Posted by: DD | July 23, 2007

no. 484 – Harry Who?


I know how The Book ends because today on the morning radio show one of the speakers said he only read the last chapter and announced how it ended. I wasn’t at all bothered by the spoiler since I have taken no interest in the past 352 HP books, so I couldn’t imagine doing so now…unless of course Harry was able to impregnate a tribe of infertile truffle fairies so they can go about providing the world with an unlimited supply (of truffles, that is, not truffle fairy babies). Only then would I extend some curiosity about that knobby wand of his.


Hivesleftup Today I saw another professional about my hives. Yes, they are still a part of my life, if not on a daily – most certainly weekly – occurrence. I know that it’s been 8 weeks and 1 day from whence they first presented since they decided to debut the day I had my first positive pregnancy test from the last donor IUI. In that time, I have seen four medical personnel about the hives with today’s visit being the fifth. Dr. I-Have-A-Cold-So-I-Won’t-Shake-Your-Hand-But-Will-Get-All-In-Your-Face-To-Look-Up-Your-Nose (Dr. IHACSIWSY H. BWGAIYF-TLUYN (I think he must be from Botswana…) was kind and listened to what I thought may be a far-fetched theory on my hives.

Would you like to hear it?

HivesrightupI told him that my hives were considerably worse during the beginningslashend of my last pregnancy, hopped up on progesterone (remember? My P4 was 98?), and even though they appeared off and on over the next few weeks, they again flared the week before last…which was the end of a successive cycle, which is when the body’s supply of progesterone should be at its highest.

See? I have the pictures to prove it. [Ass cheek! Ass cheek! Yes, I know. Shut up.]

Maybe I’m allergic to my own body’s natural progesterone. Maybe?

They did a rast test for sesame since that was the delivery system of my PIO. If I still am getting hives by the middle of August, they will order in some progesterone for testing. He didn’t think the theory was impossible, and he has had patients with confirmed allergies to certain chemistry makeup of their own bodies. Who knows? I guess I don’t have much to lose and since my uterus is twiddling its tubes waiting for a donor, I’d rather rule out the very slim chance now rather than later when I find out that "implanting" an embryo there gets the same kind of result as throwing some frozen fries into a boiling vat of oil. FAzizzle.


I have recently been inundated with spam through TypePad. Some of you have mentioned the same. Today I received this comment from "Visitor690" in my inbox through one of my old posts:

"I have visited your site 852-times"

I replied:

"Good for you."

Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, there was a failure in the delivery of that response.

I do believe that I actually have had someone visit my blog that often. Their IP address starts with Want to know if its you? Then I suggest you check out this site.



  1. OOOOOhhh….tracking people down. Sounds like my kinda *fun*. I track where people come from, but I don’t know who they are at the moment!

  2. That rash would be what’s called Adding Insult to Injury.

    G-d: For the love of Pete, could you give this woman a break already? Thanks.

  3. All I can say is that I don’t see 7.5 extra pounds in that thigh.

  4. So you have to deal with hives until mid August? I would go nuts. How do you deal with them?

  5. ouchy dd that looks uncomfortable… does that mean you and calamine lotion are bff?

  6. I think I would loose my mind with hives like that. I used to have really bad eczema and they gave me an antiitch RX for it (it really worked). When I looked up the drug it was classified as an antianxiety(but they did mention the use of it for itching also). Should I look it up?

  7. Ooof, that looks very uncomfortable! I hope they figure out soon what is causing it. What could/would they do if you were allergic to your own progesterone?

  8. Well I thought for sure it was me, but my ISP won’t let me check that site right now.

    The hives look painful.

  9. Great pins darlin, even with the hives, ouch!

    IP not me, I’m 81 something or other. The one from Paris 🙂 Actually, I think I am the only one from Paris as it goes!

    While were talking about IPs, anyone know a 68.something or other?

  10. Love the IP site but it’s not me.

    Nice hives, have you tried paw paw ointment? Works really well for those sorts of things and is all natural.

  11. Fascinating link … my ip address isn’t anywhere near my actual location!

  12. Yeowch! Those do not look like fun! UGH! Hope you find out what the cause is!

  13. DAMN! I thought that was me!

    Those hives don’t look like a whole bunch o’fun. The ass-cheek is GORGEOUS though!

  14. DD that looks just awful!! I hope you figure out what’s going on and get some relief. OY!

  15. Those hives look remarkably unpleasant. I get hives for no apparent reason from time to time, but not every week.

    And I love spoilers of all kinds.* I think of them as “enhancers,” because it’s much easier for me to enjoy a book, movie, whatever if I’m not in suspense, waiting to see how it all turns out.

    *I understand it’s not *really* a spoiler for you, since you’re not planning to read the book.

  16. As someone who gets hives (although never quite that bad) I can offer my deepest sympathies.
    I am pretty impressed with the IP site, totally had me pegged, but I’m not the culprit.
    As someone who is reading the book, I really appreciate you not offering the spoiler here.
    And I offer a slow and painful death tho people like that guy, who just ammounce spoilers to people without their looking for it. If you want them, you can surely find them, but for those of us who don’t, spoiler people, please keep your yap shut! It’s not polite and not kind.

  17. Ooh, that looks so uncomfortable!

    I had a Runza while we were in Nebraska last week. It was yummy!

  18. Hey! That looks just like what I get in the summer. I alwasy call it a heat rash, though it doesn’t really fit the true definition. I rarely get it up on my thighs, mainly just covering my lower legs. I totally sympathize with you and hope you find an answer.

  19. harry has a knobby wand?

  20. Oh that looks awful. Hope you get some answers soon.

    Btw, I am afraid to say this on my own blog (just can’t face the sympathy again) but my HCG levels are falling. Miscarriage #6. Just wanted to tell someone.

  21. Dear DD, your Botswana line made me crack up so hard my laptop was in great danger of becoming a floortop for a minute there.

    You poor dear with those hives. How nasty. But your theory makes a lot of sense to me, actually… Stranger things have happened.

    I miss you too…

  22. I went through very similar stuff with nearly every form of injectables I took(progesterone, heparin, etc.) The only thing that finally calmed it was zyr*tec. But I also had a similar theory re: was the the progesterone or the delivery method- its very frustrating.

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