Posted by: DD | July 19, 2007

no. 483 – The Great Croc Hunt

The other night my son was playing with his crocs in the pool. He then added mine to the mix. He was pretending they were boats crashing into each other. What else would crocs acting as boats do?

That was two nights ago and last night when I got home from work I noticed the shoes still floating in the pool. I’ll get them later, I tell myself.

Last night I awoke to a storm going through complete with thunder, lighting and lots of wind.

This morning the crocs were gone. And not just gone from the pool.

Gone as in G.O.N.E., gone.

In a cursory scan of the property, they are no where to be seen.

Crocs And trust me, if they are out there, I know I would at least be able to see mine. I figure if I could see these damn things in the grass, I might get lucky and find X’s, which are much smaller…and black…close by.

Dang. I’m going to miss those ugly things.


Housekeeping note:

If you happen to notice over on the top right of the site the page "Password Protected" and you didn’t get an email about it, don’t worry. No one did. I’m experimenting. Once I get it all figured out, I’ll let you all know. If you feel like trying it out, the user- and pass-words are both "test". Unfortunately, it doesn’t work…yet.



  1. Sounds like something my son would do. Wow, that must have been a heck of a storm!

  2. We have been having those storms the last few days too! I don’t doubt those crocs are GONE! I’m east of you (I think straight east) and the storms are nothing to sneeze at!

  3. Sorry DD but I’ve always wanted a pair and who knew we had the same size feet? And they were just floating there, begging to be taken.

  4. I love my crocs so much I have two pair. One pair is bright blue, holey ones like yours and then a “serious” black pair, no holes, for rainy days and formal opccasions. (I saw an older, posh looking woman in the checkout one day and she had on business attire, stylish black slacks and black crocs. And I thought, hey, I could get away with that too if mine weren’t bright blue!)

  5. CRIKEY!! Dontcha feel like putting on a pith helmet & some tannish colored shorts & go searching in the “wilds” of your property??

  6. RIP crocs

  7. Weirder than the actual missing Crocs would be to see those pink things flying through the air!!

    in regards to the question you left on my site — most adults don’t really talk about their miscarriages unless they are having reproductive issues to begin with. I really don’t know how I’d respond to a “normal” fertile woman who had lost a pregnancy. I mean obviously, I would offer condolences — but as for sincere sympathy? I suppose it would depend on how hard she took the loss.

  8. I would be SO upset to lose my crocs. Maybe they’ll still turn up – good luck!

  9. Has the Mystery of the Missing Crocs been solved yet? I have a generic pair and really like them so I can sympathize with you even if I can’t spell. 😉 Have a great weekend. I still owe you a birthday present, I better make it good now that it is almost a month late, eh?

  10. This post left me temporarily confused (a not-all-that-unusual state) because, apparently unlike everyone else in the world, I had *no* idea what crocs were. I was thinking some kind of reptilian toy….

    I know, I know. The picture should have been my special clue.

    But now that I understand what they are, I hope they’ve reappeared.

  11. Maybe they were salt water crocs and not fresh water?

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