Posted by: DD | August 22, 2007

no. 504 – Stalk, Much?

Whys you gots to be all up in my bizzness?

I’m getting real tired of this stalking and my level of tolerance is about gone.

(This is a screen shot from one of my stat counters. Most of you will know what you are looking at. Don’t feel bad if you don’t. Needless to say, I’m wearing my cranky pants again.)


Referring Link No referring link
Host Name
IP Address [Label IP Address]
Country United States
Region Nebraska
City Norfolk
ISP Faith Regional Health Svcs
Returning Visits 11
Visit Length 23 hours 55 mins 17 secs
Browser MSIE 6.0
Operating System Windows XP
Resolution 1280×1024
Javascript Enabled

Navigation Path

Date Time WebPage
August 21st 2007 08:39:49 No referring link
August 21st 2007 12:49:39 No referring link
August 21st 2007 15:19:45 No referring link
August 21st 2007 16:26:59 No referring link
August 22nd 2007 08:35:06 No referring link


  1. Hmmm I say “other.” Print the thing, confront the sorry SOB and break their nose. Ok maybe don’t break their nose.

    You can possibly have them redirected to another site…say the FBI. My old man can tell you how and if its possible. Oooo better still! Send them to a porn site! Then they can get fired for surfing porn at work!


  2. Hmmm I say “other.” Print the thing, confront the sorry SOB and break their nose. Ok maybe don’t break their nose.

    You can possibly have them redirected to another site…say the FBI. My old man can tell you how and if its possible. Oooo better still! Send them to a porn site! Then they can get fired for surfing porn at work!


  3. Wow, stalk much? Hey you – yeah, you – you should be embarrassed and ashamed. If you spend this much time nosing around in someone else’s business, then there’s obviously something wrong with your own. Move along, okay? It’s really sad.

  4. Man, isn’t that against the law? Have the offender arrested! Or else beaten up in the parking lot by a dozen of your cyber pals.

  5. ugh, that’s not cool.

  6. Again. Seriously, I am your only stalker…now I have competition?

    This ain’t makin’ me happy.

  7. Geez, that person needs something better to do with thier days!!! Of course it is sort of a compliment!!! LOL

    Oh yeah and HOLY SHIT I couldn’t get here for 2 days and look what I missed!!!! Congrats on the donor sweetie!!! And good luck!!

  8. DD – This person has been an ongoing issue… maybe you SHOULD password?

    If you give notice and countdown, you hopefully won’t miss anyone.

  9. It could be someone that found it, and then saw something sparkly and parked their ass on your page and chased the butterfly. Even if it’s someone you know, who has 23 hours to fuck off and read an entire blog? Because I’d like to trade places with them for a day or two.

  10. Screw passwords, notify your IT department. This is harrassment pure and simple. Bitch should be ashamed of herself.


  11. Or it could be just that they opened your site and left it open. For ages. Hence the pinging. And no, I promise it’s not me, I’ve never even been to Nebraska (I think). I have myself some stalkers, I just ignore them, although I periodically attack them in an entirely immature way. You’re being way more grown-up about this than I usually am!

  12. Scratch that-you’re generally more grown-up than I am.

  13. I have been having a bit of a problem on my blog recently as well with the same person leaving horrible anonymous comments so I moved to typepad (which gives more security than blogger I think!) with the view to going password protected in the future if that person comes to my new blog. (And actually there is stuff going on at the moment that mean I might want more privacy in the future anyway…)

    It is possible that said person did leave the page open for a long time and went off to do something else but from the sounds of things, that is not the case here.

  14. This is a tricky one. I had a nasty stalker recently (still do) and wondered what to do about it. In the end I did nothing as I wanted to keep an eye on him and it has worked in my favour a little bit.

    I have to say I’m a little taken aback by some of the comments (please don’t shoot me!). Someone is being very sneaky indeed but it is a public blog with very interesting subject matter. It is obviously very upsetting for you DD so I think you should password protect.

  15. ugh, that would freak me out a bit.

    I think you should password protect (but let me in of course…LOL)

  16. You know I have found myself leaving a blog open for days only because I got busy and didn’t get to finish reading or whatever. I realize it is open and then think, crap someone must think all I do is read their blog. I PROMISE I am not your stalker. I have never been to the big N! I am an east coast girl. I would think much of it. Just let it ride and see what happens.

  17. Wow, I’m glad I don’t live in Nebraska… otherwise I might have a complex….lol.

  18. Ooooh, that’s a bit scary. I’m thinking of going PwP as well, or at least by invitation only. Please let me know… Hang in there.

  19. Ok, I know thismuch about what I’m reading but from the comments I’m assuming that they have spent a lot of time on the blog?
    Or are the times listed when they’ve visited the page because I’ll check a blog throughout the day if I’m bored. I don’t leave the page open, but I do visit a bit.

    Like I said, I only understand about 2/3 of that. 🙂

    Plus, I’ll follow you wherever…I’m annoying like that! BWUH-HAHAHAHAHAHA

  20. There’s a certain something to be said for password-protecting this site so that whenever your stalker opens the page, they will know it’s been updated and they are too loser-ish to get in.

    .. but that means you gotta give me the password so I won’t feel loserish too, ‘k?

  21. I can understand why this would bother you since you’ve had issue’s in the past with someone. If it was coming from any other state I would think the person just didn’t log off your site or something like that. Otherwise someone is very interested in your current events…..

  22. I’ve come here via Healing Arts Rocking Girl blogger award. I dont think I’ve been here before but would appreciate a chance to read some of your archives. I know that with some blogs I read regularly that I cant get a feed for I do check in a couple of times a day maybe when there is stuff happening and/or it gets dull at work. Or I leave a blog open and go out for the day. Not sure either of these would apply here though given the background. Hopefully they will be shamed into reforming their ways or revealing themselves.

  23. I’m perfectly willing to believe that this person is a stalker and that you should do whatever makes you feel comfortable — blocking her IP address, going PP, tracking her down and …

    Well, maybe not that last one.

    But, just so you know, in those long-ago days before I started subscribing to feeds, there were blogs that I really liked that I would click on multiple (and I do mean multiple) times a day and sometimes I would leave the windows open for hours while I did other things. So, I’m sure that I must have looked rather stalkerish, though that was far from my intention.

  24. Well, I know you’re specifically concerned about stalkers from Nebraska. In your situation, I would be too. I think on Typepad you can block specific IP addresses if you want. I have a friend who’s done that in the past.

  25. Dayum! I thought *I* checked on you a lot….
    Granted, I come back a few times a day to read anything new & follow up on your comments. Really. I’m not stalking you. Well, maybe a little….

    It would be sooooo cool if you could block a specific IP address and have a little pop-up that said something like, STAY THE F*** OUT MA BIDNESS!!
    Of course that would suck if I were to click on you & read that…. I wouldn’t….right?

  26. I didn’t vote because either option is fine with me. What’s easiest for you?

  27. Someone googled my blog by it’s name the other day, instead of the usual amusing misdirections. It creeped me out a little, too.

  28. I was going to suggest that maybe it was some sort of blog reader tool… but then I remembered that it wouldn’t go right to your main page but to your feed address. D’oh!

    It *could* be someone who just doesn’t know how to use a reader and has a lot of time on their hands… or not. I don’t care if you go PWP as long as I’m invited!!

  29. Wow, I’m not on my regular computer and I’ve missed so much the past few weeks!

    A donor! YAY!

    A stalker! BOO!

    I do tend to leave blogs open for days until a commenting window turns up. Hope your stalker is harmless.

  30. And by commenting window, I mean time to comment, not the actual little window :p

  31. I didn’t vote because I figured it’s the same either way. Sorry about the stalker, must be rather annoying.

  32. Oh goodness, I’m not a stalker, but i’m using your links to navigate from cuz I’m on an unfamiliar computer. eek!

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