Posted by: DD | August 20, 2007

no. 502 – The Eagle Has Landed

In one of my former lives, I use to sell cars. Yes, I was one of those people with a perpetually cheesy smile on my face and a business card in my hand. You would drive up onto the lot and see a group of us clustered around the showroom looking out the window and guess what we would say when we’d see you show up? “Ducks on the pond!”

Ooooh, we were so covert.

Once you were in an office and negotiating a price, we would go to our Floor Manager for approval with an announcement, “Fish on!”

Then there were the moments when your loan application was pending approval from your bank, which we relayed quaintly, “Throw it on the wall and see if it sticks.”

Today, I got a phone call from the clinic. The duck is on the pond.

I start BCP as soon as I pick them up from the pharmacy and I have a saline hysterosalpingogram tomorrow morning to make sure my uterus is not harboring anything deemed clinically funky.

Final coordination is still weeks away, but I’m all giddy with excitement mixed with a sense of impending doom. Definitely the right mixture to make me jump and down and then puke in my trashcan.



  1. Yippee!! Everyone keep their arms and legs inside the cart while the ride is in motion. We’re off 🙂

  2. Well, throw it on the wall and we sure hope it sticks.

    I am so happy for you to be beginning.

  3. Oh DD, my eyes just welled up.

    Irshlas, great analogy!

  4. Oh, it will stick this time, alright. Have no doubts about that!

    Best of all possible luck with this, DD.

  5. I always wondered what car sales people were actually doing in the managers office! Good luck!

  6. Oh! OH! HOORAY!

    This gives “throw it on the wall and see if it stick” a whole new meaning.

  7. Very very very happy for your new beginning. Can’t believe you’ve been a car sales person :-). The best of luck for this cycle. New cycle, new odds, new kind of excitement. Lot’s of hope from my side.

  8. Woo hoo! Sooooo excited for you!

  9. Woooohooooo! I am so happy for you!!!

  10. Woooohooooo! I am so happy for you!!!

  11. Woo-hoo!

  12. Can I do the jumping up and down part but without the puking in the trashcan?

  13. WooHOOOOO! “Throw it on the wall and see if it sticks” really does fit here.

  14. Ok, sorry, but I’m LOL-ing at the lingo…

    good luck. : )

  15. Your ducks are on the pond, now line ’em all up!

    Good Luck!

  16. See, it was just moments ago you were whining it was going to be 10 months and now you will be done and dusted way before me 😉 Don’t you yanks shoot ducks???

  17. Squeeeee! I just put the box with monitor in my car this morning–it worked! I hope everything from this point on goes so smoothly. I can bring the box out and put it in my car every morning if it will help!

    I am so excited for you!

  18. yay for ducks!

  19. YAY!

  20. Prayers and love.

  21. Sometimes I feel like I need to have the wait time so I can work through everything. BUT having months and months of wait time disappear means less time to a baby!!


  22. EEEE!!! I’m giddy for you too!!

  23. That is the best news I’ve had in……I don’t know how long! Great!

    Regarding the car salesman thing? I don’t know you in real life – I wish I did – but I say kudos to you for being able to handle that job. I am so NOT a salesperson. MFH on the other hand? Could sell ice to an Eskimo.

  24. 800mg of ibuprofen!

  25. WOOHOO! I am so glad–I thought it would be months yet…

  26. I shall keep things crossed, just in case it helps. 🙂

  27. Wow!!! That is some great news I wasn’t expecting for at least a few more months. I have such a huge grin on my face right now!

  28. NO WAY! I owe you a drink this weekend. We need to Party like it’s 1999. This is the town of the artist now known as the artist previously known as Prince.

    BTW: we were completing our paperwork earlier so I could not answer. We will connect tomorrow?

  29. When I read this post I started crying… I am so happy that you are finally on your way. I apparently have become a sap so ignore the tears of joy, but seriously… you are moving forward and that is a wonderful wonderful thing. Hang in there, down the bcps and I hope the saline sonohystogram goes well and nothing wonky is found.

  30. Wishing only the best outcome and you can have some of my MS when it does, I seem to have plenty to spare 😐


  31. I had to read this post a couple of times before I understood what you were saying. Yes, I’m jet lagged, but that’s really not enough of an excuse. This is such wonderful news. And I’m counting on you for lots more wonderful news in the not-too-distant future.

  32. Unfortunately, I know the lingo only too well! (no I don’t sell cars but I do work on the fringes of the industry)


    I’ve never been happier to hear them in this context! Yay!!! x

  33. Woohoo!!!

  34. I am so happy that the “duck is on the pond”. Let’s get this process rolling and get you a baby already! Everything crossed that it works for you. Even Piglet had arms and legs crossed on Friday, just for Aunt DD. 😉 Lots of Wisconsin Love coming your way.

  35. DD, keeping my fingers tightly crossed for you. So glad, your duck has finally landed.

  36. It took me a second or two to realize what was going on, but once I got it, I couldn’t be more thrilled for you!

  37. I’m very happy for you that the next cycle is starting.

    And dude-selling cars? Really? No wonder you always made me feel liked. I’m a duck on the pond! 🙂

  38. I am so excited for you DD!

  39. Awesome news! I hope that things progress smoothly!

  40. Oooh, this is exciting.

  41. SO exciting!!

  42. Very exciting! When will you cycle?

  43. So very excited for you!!

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