Posted by: DD | July 17, 2007

no. 482 – Blogging Diet

When one is not taking daily injections or getting a horizontal stirrup ride, things get kinda boring, no? I’m sure it’ll be at the moment I think that all this infertility shit is for the birds (the ones that thought they literally had to do it with the bees, anyway) and just decide to kick future treatments to the curb…it will be about the time I get the call that I’ve been matched to a donor.

Freak fits will surely resume.

le sigh

Sorry, but yes, things will be quite dull through the rest of the summer here at TKO. My in-laws have been relatively (is that a pun?) civil, even if most of its attributed to them being virtually absent in our lives.

I know I said at one point that maybe I’d take most of this time off during the wait, but while many of you lament that possibility (hahahahaha), it’s selfishly that I plod on. I need you, too. However, I’ve decided, with the encouragement of my counselor, to cut back. While it’s good for me to receive support from all of you; she thinks that maybe I’m giving more than I can keep up with.

In fact, she mentioned how my bucket appears to be rather empty. Sounds familiar.*

So I have been cleaning house on my subscriptions. I’ve unsubscribed from several defunct blogs; blogs that are not reciprocal (Big Name Bloggers and where I’m mostly a voyeur); and even some that I just can’t seem to get into for whatever reason including the petty excuse that they truncate their posts (please, please, reconsider and publish full feeds…). In just a short time I took the number of feeds from 178 to 170.

I think I have some more trimming to do.


* Of the 17 commenters to that original post, 12 have set sail from that great island.



  1. I have to say that truncated posts drive me nuts….just not very helpful when one is behind and trying to catch up.

    Anyway, have you thought about reclassifying some blogs? I stick them into various categories which helps make the list seem smaller and easier to handle.

  2. Do I truncate? I have no idea.

  3. I don’t truncate… I just don’t post as often as I should.

    Take whatever time you need, just come back.

  4. Ohh..truncated posts drive me bonkers, too. And look, I was one of the original 17 posters.

  5. Le sigh is right. Please, please do come back. I don’t blame you if you unsubscribe from my blog. I’ve got a post brewing in my head but I’ve been telling myself that for months.

  6. I know mine is truncated, but dude, I don’t know how it got that way or how to undo it! Tell me and I’ll fix it. Is it a typepad thing or what? Or perhaps I’ve been unsubscribed from? I don’t use bloglines anymore so I have no clue as to how many people have me on a feeder. If google reader tells you all that stuff, well, I just can’t find it!

  7. Do what is best for you. I’ll still keep an eye out. 🙂

  8. I’m not going anywhere. I just won’t be posting every day like I was when we were going through our dIUIs. Maybe just every other day and no weekends. I also may not comment as much as I use to, but that part will be harder.

    Also, I know how to change your feeds from truncated to full in both typepad and blogspt, if you need some help.

  9. I had to do that a while back. I’m down to 92 now and most days that still feels like too many…but I love all of you guys.

  10. Holy Crap! 178?!? I have 54 and I can barely keep up. You are superwoman!

  11. I’m with Michelle, 178?! I think I have less than 30!

  12. 178???? Seriously I am impressed and awed and well just flabbergasted. I thought I had way too many and I probably do but I can’t seem to stop adding them. Oh and I’m sorry if I truncate – how do I fix it if it is me… I hate that part as well. Click here for more my fanny…

    Your post on hope is awesome as is this one… Since I am at times a hope addict I’ll hold your hope for you and uhmm where do I bribe the donor people to hurry up and match you??? I’ll do my damndest not to drop the hope that I have for you. I figure it’s the least I can do. As for the island – my stay was longer than anticipated, but people like you made the stay bearable and I thank you so very much for that.

    Ultimately just take care of yourself. If cutting back is what you need to do then do it. Know we’re here, we’re waiting and reading and thinking of you.

  13. Phew! I thought I was over the top with 139! Thanks for making me feel a little less addicted. 😉

    I’ll certainly be keeping you in my reader, even if you only post once in a while. We’re here to listen any time you need to get stuff out!

  14. I hate truncated feeds as well. Drive me nuts.

    Take whatever time you need, you know. We’ll be here when you get back.

  15. I miss your comments over by me but understand that you may not want to read what is going on. I also don’t know if I have the truncated posts or not, do I? I will cry if you deleted me from your list. 😦

  16. I totally understand where you are. I have had to pull back a little myself. I just can’t keep up and usually feel overwhelmed or bad that I am behind. It shouldn’t be that way. I blog when I feel like I need to. If I am not in the mood why force it.

    Take care of yourself. This journey in life is about YOU and not us!

  17. I am lame and just check my blogs the old school way!

  18. Well, I don’t even know whether or not I am truncated, but since I dont’ put out a feed at all I guess it’s mute. It just makes me feel dumb that I don’t know what half this blog tech stuff is all about.

    I’ve noticed that drama makes for more readers and plain old life does not. Though, I’m not complaining, I was getting tired of my own drama even if it did get me more readers!

    I hope you get a surprise match soon. I’d give you my eggs in a minute but they are a) shit and b) I’m not a former supermodel
    (I do have some artisitic talent but hey, it all comes back to a) my eggs are shit too.)


  19. I published full feeds from when I began blogging until about 9 months ago when I realised they were being stolen by a site that was using my writing to get advertising revenues with no acknowlegement that i wasn’t actually a writer on their site. On that basis, I’m really sorry but I’m not going back to the full feed! I know it’s a pain, but there it is, Ididn’t like seeing my stuff being posted elsewhere with no control over the other content on that site.

    I’m glad you’ll still be here over the summer, I know that whatever you write about, it will be entertaining or illuminating or both. And more.

  20. I have no idea about the truncated feeds. I haven’t been blogging much until this week. I’m not really sure why, but I just hadn’t.

    I hope you get a surprise match soon!

  21. I’m one of those lurking whores, I admit it.

    But I care a lot about you and will try to be better about commenting to you regarding that.

    Also, how sad is it that I don’t know if I do full feeds or not? *sigh*

  22. I’m with you on the full-feeds question 🙂 Have a great Summer!

  23. I keep thinking I need to cull some of mine as well, but then I feel all disloyal and mean…

    I hope I don’t truncate. I can’t help but giggle, because it makes me think of truncheon. hehehe.

    Dull is good, I’m hanging around.

  24. Wow, I find it hard keeping up with my 20 or so feeds!

    Will be here whenever you decide to post.

  25. 178? Good grief! My eyes would fall out.

  26. I haven’t a clue wha tmy blog feed looks like; sorry if it’s one you felt the need to do away with on that basis 🙂 I enjoy clicking over here everyday, though I’m not a commentor. I’ll keep checking and I’ll enjoy whenever you do take the time to write.

  27. Me, I’m still landlocked and not posting much either. Life kinda gets in the way, ya know. Do what you need to do, sweetie. You know where you can get me, night or day 😉

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