Posted by: DD | August 24, 2007

no. 506 – Land of A Thousand Laughs

I’m going to Minneapolis this weekend to get my freak on with Jitters.

Then the two of us hopefully get to see this young lass and steal her drugs after we get her drunk.

And sometime in between all that, I am also going to see a very dear old friend who delivered her second IVF baby boy who is exactly one week old today. I’m hoping that some of that "gaga juju" will give me luck.

You can see here how excited I am!

[Thanks to Katrina from Southern Suds & Lather for sharing.]



  1. The ballroom dancing suits you so well!

    Have fun galavanting around.

  2. Enjoy!

  3. I love that on the floor Madonna thing you do!

  4. The headless thrusting was particularly nice!
    I can’t wait.

  5. So what you’re saying is you’re excited? (snark)

  6. I found that so entertaining! Glad you did too! And my what a fine dancer you are!

  7. I found that so entertaining! Glad you did too! And my what a fine dancer you are!

  8. Geez, I guess I need to practice my dancing to keep up with you. I hope you can teach me some of your tricks.

    I can’t wait till tomorrow….the State Fair and infertility friends, really, what could be better?!?!

    I will be sure to take some super photos of all the pigs & mullets at the fair to share with you ladies tomorrow night.

  9. I can’t see it! Darn it! Have fun.

  10. What the frick?? You and my dearest Innard Twin get to meet? I only got to meet Molly, psshtt…

  11. Dear DD, that sounds maaaahvelous. I’d be doing a little jig myself. (Laughed my head off at that video!)

  12. Girl, you have some MOVES! Have fabulous time in Minneapolis with all of those lovely ladies!

  13. I can’t see it!!!Why can’t I see it?

  14. have a wonderful time!

  15. It didn’t come up for me. Dang! I can’t believe you are going to be so close to me. Wish I could get up there to meet you. Have fun and once you know the way to Minneapolis, it is just a matter of hopping on I94 and heading east about 6 hours to come visit me. 😉 Behave yourself, NOT! Do drive safe with all the lovely storms and flooding over here.

  16. Have a great time you nut.

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