Posted by: DD | July 9, 2007

no. 477 – You’re Only As Old As You Feel

If that’s the case, I feel 80.


  1. The hives are still bringing joy into my life, especially when they occur over my joints, which they did to my ankle at Saturday effectively turning it into a cankle. I saw a different doctor about them and he has changed my script and ordered bloodwork (I noted with a leap in my heart that the phlebo was very, very pregnant – heh.). I am to return in a couple of weeks if still unresolved because he wants to then try another round of steroids. No prayers at this office…thank g*d.
  2. That brings me to the weight gain. I have gained almost 15 pounds since December 2005 (18 months). Half of that has been over the past couple of weeks. When I step on the scale and see numbers I’ve never seen staring back at me, I want to burst into tears. I don’t because I don’t want to appear to be vain. When I mentioned it to Mr. DD he said that yes, he has noticed, "especially around your thighs". I can’t be mad at him. Who wouldn’t notice 15 extra pounds of weight hanging around two thighs. This does not make me a fan of trying the aforementioned steroids.
  3. A tooth that I had root canal on nearly three years ago has suddenly regained feeling. OKay. So maybe not the tooth, but it’s really sensitive around that tooth.
  4. The lovely TMJ (Temporalmandibular Joint Syndrome) that presented on Saturday when I yawned without making sure all was aligned is causing me to accidentally bite the inside of the opposite cheek. Now I have to eat mush for the next 10 days. That should help with issue # 2. Unfortunately, because of the TMJ my dentist was unwilling and unable to take a good look at the problem tooth in # 3.
  5. I am tired, tired, tired. All. The. Time. The bloodwork in # 1 will also test my thyroid…again.

Maybe these wouldn’t be all that bad, but a week ago I would have only felt 78.

Thank you for all the Birthday Wishes. I feel pretty good about it overall. I wish I hadn’t bothered with that last IUI (I wish I hadn’t bothered with that last miscarriage), but it’s all water under the bridge, so the saying goes.

My party on Saturday was . . .

Let’s just say, when I think about all my friends and family coming together and enjoying a typical Nebraska summer evening on the porch of our home makes me smile. People could be found on all three sides of the porch; under the deck on our patio and in the house. It was hot, hot, hot all day but luckily a light breeze kept heat exhaustion and bugs at bay during the evening.

The fireworks, which Mr. DD’s friend set off electronically to get the best affect, were spectacular.

The major excitement came when a couple of very small grass fires started in the back yard because of how dry everything is here right now. Mr. DD and the pyrotechnician were both armed with fire extinguishers and hoses. The littlest kids, including X, were in the fort at the top of the swing set and were the first to sound the fire alarm with their high pitched screaming. By the time the fourth blaze went up, they were chanting "Mr. DD! Mr. DD! Mr. DD!" and all would applaud when the fire was extinguished seconds later.

My only regret was that I didn’t get more pictures. I’ll post some of what I have another time.



  1. I went through a summer of hives when I was 15. Never found out why.

    I saw the cool fort pic, but I am shocked and amazed at your hand. Except for you having nails and me not, we have the same hands, crooked and straight in the same places. Scary.

    I hope you get a diagnosis soon. It is very hard when medical things make your weight inch up. Jeez, when one has weight gain, one should be doing something fun to earn it.

  2. It sounds like a good day. Happy Birthday, DD.

  3. Ugh. I hope they find something. Not because I hope you have a thyroid problem, but because then maybe there will be something to fix, you know what I mean?

    Ah yes, the Fertility Fifteen as we call them. Same thing happened to me. In my case it was depression, defeat, and well, depression.

    In any event, I’m glad you had a great birthday, complete with fireworks!

  4. Yeah, I could believe the fertility 15, then again if you are this good looking with 15 extra pounds, holy shit — could we handle you even MORE fab?

  5. I laughed and laughed at the idea of the kids as fire alarm. I’m sorry you’re feeling crap, I hope it all gets better soon!

  6. I’m quite hivey and rashy too due to a skin condition and rather than taking oral steroids, I have a beta-val cream. It works pretty well and no weight gain.

  7. DD,

    I have taken many a steriod in my time (not for hives but colitis) and I have two warnings. One, the weight gain sucks, but it usually only starts with doses higher than 10mg and regimes longer than a week. Second, they tend to give you insomnia, even at a low 2.5 or 5mg dose and it starts right away. I never sleep the first few days I am on steroids.

    If you can get a topical steriod cream, ask for that as the systemic side effects can be very unpleasant.

    Have you ever been skin tested for allergies? When I treat my allergies (I take drops instead of shots) I don’t get hives and I a not nearly as tired.

    Happy Belated B-Day!!


  8. I can understand why you’re not mad at Mr DD, but sheesh, a little insensitive. It hasn’t exactly been an easy year for you.

    Sorry the hives are still driving you nuts.

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