Posted by: DD | July 16, 2007

no. 480 – Virtual Tour, Nebraska Style

I didn’t get as many pictures as I wanted, but I probably still have too many and will end up slowing down many a PC…

Vthospe_2I was born on the fourth floor of the building in the background of this photo. I now work on the second floor.




Vthospw This is the main building of my employer which continues to sprawl wherever there’s a worm poking it’s head out of the ground.


Vtburgerrow The main north/south thoroughfare, nicknamed Burger Row.




Vtrnza One of my favorite places to get a hamburger and quite the novelty to anyone not from Nebraska or the immediate Midwest.




Vttractors There are no BMW, Mercedes or even a Toyota dealership in town, but if someone has a half mill to plunk down on a new ride, there’s always a place to spend it.



VthatcheryOne of the oldest neon signs in town, and it still animates with the chick hatching.




VthayThese are bales of hay which will normally stay in the field until they are either used personally by the farmer or purchased by grain-poor states.



Before I close with pictures that I personally associate with my home, here’s some interesting information and pictures on the town where I live and the State of Nebraska, including what literally brought my husband’s family here 35 years ago.

The following pictures were all taken last night after a thunderstorm had passed, and all from the deck of my home.

See more of the Virtual World Tour!

Vtbackyard Vtrainbow Vtdusk



  1. Those after-the-storm pictures are extraordinary. The double rainbow one, especially.

  2. What a great idea, this virtual tour!

  3. Love the tractor pics and weather pics. Do the tractors ever drive down the roads blocking traffic for miles? They do here.

  4. A neon animated sign of a chick hatching could only be trumped by an animated sign of the chicken laying the egg. Sadly I don’t have one of those on my tour, so you win!!!
    Thanks for the walk around town.

  5. Gorgeous pictures. And congratulations on having the highest gas prices in America–just read that on yahoo news.

  6. Hey, I used to live in Nebraska! I think Sarge was in the hospital you showed…I know most of the hospitals in your city by sight. We still miss NE…we had some awesome times there.

    So glad you participated!

  7. The after storm photos are amazing. Looking at the first lot of photos it looks quite metropolitan, then looking from your porch it looks very rural! I’ve never heard of a Runza, or Taco restaurants!

    Wonder what Johnny Carson’s house sold for?

  8. Love this post, and the idea of a virtual tour!

    We have a chicken sign here too–smack in the middle of Cambridge, which is very, very odd. It reads “Live chickens, fresh killed.” and that is excatly what goes on inside. The t-shirts are really popular, for some odd reason. 🙂

  9. Great tour! I’ve never been to Nebraska.

  10. Gorgeous, DD, thanks. You are right, Nebraska and North Dakota are both lovely…

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