Posted by: DD | August 6, 2007

no. 492 – Pee vs. Sweat

I was a little surprised by how many of you use the bareMinerals product. Do you think there is a correlation between the blogger mentality and infomercial consumerism? If someone was to pay me a few million, I’d research it, but for now? I’ll thoughtfully tap my forefinger to my lips and wonder.

Peeved Michelle has sung the praises of the ClearBlue Monitor since the moment we exchanged correspondence, and of course I have to give her some credence since she did finally get pregnant using it and her daughter’s due, oh, what? tomorrow! Note to P.M.: Now will you start using the ball? I fear I have lost the baby pool either way.

I asked about the OV Watch because I only know one person with actual experience – and success – and that is my S.C. niece. When I found out that they had used the watch, a last ditch effort before moving onto ART, I was skeptical. They have been trying to get pregnant for a couple of years now and I was under the impression that the preliminary tests were pointing at him, not her. So that’s where my skepticism comes in. No ovulation predictor on earth will change male factor.

Or will it?

When I said something to Mr. DD about it being a crock, he gave me this analogy. If you are trying to shoot a bird with a BB and you know it’s in the tree you have a better chance hitting it by aiming at the tree than around it.

Confucius, he is not, but it made sense in my head. And who doesn’t sound smarter when they talk like Yoda?

Warning: recollection of childhood moment ahead.

When my Dad first taught me to shoot, it was a BB gun. I was probably around 10. I was given strict instructions to only shoot at the clay targets we would hang from the clothes line. Being the good little girl <sarcasm> I was, I would wander the farm looking for my next big kill. One day I saw a wren up in a large maple tree. Wrens are tiny birds, just a little bit bigger than hummingbirds. I aimed up into the tree and pulled the trigger. I was horrified when the wren fell out of the tree and hit the ground with a soft thud.

I never thought in a million years I would not only hit the wren, but kill it, too. I had a hell of a time hitting a still target 15 feet in front of me much less a moving target 30 feet up. I buried the wren and never told anyone until now.

Back to my point. The BB might just hit the bird hidden in the bush. So physically there is no reason for Mr. DD and I not to keep trying, at least for a reasonable amount of time after the DE.  I say after because I really don’t want to think about timed sex and two-week waits right now, and I certainly don’t want to jeopardize our DE cycle.

I have tried temping. I hated it. I use the 7day kits to predict ovulation, which means I had to crack open a second box this last cycle. I’ve tried Fertility Friend. Hated that, too. So I waffle between the watch and monitor.

Some of you mentioned the cost, which initially does seem high so I went and did some comparison shopping on new items only.

The watch starter kit (watch and 1 sensor) could be found for as little as $150. Every month a new sensor must be purchased at $40 each.

Th monitor starter kit (monitor and one month supply of 30 pee sticks) was $185. Refills of 30 sticks are $45 each.

If we assumed that the watch actually works, then it is a better value.

Uglier, but cheaper.

If you have a latex allergy, you may be sensitive to the watch. If you have PCOS, they do not recommend the monitor.

The one advantage I like about the watch is I wouldn’t have to hold my bladder until my teeth start swimming. A hard task for someone who routinely gets up two times a night. Plus, you don’t wear the watch all day, just six hours minimum. Of course it might be kind of fun having it beep "shag me, shag me, shag me" while at dinner with the in-laws.

But still the question remains, how accurate is it? I hope the question, for me anyway, remains rhetorical.



  1. :::snigger::::
    The BB might just hit the “bird hidden in the bush”

    you make me giggle.

  2. I have no idea about the watch but I used the Clearblue monitor after a year of trying and got pregnant with Junebug on the second month using it. Coincidence? Perhaps, but it was a heck of a lot easier to use than any other method. My SIL is borrowing my monitor right now (not sure if she’s actually using it or not) and I would send you it if she wasn’t. You can buy them second hand on ebay on the cheap (that’s what I did) and reset it (I can let you know the instructions). Amazon has the sticks the cheapest I’ve seen them and they offer the free shipping.

  3. I can attest to the clear blue monitor – uhmmm all but a few of the pregnancies I’ve had were helped along with that monitor – namely the ones I was in a monitored cycle were not, all the rest were me and my monitor. Temping is for the birds when you have that resource available. Also the holding the pee in – didn’t really have to get it “super” concentrated. In all honesty the sticks once you get through the first month you’re kind of golden and use a lot less sticks. Also ebay is a wonderful source for used monitors and I have the instructions for resetting the monitor so you don’t have to worry about someone else’s cycle screwing things up. So – my vote the monitor. Though I did consider the watch at one point as well. I know there’s a study either on going or just finished about the watch, but I’d have to google it- will try to do that tonight – maybe we can get you a free one? Now wouldn’t that be nice and simple. Again just my 2 cents assvice here – don’t mind me 😀

  4. I know people who swear by the clear blue ovulation digital test kit and the monitor. They must be good.
    I always wondered about the watch but never knew anyone who used it. It seems like a great idea, if it workds.

  5. Here’s the link to the clinical trial that was completed June 2007. I didn’t see anywhere the results of the study, which was rather limited with only 40 participants, IMHO.

  6. I like the BB/bird/tree analogy. Sexxy.

    If you hate temping, you will not like Ovusoft as it is a fancier version of FF. I am a freak and like temping, so I love it. You can buy OPKs at fairly inexpensively, so I buy a big ‘ol pack and then temp to confirm that I ovulated. It is a lot cheaper than the monitor (which I really, really wanted, just because I like technology and I like to pee on sticks).

    Let’s face it — what you really need to do is throw everything away, get yourself a 12-pack of beer/Zima, a dirt road, and a back-seat and you will be pregnant in no time. Also, it will help if you start snorting something illegal right now.

  7. I was going to call you a bird killer, but you’re probably sensitive about that story. So… I’ll just say that the watch thing makes me question it simply based on the level with which they market it. I have had people from their company leave comments on my blog about it–“have you tried an OV-WATCH? OV-WATCH is the best thing that ever happened to me.” A quick google search found that the person worked for Ov-Watch. That kind of advertising–not being honest–never sits well for me. Then again, I’m pretty skeptical of advertising in general. I like to base my purchases on the prettiness of the packaging.

  8. So, killing of birds with a bb gun. I bet your were quite the tomboy!

    Continued Best Wishes!

  9. You killed the wren? That’s got to be some sort of sign. Too bad it wasn’t a dream….

    And yes, I am a slave to the infomercial.

  10. Methinks Liz had it right – ZIMA!!! I’m embarassed to admit that I *loved* that when I was in college. I don’t know anyone who’s used the watch. Monitor worked for me, but I don’t have PCOS.

    I would guess that the results of that study will be published next year sometime – not soon enough to help you. But as you say, hopefully you won’t need the help!

  11. You can get a new Clear.Blue Eas.y Fert.ility Mon.itor on eBay – that’s where I got mine. That and a pack of 30 pee sticks for around $100. We hit the bullseye the third month. I’d trust the Monitor before I’d trust the watch.

  12. I’ve always been a fan of going in for monitoring myself, but I’m a numbers freak and have to have the precision of blood tests, so there you go.

    I know you can’t do that, buuuut, can your doc get a back up ultrasound requisition for you, and some beta requisitions and progesterone just in case you need them and he’s on vacation?

    Also, the monitor may work, but get X a microscope with minimum 200x power, and buy yourself some slides. He can look at stuff under the scope like ants, and you can check your saliva for the ferning pattern you get during ovulation.

    Then do both. Monitor will measure LH, and the microscope will measure estrogen. Voila! Your own lab!

  13. Wanted to tell you that Lexie used the ovwatch and had success, and she blogged about it:

    I think she even worked for them in some capacity along the way, but I can’t remember the exact circumstances.

    I’m sure she’d answer an email if you had any questions.

  14. the monitor is great. Thanks to mine I discovered that I never ever ovulate. I moved on to IVF and gave it to a friend who promptly got pregnant with it. Another friend is using it right now. A 3rd friend bought the monitor on my recommendation and got pregnant in a few months. It is easy to use and you can get one from a friend (don’t believe their “this machine can not be shared” crap).

  15. Good luck with your monitor decision. I have nothing that will help. Crossing my fingers for you anyway!

  16. Persona.
    Cheaper than the Clearblue, and so are the sticks, as you only need 8 a month. The first couple of months it may tell you you are in the shoulder phase for ages before reaching the peak, but it settles down I think after that.

  17. I use the monitor. It’s really easy to use and it takes the guesswork out of reading a stick. I haven’t had the ultimate success with it yet, but using it makes me feel like I have some control in my life regarding IF. It’s also helped me coincide the ovulation results from the monitor to what my body is doing. The only drawback for me is I don’t always get 3 cycles from 1 box of sticks due to longer cycles sometimes.

  18. I have not used either. The watch is interesting though. Your story made me chuckle.

  19. I love my CBE monitor. It worked twice for me, although the first only lasted ten days (but I did get several BFPs). The second time is in “me belly” and is 31 weeks along. After losing Jimmy I didn’t want to dick around (excuse the pun) doing the temping and all that stuff, plus it requires too much work. I bought the monitor and it worked. It is expensive, but you can buy a used one like PP says. The company says you shouldn’t, but that is so they can sell more. Also, if you have a long luteal phase, wait a few days before using a stick if you know you don’t normally ovualate on day 15. It will save you a few sticks per cycle and that adds up. Also, like PP says, sells cheap OPKs and HPTs if you want to just use the OPKs. THey are no frills and you have to download the instructions, they don’t come with them. Plus they send “baby dust” with their parcels, and I’m a believer in that.

  20. Doh! I meant short luteal phase!!! I mean if you ovulate after day 15 (like around day 18), you don’t need to start peeing on sticks until day 13 at the earliest, but the monitor will prompt for one earlier. Just ignore it.

  21. I have a monitor. It didn’t help me get pregnant but it was a hell of a lot easier than temping, and it was always accurate for ovulation. Do you want to borrow it? It’s sitting under my sink until hell freezes over…I mean, until we’re ready to TTC again. I won’t need it the rest of the year, at least. I may even have some test sticks. Just e-mail me and let me know.

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