Posted by: DD | July 24, 2007

no. 485 – What Is Your Blogging Process For New Posts?

Poll in post:



  1. I’m with the majority, YE!

  2. My posts come to me in “my office”. That explains the quality of my writing. And no, I don’t write it down on toilet paper either.

  3. Also in the whatever comes out camp. 🙂

  4. I work my post out in my head and then just type it out. Sometimes I will keep a post in my head for weeks before I am in the place to put it out. Other times I might start the post and leave it for later or for never.

  5. I voted twice, because I do a combination of the last two. Sometimes I have posts that roll around in my head for a while before I actually get them out, other times it’s more of a spur of the moment thing. What do you do?

  6. I said somewhere between 2 & 4, so I picked other just to be ornery. Sometimes I have a specific post planned. Words or phrases will come to me and I write them down and save them in topics in Word on my computer. Then, I’ll sit down and write a post.

    Other times, I have no idea what I’ll write or I just have a line or a phrase and I sit down and see what comes out. I love to do this. I’m normally a control freak so it’s a big departure for me but I do my best writing this way. Sometimes feelings will come out that I didn’t even realize I had. Great form of therapy.

  7. Mine are dictated to me on a special hotline from the devil.

  8. I just write, thats probably what got me into shit in the first place!

    PS Things seem to be okay, we’re getting there, thanks for asking x

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