Posted by: DD | August 19, 2007

no. 501 – The Tragic Results of a Redneck Owning His Own Vinyl Cutter

Badassredneck Alternative Title:

When a Redneck and Grammar Collide

This was on one of the vehicles that arrived at Mr. DD’s shop. He told me the county it originated from and now I know that Pierce County may be rumored to have the worst drivers, but Stanton County apparently is raising the the dumb ones.



  1. LMAO! That is too funny.

  2. An apostrophe in there somewhere and it would have been too perfect!

  3. This is the single most annoying grammar mistake that I see/hear all too often. I even have physicians making this mistake…thank goodness language arts was not a requirement in med school.

  4. No really, I didn’t think rednecks existed above the Mason-Dixon line. I’m so proud!!

  5. I would put a vinyl cutter to much better use!

  6. Wow. Here’s your sign. Too bad vinyl cutters don’t come with spell checks. But who am I to talk? I just re-read some of my posts & caught a few, but I don’t dare have “premature blogulation”.

  7. If you want to feel better about your state, come visit Arkansas for a bit.

  8. omg, I am embarassed for that person. But then again, they probably wouldn’t give a crap that they are tasteless AND dumb.

  9. Raise Hell Than Leave It. Very nice. I’m sooo impressed.

  10. Just wondering what it says about me that I had to read, and re-read several times before I spotted the “error”.

  11. Baaahaaaa! I didn’t know rednecks north of the MDL were adopting the flag…. I’m pretty sure a Yankee could get shot for that down here! LOL!

  12. I’ve never understood advertising the fact that you are a redneck. God bless Jeff Foxworthy, huh?

  13. I couldn’t get the picture to open, so I was waiting in anticipation for the grammatical oops for a few minutes.

    It was even better than I had hoped for.

    Oh. My.

  14. Classy.

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