Posted by: DD | July 5, 2007

no. 474 – J.O.B. (Justification of Others’ Bullshit)

I had a completely normal (and relatively happy) post started as a draft.

And then I came to work.

You ever have one of those days where you totally fucking hate your job and you would love to take the words like TEAM WORK and CUSTOMER SERVICE and shove them sideways up someone’s ass?

Me, too.



  1. Do I EVER have ONE of those days, you ask?

    Uh, that’s affirmative. Very, very affirmative.

    May tomorrow be better, dear DD.

  2. I have had WEEKS like that.

    You need to shove them up someone’s arse, and then we can go on our driving-over-people-who-annoy-us spree.

  3. Um yes. All the time.

  4. YES!

  5. Almost every day.

  6. Everyday! I begin jabbing a fork in my eye the second my foot hits the linoleum inside the lobby.

  7. Every.Single.Day.

    No, really only Wednesdays & Thursdays when my boss is on-site. I pull around the corner & see her Rav4 in the parking lot & I automatically sigh & get a little depressed.

  8. I spend a lot of time thinking of all the fun and interesting things I could do with my time if only I didn’t have to, you know, work at an actual job.

    Of course, the fact that my husband is on an academic schedule and has the whole summer off does nothing to make me feel any better.

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