad their God is so nice to them — perhaps He could spread some of that niceness around a bit?

  15. I think some blame has to go to the doctors. What on earth are they doing (or not doing) that people are getting pregnant with 5, 6, 7 babies???? I really think that is unconscionable.

    But yes, I prefer to avoid these stories too. They make me angry on so many levels.

  16. With the talk of blaming the doctors, I certainly agree that something was really wrong with either the MN couple’s doctor or the US machine. Here’s my theory, for what it’s worth. I will bet you a dozen donuts that they never saw an RE. I imagine they went to their family OB/GYN or even the family physician and he wrote them a script and that was it.

    I would hope that no RE worth his/her salt as a professional would ever be so careless to look at an US image and believe he/she is looking at two mature follicles when in fact the final count appeared to be more than 10.

    Yes, I blame the doctors. And it makes me furious to think that people will chose to associate infertility treatments with high-risk multiples that exceed twins or triplets.

    And I also blame the couple for being so selfish. I know that for some very devote couples the concept of selective reduction is not an option. However, if they were willing to take the medical steps to create their pregnancy instead of accepting their present childfree condition as part of God’s plan, then they should have been equally prepared to seek and follow medical advice for selective reduction for a safer pregnancy.

    As it is, they will probably have to figure out what part of God’s plan was it for them to bury one or more of their babies. That is the true tragedy in especially the MN couple’s case.

  17. OMG, 6 kids. Geez. I agree with the other poster that said that this reeks of family doctors writing scripts. What U/S machine missed all those follies. I’m. Bugged. Too.

  18. I think that doctors who prescribe Clomid without providing adequate ultrasound monitoring should be dipped in excrement twice a day.

    I also find it interesting that when the AZ woman’s heart started to fail, they sought appropriate medical intervention instead of accepting her probable demise as God’s will.

    Does anyone else find it annoying that several of the articles say “Both women sought fertility treatment,” as if this was something they did alone, without the consent or knowledge of their husbands? Presumably, their husbands were at least marginally involved in these assinine decisions, weren’t they?

    Selective reduction aside, yeah, I think it’s safe to call either unmonitored clomid or stim cycles OR knowingly proceeding with this many follicles pretty damned assinine.

  19. Just back to say that I always find it interesting how religiously devout people will refuse selective reduction because it’s morally wrong to them, but it never occurs to them that they have morally acceptable choice; to not have sex when they see 10 follicles on the screen.

    I’m figuring they were a cancelled medicated IUI and had sex against Dr.s orders. Which pisses me off….

  20. I thought teh same thing when I read their site. They did what?? Before they’d even had an ultrasound?? What were they thinking????

  21. OH Man, THANK YOU for saying out loud what I think when I hear this! I have said it since the McCoy Septuplets. If God had wanted you to have that many, it would have happened without fertility drugs. I am somehow drawn to reading these stories yet I feel such…I don’t know…anger/confusion when I do.

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