Posted by: DD | August 21, 2007

no. 503 – BeaUterus

The results of my saline HSG:

UterusWhen I relayed in a text message to Mr. DD that my doctor said my uterus was beautiful, he replied with the Beauterus.

Sure, an offhanded compliment, but I’ll take’em where I can get’em.

My donor is 31 and a veteran to the process. I really hope by the time we get to the stims that they won’t just try to get the minimum, which is four eggs per recipient. I’m greedy. I want 10, dammit!

I was also able to give my doctor and the nurse an up-close view of my hives, which had been dormant for the past couple of days. They were in full bloom today, especially in their favorite location: the backs of my thighs. Both women were visibly impressed when they lifted the sheet covering my legs.

Side note. I am so used to de-pantsing that I usually forget to take the sheet into the changing room and make a quick, sloppy mess of trying to arrange it modestly when I hit the stirrups. Has that ever happened to you?

Even better, I had one big hive on my lower lip (face, people). Yep, I get the bee-stung look without any needles.  It’s just too bad I can’t get the hives to evenly attack my upper lip as well so I can try on the Angelina look. Instead I look like this kid:

In unrelated news, I’m going extreme with my hair. Most of you have seen it at one time or another and you will note that it is blondish. I’m going dark with a panel of red. Not auburn. RED. It’s time to find that rock-n-roll girl that’s been packed away since…lord I don’t know when.



  1. I just dyed my hair red – get lot of compliments and it was out of a box….my little secret.

    Glad to hear it all went well…when are they gonna start pumping up the donor with meds?

  2. Congrats on the Beauterus! And on approval too.

    I’m sooooo tempted to join you with the extreme hair. Mine is terribly boring these days and I could use a jolt like that!

    Please, please post pictures!

  3. I am so ready for a change up top. I want to cut my waist length hair short and go for some color besides blond highlights. The Boy says Nay. That may just be too much change for the kid in one summer!

    Congrats on the Uterus.

  4. Great to hear about the ute!

  5. I think the kid’s pout is kind of cute. But I realize it’s a minority opinion.

    On the hair: the redder, the better.

  6. Here’s hoping for some beautimplantation, you sexy thing you.

  7. Mr. DD cracks me up. Go you on the approval and beauterus! What’s next?

  8. Awesome news!
    And I agree, Go Red!Go Red!Go Red!Go Red!Go Red!Go Red!Go Red!Go Red!Go Red!Go Red!Go Red!Go Red!
    (oh, sorry, Husker fever got me.)

  9. I love the idea of the red. I did that once and it was fun.

    I can so relate to the hives. I had a drug reaction and had hives off and on for a year. Not on the “lets do that again” list. I recommend Aveeno Oatmeal baths, the ones that are for Poison Oak. I hope that you feel better soon.

  10. I’d get the doc. to write that down (the beauterus) so I could show strangers. Pics would be even better. If you are ever single, it would be a great pick up line.

    Go ahead and dye your hair red, but you better post pics!

  11. Congrats on the BeaUterus….

    I want pics of the hair…

  12. I can’t wait to see your hair. It sounds fabulous. UGH to the hives. It makes me uncomfortable just thinking about it.

  13. aaaah, I used to be a readhead. Those were good days. Maybe I should go back to that someday.

    BeaUterus…. I love it.

  14. Rock-n-Roll hair is ALWAYS a good idea.

    Congratulations on approval and the BeaUterus. Fabulous.

  15. I have had an extremely annoying itch on my shoulders for MONTHS. No bumps, no marks, just itch. I spray Benedryl on my shoulders before I go to sleep every night because if I don’t, I will have scratched my arms off in my sleep. My doctor has not been able to find anything wrong, he just told me to keep doing what I am doing. It started when I was prescribed the pill by some doctor a few years ago. I quit that pill after 2 months of this hell. I am starting to wonder if the itch is caused my something emotional. Do you think that you hives are caused by emotion? You said they had been dormant, then when you had your appt. they were starting again. Do you think it is just a coincidence?

    Congrats on the BeaUterus. I am eggstatic for you.

  16. The hives sound lovely. (Sarcasm) SO does your uterus. (No sarcasm.)

    Red hair! Go you!

  17. I went dark red with my hair once and LOVED it! Have fun!

  18. You and Hello Insomnia with the beautiful uteri!

  19. Jeez, Grandma was right again! Beauty IS on the inside!
    So glad that your uterus matches the outside of you.

    I too, would like to see a picture of your red hair. Are you going to try something like Melissa (Sugared Harpy)?

  20. Awesome news about the beauterus!

  21. So happy you got good news. This is exciting!

  22. That’s good that your ute is in good working order! I like the illustration. 😀

  23. I might have known your uterus would be a supermodel too, huh?

    The red hair is a keeper!

  24. Oooh! A beauturus AND donor approval. Fantastic!

  25. Red hair is always good. I used to dye mine red too but am currently in a blonde phase. Good luck with everything, will be keeping everything crossed for you guys!

  26. Question: How do your feel about about selective reduction?

  27. Okay, I have to admit. I’m totally jealous. My uterus is crap. Endometriosis-ridden to be more specific. My eggs and embryos were always Grade A and then some, just the damn uterus got in the way. Sigh. Is it just too weird to have uterus envy??

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